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Threesome Sex Stories in Hindi : Greetings to all the cocks stripes and fingering the fingers of the malleus of the pussy. I am narrating my story to all of you through nonveg I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story, the cocks of all the boys will stand up and the pink pussy of all the chutwali will definitely leave its juice. My name is Chetan Anand. I am a resident of Mirzapur. We belong to Bhotia tribe. Very few people know that when a new daughter-in-law comes to our house, all the men of the house beat her pussy. That’s exactly what happened. My elder Shiv Bhaiya got married. His wife or Bolu’s future sister-in-law was Kadak Mal. Got married and there was a farewell. My new sister-in-law had come home. All the ladies of the house were very happy. Then it was night. My father was also waiting to fuck the new sister-in-law. This practice is going on in our Bhotia tribe for many years. All men do the chudai of the new daughter-in-law. I was very happy to see my sister-in-law. His complexion was very fair. She was a girl who was 5 feet 5 inches tall. He had very big eyes. She was sitting inside the room. His figure was 36 30 38. There was a lot of gosh in the body of the sister-in-law. I understood that whoever fucks them, he will get a lot of fun. She also knew that tonight she would kiss with 3 men. She understood well. Then it was 12 o’clock in the night. “Papa!! You go to the room first.” Shiv Bhaiya said friends, the oldest man in our caste used to break the seal of the new bride. “Okay son!! I am going.” Papa said then he went to the room. My sister-in-law was ashamed to be sitting in the wedding dress. Slowly my father removed the veil from his face. Then started looking at sister-in-law’s face. The face cut of his face was quite good. “Ah daughter-in-law!! You are really doomed!! Give me a chance to serve you today” Papa said and he gently put the sister-in-law on the bed. Then started kissing on his lips. Sister-in-law was also young. She too was eager to kiss. She was well attached. He had put Gajra of flowers in his hair. She was wearing big gold earrings in her ear. The sister-in-law had a Mangal Sutra with a large gold locket around her neck. She had well put on make-up. Because of the facial, his face was glowing like a heroin. My chubby dad turned on. He started kissing by putting his lips on the lips of his sister-in-law. Sister-in-law also started sucking. It’s been a season for both. Both of them licked their lips so much that the sister-in-law got hot. “Bahu Queen!! Get me to see your great Mummy!!” My father got restless and said sister-in-law opened her blouse. Then opened the bra and took it off. “Oh girl!! You are a great commodity!!” Papa ji said then he started pressing the sister-in-law’s big nipple of 36 inches in his hand. Sister-in-law started doing “..ahhhhhh ssEEE….aaaaaaa….aha…haha si cc”. Friends, his mother was so wonderful that my old father’s cock was being shed in the tights. Sister-in-law’s nipples were big and the nipples were black. He had big dark circles around his nipples which looked amazingly sexy. My father kept pressing and enjoying it. Then he broke down like a hungry lion and started making sister-in-law a victim of his lust. “Suck it baby!! Let your big mother suck.” Papa said sister-in-law removed her hand from her big 36″ big tit. My chubby papa grabbed the teat in his hand and started pressing. Then took it in the mouth and started sucking like a young man. The new sister-in-law “……i…i….ai…..isssss…….uhhhh…..ohhhhh….” started doing “…..CC CCC….ha ha ha…” father-in-law!! You will take my life… Isssss… Took out all the juice. Then he started biting the nipples after digging his teeth. Sister-in-law was crying. My father sucked both the milk in his mouth for a long time and warmed the sister-in-law. Then she opened her sari. Took off the petticoat. The new sister-in-law was wearing black tights. At first, my father kept licking his black trunks from above with his tongue. Then when the sister-in-law was in bad condition, the father grabbed her by the teeth and took off her tights. Sister-in-law’s pussy was very clean and smooth. Not even a single hair of Jhant was on it. “Ai…….ai… father-in-law!! You suck my burr well, only