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Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to Nonveg Story dot com. I have been a regular reader for the last several years and not a single night goes by when I do not read some of its juicy stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is the true incident of my life. My name is Avinash. I live in Jaunpur. I am 30 years old. I look very smart handsome. I am the owner of a good personality. I have fucked many girls till now. I have also fucked many madams. I like beautiful girls very much. My cock gets erect on seeing girls. I enjoy drinking the bouncing nipples of girls. All madam is eager to fuck me. But the real fun of fucking came. With the mother of one of my students. Friends, now I come to my story. Friends, it is just a year ago. I am a teacher. I teach in a private school. I have completed B. Ed. I teach children from class 5 to 8. Till now I used to teach only in school. I used to give tuition to children in the school itself. One day the mother of one of my student Lucky came to me with a complaint about her child. When I saw, I kept on seeing. Was it cool?? As soon as I saw my cock started saluting. Where is his child black black!! And where is his mother fair fair looking absolutely English. I went to her and said. “What’s the matter madam ji?” I was only looking at his moving lips. I really liked his voice. I called his child. I praised his child in front of him and started explaining to his child. I sent their child inside. I used to want to fuck them right now. Then an idea came to my mind. I said- “Madam, may I know your good name?” She told her name as Kavya. Me- “Kavya ji, your child is very good in studies, but it would be better if you get him a separate tuition alone” Kavya -” No teacher knows how to study for a long time. He is so mean” I-” He talks to me very well, studies well” Kavya-“Then you only teach me” I started making excuses-“No, I don’t have time” Kavya persuaded a lot Got it. Sir you read If I will study at least from you, then she started persuading me by saying like that. I said yes. Me – “Ok, I will teach tomorrow from 7 o’clock” The school holidays were over. Kavya went home with her child. The next day I went to his house at the address given by him. Kavya was looking very hot and sexy. I went and sat on the nearby sofa. Somehow he was trying to suppress his cock by keeping his hand on it. Kavya came to me. Started talking to me Kavya also slowly started getting attracted towards me. Almost months passed. But our story was not progressing at all. One day she started talking about rape. On that, we slowly started talking to each other openly. But did not realize that while talking we fell in love. Now the restlessness has become so much that if I don’t see or talk for a day, the whole day seems very strange. But somehow it was going on like this. One day I went to teach as usual. Kavya had told. Her husband lives outside in Chandigarh. He comes home once a month. One day I went and told everything in my heart to Kavya. Kavya looked at me lovingly. Kavya- “I had also fallen in love. When I saw it for the first time, I was not even happy. I said, “Why haven’t you told me yet?” Kavya, “I was feeling very scared.” Sometimes she used to pull me by holding my cheeks. I was feeling great. One day their child Dev had gone to his friend’s house for his birthday. He told me in school itself. But still I went to his house. I went home and saw that only Kavya was at home. Kavya asked – “Dev didn’t tell you that he has to go somewhere today” I said – “I told you but you must know my problem” Kavya was looking at me with lustful eyes. Kavya asked me to sit on the sofa. I sat down on the sofa. I also made Kavya sit with me. Started talking to Kavya. Kavya was also happy to sit beside me. Kavya was looking at me. I was looking at Kavya’s lips. Kavya – “What are you looking at?” I could always see you” saying this I took Kavya’s hand in mine. Kavya happily gave her hand in mine. But today Kavya did not touch my cheeks. Touching your lips to my cheeks, you said I love you in my ear. I also said love you 2. After that I took Kavya in my arms and started loving her. Kavya was lying in my arms. I was stroking her hair and looking at her face. Kavya was lying on my lap looking at me. I slowly started turning my face towards Kavya. Kavya closed her eyes. I removed my face from Kavya’s face. When Kavya opened her eyes after some time, my face was far away. What was Kavya doing? Started asking to do. This time I put my lips directly on Kavya’s lips. Kavya heaved a sigh of relief. I kissed Kavya’s lips. Kavya was giving opportunity to kiss his lips by closing her eyes. I also took advantage of the opportunity. I immediately put my lips on Kavya’s pink lips. Kavya’s lips looked like rose petals. Kavya was also supporting me. Kavya was also looking chudasi for many days. I was enjoying Kavya’s company a lot. I was enjoying kissing Kavya’s lips. I drank a lot of juice from Kavya’s lips. Kavya also sucked my lips a lot. We both were enjoying by sucking each other’s lips. Kavya was sucking her lips on my tongue. I also started sucking Kavya’s lips like her. Kavya started sucking from my lips till my tongue. I also started sucking till Kavya’s tongue. My cock was getting erect. Kavya used to take my dick only. My cock was pricking in Kavya’s back. Kavya opens her eyes. The glimpse of Kavya being