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Girlfriend Mother Sex : My Landavat Namaskar to all the cocks and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the Mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and the pink pussy of all the chutwalis will definitely leave their juice. My name is Sandeep. I’m a naughty boy. I am currently working as a steward in a hotel in Gurgaon. I have done hotel management course and got 7 star double tree hilton hotel placement at the end of course. This is a five star hotel and very luxurious and luxurious. Here I get a salary of 50 thousand rupees. This is where I met Pammi. She was already working there and she was also a steward. We do the job of cooking and sometimes we have to serve. Pammi was a very beautiful girl. Her figure was very sexy. Slowly I started getting better with him and our setting was done. For the first time we had sex at my own house. Pammi was very hot girl. We both kissed first, then slowly both took off their clothes. Her figure was no less than that of a sportsperson as she used to go jogging every morning and eat only healthy food. While kissing we both went to the bedroom. Where we both drank beer. Then I started touching her pussy. “Love me Sandeep” she said I kept fingering her pussy and made her restless. Then she became very impatient and lay down on the bed with both legs open. I started licking her pussy. First slowly and then quickly. Pammi was only 25 years old. That’s why her pussy was very sexy and tight. I started licking her ass with my tongue and she started saying “..ahhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha si si”. I kissed her pussy for a long time. Then started fucking slowly by inserting the cock. “Do you love it baby??” I asked Pammi “yes!! fuck me sweety!! fuck my pussy” she started saying. After that I quickly started running my 7” cock in her pussy. She started enjoying by opening both her legs. And I enjoyed fucking her for about 30 minutes. Then I fell in her pussy. After that she slept naked with me. This is how I fucked my girlfriend for the first time. It was fun for a few more months. We both used to go to our hotel at 9 am on the job. Then we used to have a late night holiday. Sometimes Pammi would go to my house and sometimes I would go to her house. I was at his house one evening. We had called and ordered pizza. After that our romance started. “Sandeep take off your clothes” Pammi started saying she took off her jeans T-shirt. Then opened the jeans and stood in white bra and panty. Then after taking off my jeans, she took off my underwear and started sucking holding the cock. “Do you really want to fuck???” I said “yes of course” Pammi said “Baby!! Why don’t we both go to watch the movie?” I said, “What’s in the movie. Let me show you the real movie” she said and grabbed my 7” cock and started tearing it quickly. I started saying “……ai…ai….ai…..isssss…….uhhhhh…..ohhhhh….” Pammi started sucking the cock by taking it in her mouth. Friends, like me, my cock was also very fair. Looked beautiful Pammi was sucking that suddenly the door of the house opened. Pammi’s mother had come home suddenly. 1 duplicate key of the door of the house was kept under the pot. With that key, Pammi’s mother opened the door and came straight inside. They caught both of us naked. ′′ Pammi!! Who is this boy??? And since when have you been doing all this” she said suddenly her mother had seen us. Pammi was caught sucking my cock. As soon as we saw my mother, we stopped talking. Pammi ran away hiding her 32” milk with her hand. I hid my cock with my jeans. Pappi quickly put on his T-shirt and jeans. ′′ Pammi!! You never told about this boy? Is this your boyfriend?? His mother started asking, “Yes, mother, his name is Sandeep. Have you seen us having fun??” Pammi started asking “Oh daughter!! There is no shame in this. You have grown up now. When I was of your age, I used to have fun too” Her mother winked and said, let me tell you that Pammi’s mother was very modern minded woman and she never used to wear saree or salwar kameez. Her dress was just like Americans and she was always in jeans and T-shirt. She didn’t mind sex and fucking at all. That night his mother came and spoiled all the fun. Then after the dinner was ready, all three of me, Pammi and her mother started having dinner at the dining table. ′′ Pammi son!! If you want, all three of us can play that fun game.” Her mother started saying, “You want to fuck Sandeep??” Pammi started asking, “Yes, what is the problem in this. Look, without sex neither you nor I will be able to sleep. That’s why let’s have fun” said his modern-day mother Pammi turned to me and started asking with eye gestures. After 10 minutes all three of us were naked in the bedroom. I found myself naked on the bed. Pammi and her mother stripped me naked. I could not believe that today I am going to fuck Pammi’s mother too. His mother was still very young and looking very good even in her 40s. She was quite fair and the body was also in good condition. She was sucking my cock by holding it in her mouth. Mom was naked and her breasts were 36″ bigger than Pammi’s. Pammi would suck for some time, giving fist to my cock, then mom would start sucking. I was averting my eyes. Don’t be shy Sandeep son! Make me your girlfriend today” she started saying, after that both the ladies sucked my cock. I kept saying “Ai….Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh… c c….ha ha ha…” Both gave me a lot of fun by giving hand in hand. Then his mother took my pills in her mouth and started sucking them like rasgulla. Once mother sucks. Then after that Pammi. Then his mother came and lay naked on top of me. Her breasts were very loose yet sexy material was visible. She started kissing me. The smell of mint was coming from his lips. “Sandip son, how hard to fuck me today!! For how many days no man has fed me” she started saying, then started kissing me on the lips. The smell of mint was coming from his mouth. He had eaten mint candy. I also started caressing by placing my hand on her bare ass and started enjoying the youth of mother by touching lips. “I will take good care of you today. Will take care of your lovely pussy” I said “Sandeep!! Mother has also not been fucked for a long time. You fuck me everyday. Show them the power of your 7” cock today. I will make video of both of you” Pammi started saying, she picked up her Redmi phone and started making video. I kissed his mother on the lips for some time. Then holding her bare hips, lowered them and came up himself. Kissed us once again. The scent of mint took my breath away. Now I started playing with her milk. I took both the teats of my mother in my hand and started pressing them hard. She started saying “Aau…..Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc c..ha ha ha….” I pressed for a long time. Then took it in his mouth and started sucking it. What a big boobs, friends. I was drinking with my mouth. After taking out the juice. Started having a lot of fun. “Suck Sandeep son!! And suck my nipples” Mom started saying that I was drinking soft milk like big rubber by pressing it with my hands. Then started rubbing his tongue on his stomach and started moving towards her pussy. I kissed her navel button. I saw the scar of his abdominal operation. Pammi was born by caesarean section. I went further down towards the pussy. Mom’s pussy was in good shape. She was fucked a lot. Her pussy lips had become a bit too big. Pussy was dry. I started licking with my tongue. Started drinking quickly and hard. After some time my hard work started showing results. Mom’s pussy became active and started getting wet. My girlfriend Pammi was making our video. It was getting better. I opened my mother’s hole and sucked it. She raised her ass and started saying “….uh uh uh uh….hoo…hoo….hmmmmm…ai…ai….” I sucked a lot “Sandeep!! Now point your finger at mom’s hole!! Enjoy them in the same way as you give me” Pammi started saying, then I started putting my finger in her mom’s pussy. She kept on sobbing. She became restless and started raising her waist. Like a bastard boy, I kept giving pleasure to her by giving finger in her pussy. After a long delay, some water came out of her pussy and started coming out like a spray bottle. Son Sandeep!! Now insert the cock into the pussy. It’s the right time” Mom said. I took my cock in my hand and shook it. When it became iron, he inserted it into Pammi’s mother’s pussy. Then started fucking. ′′ Well done dear!! Keep fucking Give my mom a good fuck today.” Pammi started saying, taking my mobile phone in hand, I fucked her mom a lot in front of the camera. That “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo…o…o….” While speaking, he raised his leg. 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