then you fuck me!!” Sister-in-law said “Okay daughter-in-law!! I will do the same.” Papa said, after that the new sister-in-law opened both her legs. Papa ji lay down and started sucking by putting his tongue on the pussy. Papa was having a lot of fun too. He was given the first chance to kill the new bride’s pussy because this is the custom here with us. Papa ji was licking the lips of the evil one very well. They were sucking the grain of the pussy like a grape. He mated for 10 minutes and now the new sister-in-law was ready to kiss. My father untied his kurta pajama and took off his short. Papa was a man of 64 years old, but even today he could fuck any young woman. He had so much power. His penis was very black. He took his 8 inch cock in his hand and started whipping it. Then the cock hardened. “Ahhhhhhh… cc cc….chodiye papa!! Now I am not going to live with me.” My sister-in-law started saying like a rand, Papa opened her sister-in-law’s leg. Taking his cock started rubbing it on his burrow. Sister-in-law’s burr was very smooth. Papa was rubbing his pink supada on the lip of his burrow. Sister-in-law was getting sexier. Kneading for a long time. Then put the cock in. And started crying louder. Papa was fucking the new sister-in-law very quickly. “Papa!! ….Om-oom…ooh si….enjoying it a lot” sister-in-law started saying “Let sister-in-law and take it!! Get a good kiss today.” My father started saying and started pushing in the bloated fleshy pussy of the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law was enjoying a lot. She was sighing with her mouth open. My father was opening both his legs and banging his pussy gossip. Papa’s fat cock was slipping in the succulent lane of sister-in-law’s pussy. “Multiple!! No answer for your bad!! …u u u u u……” Papa was speaking. He was doing Danadan Chodan program by lifting both the legs of sister-in-law. The sister-in-law got excited and started chewing by putting the pillow in her mouth. “Oh mother….oh mother… The loud voices of my new sister-in-law were taking out. My 64-year-old father kissed him as quickly as 18 minutes. Then started laughing. The cock was taken out from the sister-in-law’s burrow. Sister-in-law started shaking all over the bed. She was taking long breaths. As it was half She started looking at her father again. Papa had only sex in his eyes. “Daughter in law!! I will lick your bad now. Open your legs” Papa said, sister-in-law opened her feet again. My father started showing his juicy pussy. Then he took out his tongue like a dog and started licking. I told you that sister-in-law was still a raw bud. She was very young. That’s why his bad was no less beautiful. Papa ji started licking the bad after having fun. Bhabhi getting sexy .Ai… uh uh uh…” Both the lips of his pussy were red. Papa’s pink tongue was sucking the pink lips of his burrow. In this way, his father warmed him for the second time. “Aaaaaahhhhh….. fuck father-in-law….. don’t be late” the new sister-in-law started saying, “Come on, Randi!! Be a bitch quickly” said my father and then came back. Started fisting his 8-inch cock again. In a few seconds, his cock had become like a wrestler. Every vein of the cock was taut. How dreadful and scary it looked. Then, in the position of a bitch, from behind the sister-in-law entered the burrow and started burning. After a while the engine started running fast. This time too soon he started running his dreaded cock in sister-in-law’s newly born bur and got sister-in-law’s scream removed. He made her a good bitch and fucked her. Now Papa’s goods were about to fall. “Multiple!! I will fall now!! …u u u u u…… tell me where to get the goods” Papa said, “Put the goods in my mouth.” My chudak sister-in-law said, my 64-year-old father quickly turned, pulled him from his tummy and went towards sister-in-law’s mouth. . Sister-in-law opened her mouth. Papa ji grabbed the cock by hand and started thrashing it. Then …… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa off against on the face of the sister-in-law while speaking. His cock started leaving the pitcher of goods. Pichkari went on the whole face of sister-in-law. The material that went into the mouth was licked like a scourge and swallowed. My father went away after fucking the new sister-in-law. He came out of the room. My