fucked was visible in her eyes. I picked up Kavya. My leg started hurting. There was no answer to the beauty of Kavya. Kavya’s eyes were light brown. It was very intoxicating. His hands were very soft. Every part of his body was looking amazing. Like every other women, her stomach was not even exposed. I was liking Kavya very much. Kavya was wearing a blue salwar kurta that day. She was looking even hotter in that blue dress. Kavya was also yearning for sex. I caught Kavya from behind. Kavya turns her face up. I started sucking Kavya’s lips. I put my hand on top of Kavya’s stomach. He put his hand on Kavya’s boobs. Kavya’s boobs were looking very soft. I pressed Kavya’s boobs lightly. Kavya did not protest. My courage increased further. I held both the nipples of Kavya in both my hands. I started rubbing both the nipples of Kavya. Kavya’s breathing started getting faster. Kavya was exhaling right in front of my nose. I was enjoying feeling the warm breath of Kavya. Kavya quickened her breathing. Kavya was hot. I was also having external pleasure in pressing Kavya’s nipples. I was pressing both the nipples of Kavya alternately. I took Kavya’s kurta up and removed it. Kavya’s nipples were looking amazing. Her nipples were looking very beautiful in her black tight bra. I started pressing her mom in Kavya’s bra. The voice of “I….I…I….ahhhhh…cc c c c…ha ha ha…” slowly started coming out of Kavya’s mouth. I removed Kavya’s bra and saw her mother. The black nipple on her mommy was looking awesome. I took both of Kavya’s nipples and took both her breasts in my hands. I put my mouth on Kavya’s mom’s nipple. I started drinking her nipples. I was drinking her nipples. Kavya was pressing me in her nipples. I was biting Kavya’s nipples and drinking them. Slowly Kavya’s sobs of “I….I…I….ahhhhh….cc c c c… ha ha ha…” started getting louder now. Kavya was very hot now. I opened the nada of Kavya’s salwar. Kavya’s salwar falls down. As soon as Kavya’s salwar fell down, Kavya started rubbing her pussy with both her hands. I removed Kavya’s salwar. Her pussy was looking amazing in Kavya’s panties. I removed Kavya’s hand from her pussy and kept my hand. Kavya started getting hotter. She quickly started exhaling hotly. I made Kavya sit on the sofa. I removed Kavya’s panty. Kavya’s smooth pussy was glimpsed little by little. I spread both the legs of Kavya. When did I get a good view of Kavya’s pussy. Kavya’s pussy was looking very smooth and tight right now. I put my mouth on Kavya’s pussy. It was a lot of fun licking Kavya’s pussy. I was licking and sucking both the pieces of Kavya’s pussy. I was sucking well by putting my tongue in Kavya’s pussy. I used to cut the grain of Kavya’s pussy in between. Kavya was making out the sound of “U U U U U… Aaaa Aaaaa….C C C C…Oo…Oo…Oo…”. I stopped licking Kavya’s pussy. Kavya opened my pant and took out my cock. Kavya was fisting with my boy in her hands. Kavya started sucking my cock in her mouth. Kavya made his supara red red by sucking my dick. I also started rubbing my penis till Kavya’s neck. Kavya used to start um…um…um.. I took out my penis from Kavya’s mouth and spread her legs. I started rubbing my dick on Kavya’s pussy. I rubbed Kavya’s pussy and made it red. I was rubbing my boy between the two pieces of Kavya’s pussy. Kavya was now yearning to get fucked. Now I put my boy on the hole of Kavya’s pussy and started inserting it. My boy was not able to enter Kavya’s pussy. My dick was very thick. On top of that Kavya’s pussy was also very tight. I pushed hard. My dick entered Kavya’s pussy. Kavya started muttering loudly “ohh maa….ohh maa…ah aah u u u u u…a a a a a….aaaaa—-”. I pushed harder and inserted my entire cock into Kavya’s pussy. Kavya’s pussy died. I started pounding my dick harder and harder in Kavya’s pussy. I fucked Kavya’s pussy a lot. The whole sofa was shaking due to Kavya’s fuck. I took out my cock and was licking it. I took my dick out of Kavya’s pussy. His dick in Kavya’s pussy again started fucking her like a bitch. I put my boy again in Kavya’s pussy and started fucking her by holding her waist. I was taking my dick out quickly and putting it in. Kavya “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo’ Was getting fucked with the sound of. I took my dick out of her pussy and put it on her ass hole. I spit on my dick. I started rubbing my cock in Kavya’s ass. The supara of my cock had entered Kavya’s ass. She started screaming “…uh uh uh…hoo…hoo…hoo…humm mmm ahhhhhhh…ai….ai…ai…”. I started fucking her ass. I put my whole cock in Kavya’s pussy. Started fucking Kavya very hard. I got tired and laid myself down on the sofa. Kavya also came and sat on my cock. I raised my dick. I put my dick close to her ass. Kavya slowly took my entire cock inside her pussy. Kavya was getting her ass fucked by bouncing. I was having a lot of fun in Kavya’s ass fuck. I was fucking Kavya’s ass with great pleasure by bouncing my waist. Her ass fuck was more fun than Kavya’s pussy fuck. My fucking speed started increasing. I also raised my waist and started fucking hard. I am about to fall. I stood up taking my cock out of Kavya’s ass. Kavya sat down and held my cock. Kavya started fisting loudly. I put all my wealth in Kavya’s mouth. Kavya drank all my goods. I fucked Kavya twice that day. Whenever I get a chance now. I fuck Kavya a lot. How did you like the story, do give your comments on

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