Girlfriend’s mother fucked in her own house

Hello friends, my name is Sumit Singh. I am a resident of Gorakhpur. I think my story is different and I hope you all will like it. I am 21 years old. I am a very big ladkibaaz and a jolly type boy. More than my age, I have fucked girls and sluts. After kissing my cock, no girl kisses me again, because when I start chugging, I do not take the name of stopping. And my cock was also very thick, just like a gourd. I have a girlfriend, her name is Shweta. She is just 18 years old. When I saw Shweta for the first time, I thought that I would somehow get trapped in it. She wore a blue top and black jeans that day. Her top was mesh behind her shoulder, which was visible from her blue bra. His jeans were so tight that the entire cutting of his ass was hanging at the back. And talking about his face, big eyes, red cheeks like tomatoes, slightly thick and juicy and red red lips. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. Her nipples were small to see but when I touched her it was very tight and smooth, the fun of pressing her was different. It was as if no one had touched him till date. I followed him day and night one by one and somehow managed to beat him and also fuck him with a lot of fun. After my kiss, the only girl who, after kissing me once, kissed me again. She tells me that I enjoy kissing your cock. I have kissed him too many times. It’s not fun to fuck the same burr over and over again. Only she and her widowed mother live in Shweta’s house. His mother will be around 35 years old. Looking at his mother, it seems that both of them are sisters. Even after being so old, she was still a tough material. His mother knew about both of us, I always used to go to his house. If there was any work, his mother used to call me. I was tired of fucking Shweta’s pussy, so I was in another pussy’s jugaad. One day Shweta’s mother called me for some work, when I reached her house she was sitting waiting for me. When I reached, he said – “Sit down Sumit, I will come now”. After some time she came with a heater. She bowed down in front of me to put the heater on, as soon as she bent half her teat was hanging out of her maxi. My antenna stood up as soon as I saw their nipples. I grabbed my cock. His mother said – can you get it fixed, it has gone bad?? I said – why not? I was in my mood after seeing Shweta’s mother. I asked him – where is Shweta?? So he said – he is in his room. I have said that if I have come, then I should meet him too. I was in my full mood. When I came to Shweta’s room, she was lying, I also lay on her and started kissing her. I quickly started removing his clothes, then he said – what are you doing if mommy has come?? I said – “Man bahut mood baad hai karne do na”. But Shweta did not agree. I had to do the work of her by kissing her and her nipples. I was feeling very hot, so I started fisting his own room, after some time sperm started coming out of my cock. And made Shweta’s floor dirty. Shweta quickly cleaned her room. I left from there. The next day Shweta had to go to the NNC camp, so she told me – can you help my mother in bringing things from outside and many other things till I live?? I said – “Why not after all she is my future mother-in-law”. Shweta went to her camp. His mother called me and asked Sumit to bring vegetables from the market. I said okay. The tit scene of the same day was going on in my mind, I thought how good it would have been if I got a chance to fuck him in some way. I went to his house with vegetables, then he said – “Son, eat food, then go only to make vegetables and I will also go to talk to me. Otherwise I get bored alone”. Even that day she was looking amazing, I was only thinking of how to fuck her while chasing her mother. I asked Auntie – why didn’t you get married again?? So he said – “If she had married for the second time, perhaps that man would not have been well and would not have loved my daughter”. After a while the vegetable was cooked, both me and Shweta’s mother ate food together. He told me that you eat food with me every morning and night, I would like it too. I said okay. He said, if you want, lie down here too, I feel a little scared alone. I said okay I will lie down here. I lied at my house that there is no one at my friend’s house so I am going to his house. After saying this, I went to Shweta’s house in the evening. When I came, his mother was sitting watching TV. I sat next to him. Both me and Shweta’s mother were alone in the house, the only thing going on in my mind was how to attract them towards me. I said – what’s the matter, you are looking very beautiful today. Everyone gets happy by praising Shweta that how could her mother not be happy. He said – Really. After talking for a while, she went to the kitchen to cook. I also went along to help them. He said – shall I make tea?? I said – “yes why not”. Shweta that mother made tea and told me that you filter the tea. I filtered two teas, one for myself and one for Shweta’s mother. While I was giving tea, I missed the tea and fell on Shweta’s mother. As the tea fell, she cried loudly and quickly started wiping her clothes. The tea was a bit hot, due to which it was burnt, he quickly removed his maxi in front of me. What would her mother look like without a maxi? She was only in bra and petticoat. His teat was wrapped in a white bra. And his waist was very smooth and fair. Seeing them like this, my mind was trying to fuck them. Within no time, blisters came out on his hands and shoulders. He told me – can you put medicine in my back, I said why not where is the medicine. She lay on the bed and I started applying medicine to her back. I was getting very restless. Shweta’s mother also started becoming a bit uncontrollable after applying my medicine because after a long time she was touched by a man. My cock was standing, knowing that I touched my cock in Shweta’s mother’s waist. By which they came to know that my mind is trying to fuck someone. After some time, he slowly started moving his hand by bringing it near my foot, so that the fingers of his hand started touching my feet. Slowly he started rubbing his hands on my thighs. I know that now their full mood has been made. Taking advantage of the time, I took my hands off my back and placed them on their big and cool Mammo. Due to which she started getting more aroused. When I felt that now I can fuck them, I lifted Shweta’s mother and sat down and, while rubbing her teat with my hands, I started moving towards her thin and juicy lips. I slowly put his lips in my mouth, started sucking with great love. When I started kissing her, she became even more intoxicated and tightly wrapped me in her arms and with me she also started drinking on my lips. Both of us were getting uncontrollable with enthusiasm, I started drinking Shweta’s mother’s lips by cutting her lower lip with sharp and sharp teeth like my saw, so that she could not stop herself and would press me and hug me. He starts biting his lips with his teeth. My temperature started rising beyond the limit. After drinking on his lips for a long time, I pulled his white bra out of my teeth. And filling her big, round and smooth and soft teat like butter cakes in his mouth, he started drinking it and simultaneously mashing it with his other hand, which made Shweta’s mother even more sensual. She put her hands inside her petticoat and started rubbing her pussy. I started biting Shweta’s mother’s teat nipple with my sharp teeth, which both of us were enjoying. I put my hands inside his petticoat while drinking his mammo and started rubbing his webbed, delicate and soft pussy with my hands. Shweta’s mother was shaken by this action of mine and she started pressing her mother with her own hands. After drinking 30 continuously pressing his mommo, I reached near his petticoat while drinking his waist. I slowly opened his petticoat slogan and took it out. Even after Shweta’s mother was so old, she still looked fresh like a twenty-five year old girl. And why didn’t it seem that he had been bitten a lot. When I put my hands in their pussy, it seemed as if a twenty one year old girl had a pussy. I started putting the fingers of my hand in his pussy. First I was putting only two of my fingers, then I started putting my three fingers together. As soon as my fingers go inside the pussy, in the same way, from the mouth of Shweta’s mother… “…. Uh uh uh am.. am… am. Hmmm ahhhhhhhh.. ai… ai….ai….. u u u u ooooo …. ooh u… oo… mama mama….oh mother” and started screaming loudly. I was really enjoying fingering his pussy. After constantly fingering his pussy, water started coming out of his pussy in some time. I licked the water of his pussy. When the water from his pussy came out, I started drinking his pussy and simultaneously started mashing his smooth gums. I was pulling her pussy towards myself with all my strength, due to which she would have agonized and would lift her waist and ass. And from his mouth…ah ah ahhh ahhhh………ui ui ui…mama mama mama…., oops oops oops, .. cc cc……. I was constantly drinking my pussy. I was enjoying it a lot because after a long time I got a chance to drink the new pussy. He was having a lot of fun with me as well. After drinking his relaxation for a long time, I quenched the thirst of my heart. After drinking his bur, I took out my thick cock like a gourd, Shweta’s mother took my cock in her hands and told me – your cock is very fat and big. Shweta’s father was not that big and fat. I started moving my cock around Shweta’s mother’s pussy, due to which she started burning in the fire of sex. I put my cock gently in their pussy, it seemed as if there is a fresh pussy. I started playing his pussy, as soon as my cock started going inside his pussy, he started to suffer. Slowly my speed started to change, I started hitting his pussy with all my strength and he was only… “U U U U U OOO …. OO .. OO… OH AHHHH C CCC.. H.. H.. OOHOHO …. , “…uh uh uh am.. am… am. Hmmm ahhhhhh.. ai… ai….ai ahhh ahhh it hurts…. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your It’s too fast, relax, it’s hurting so much…. Oops oops ahhh ahh ha ha… oh oh ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh hhhhhhhhh was screaming? My speed started increasing even more, I was constantly trying to kill Shweta’s mother’s pussy. He started enjoying my sex. He lifted his waist in the air and started kissing me in great fun. I continued to play his fuddi continuously for 1 hour, after some time my goods were about to come out, I took out my cock and kept it in the middle of Shweta’s mother’s teat. I was fucking his mommo by pressing his nipples. Within no time, my goods started coming out of my cock and Shweta’s mother made her mouth and neck sticky. They licked my goods with their fingers. Hari had dinner after that day’s first kiss was over and I had sex with Shweta’s mother all night. Till her Shweta was not there, we used to have sex even during the day and at night it would go on for a very long time. Post navigation

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