Shiv Bhaiya and I were waiting outside. “Shiva son!! Teri Bibi Mast Mal Hai!! I have a lot of fun by licking her pussy. Now you go to the room. Look, send Chetan also with remembrance” Papa said “Ji Papa ji” Shiv Bhaiya said, he went to the room and closed the door. What do I do now? I started waiting for my turn. When the brother went inside, the new sister-in-law was taking her naked on the bed. She was taking both hands and feet open. His pussy was sucked and father’s goods were still filled in his burrow. “Come husband” sister-in-law said, “My father fucked you??” Brother said “Yes!! Your father beats like a Gabru Jawan. He cracked me every bone.” Bhabhi ji said after that Shiv Bhaiya started licking my sister-in-law to kiss. He became naked, then he took her in his arms and started making love. He also went and lay down on her sister-in-law’s body and started sucking her sexy juicy lips. Lip people started kissing. After some time, the weather of both of them became. “Bibi!! Come suck my cock” Shiv Bhaiya sister-in-law said and lay down on the bed. My sexy chubby sister-in-law sat down and started thrashing brother’s lauda. The weapon of Shiv Bhaiya was also long by the father. He had a sharp penis like a 9 inch knife. The new sister-in-law grabbed the brother’s cock and started giving his fist very quickly. Started standing up well. Then she bent down and took it in her mouth and was sucking like ice cream. Bhaiya’s weapon was like a missile. Sister-in-law was sucking with her fist. He was having a lot of fun. Shaking her head, she was sucking. “….ohhh….ai…suck it sweetie!! And suck it well” Shiv Bhaiya started saying then sister-in-law also got more excited and started sucking lawfully. She was pressing her brother’s pills with her hand. Then she was also sucking like toffee by taking it in her mouth. After sometime she was ready to kiss. “Come on sweetheart!! Ride my cock” said Shiv Bhaiya, he lay straight on the bed. Sister-in-law went and sat on his waist. Grabbing brother’s cock, she started putting her new young pussy in her pussy. Then the cock entered inside. Now the sister-in-law started chuckling herself. “And push on, sweetheart!! And faster…” Shiv Bhaiya said, my sister-in-law started hitting harder now. She was sitting on the cock like Shiv Bhaiya’s peg. She was kissing quickly. Both were having fun. Brother’s cock was tearing sister-in-law’s burrow like a sharp knife. Then Shiv Bhaiya also got excited. He grabbed both the cool butts of the sister-in-law and started pushing it into the hole of the pussy from below. My sister-in-law “aaaaahhhhh…..EEEEEE….ohhh….ai. ..i..i…….” started doing But now my brother was in full swing. For 10 minutes, he kept on tearing the pussy of sister-in-law and so much Choda that sister-in-law’s Amma was stunned. Then Shiv Bhaiya collapsed while pushing. Then came out. “Go Chetan!! Now it’s your turn. Go eat your new sister-in-law well” Shiv Bhaiya said, “Okay brother” I said then went inside. My sister-in-law had become a randi today. To say that he was married to my brother. But till now she had been chuckled by 2 men. The third cock was now about to be eaten. Today she had become a randi. Seeing me started laughing. “How are you brother??” She said, “I’m fine. You tell” I said “Come fuck me!!” The new sister-in-law said “I want to kill your ass” I said, she quickly became a mare. His ass hole was looking quite smooth. For some time, I kept looking at his hole getting sensual. The untouched ass was visible in view. I came in lust and started licking it with my tongue. My sister-in-law “……Mummy…Mummy…..CC CCC.. ha ha ha…..oooo….oooo. .Om…Om…Unhoo Unhoo..” Started speaking. He was enjoying it too. I cleaned the hole by licking it. Then somehow inserted his 7 inch cock. Wasn’t going in early. Then slowly killed his real sister-in-law’s ass. She groaned a lot, sobbed a lot. But I kept making him a mare and kept kicking his virgin ass. Then the goods were removed in it itself. Even today 3 3 men chudai my sister-in-law. She happily gets both her holes pierced by her father, Shiv Bhaiya and me. Because this is the custom we have here. Tell me how did you like the story and all friends keep reading non-veg for new stories. You also share the story.

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