Got kissed by my son in my sleep last night

Nind me Ma ki chudai, Bete ne nind me choda, bitter reality mother son sex story, yes friends this is true and this is my bitter reality When the semen fell in my pussy, I came to know that I have been kissed and I have made a mistake. But what can you do now? This story is not very old but only last night and I am writing this story for you today. My name is Rekha and I am forty two years old. I am hot and beautiful, I feel very much like to be kissed, that’s why my relationship i.e. sex relationship has been with three men apart from husband. I am fair, I am tall, my hair is very big. Lips are red. The bulge of the ass is tremendous. When I walk, people go crazy seeing my ass. I wear a bra of size 34. The reason for all this means that because of beauty and being more modern and sexy, I got chuckled last night. Because when the fire of lust is always burning in your mind, then mistakes will also happen. Same happened with me last night. My husband is currently in Jammu, he works in government. I live in Karnal besides me I have a son in my house who has just turned young. I have been reading sex stories on this website ie nonveg for about a month. Now I have become used to this website till I read new sex stories daily and do not caress my boobs and pussy, till then I can not sleep. Gone. My son also sleeps in the same room but on a different bed. She was dreaming in her sleep at night. That I am kissing with some hot sexy man. I went to sleep at the same time and slept with my son, it often happens with me. But never used to fuck. When I went to the son’s bed, I felt that I had come to another man. Going first, I opened his paint, then moved the cock lightly with a light hand. Then I sucked his lips and started caressing the cock. My pussy was wet. I took off all my clothes one by one. Then I started lying on my son’s side and started kissing. I felt like I was with a non-man, I could not even realize that I have a real son. I sucked the cock for a long time. My lust, mind and sleep was not in my control. Then I took his fat cock and placed it on my pussy and sat down. The sound of ah ah ah ah started coming out of my mouth. Now I got excited and then started twirling the ass and started rubbing my chutk ie boobs with his chest. Then I put my boobs in his mouth. When he started drinking my milk, I became even more sensual. After that, I started to kiss harder and louder. Now the fire was on from both the sides. He was pushing from below and I was pushing from above. Both were making each other happy. I felt like everything is coming true but there is someone else who is hot and sexy in front of me. Bodybuilder type man. Then there was loud banging from both the sides. My pussy had become very wet, I was sweating, even in the frost. After that there was a strange shiver and white cream started coming out from my pussy. Ohhh ohhh ohh aay ah ah ooh oof oof ouch ouch started to sound and I fell down while shivering. Fell from the other side too. Then I came to my senses. I woke up from sleep. Because my pussy had become wet and my son’s semen had become spicier than the one that came out. Hot hot semen opened my sleep. As soon as I regained consciousness. I see my son is lying down, I have climbed, he is also naked, I am also naked, big round round nipples are on his chest. And his cock is still in my pussy. I am going to my shame my son was looking at me but I could not speak anything. I had made mistakes. What do you do now? Immediately got up, picked up her clothes and went to another room and put it on. Came back and slept. This morning my son has gone out of Karnal, still did not come when I am writing this story. I don’t know what will happen, how will he make eye contact with me or how will I be in front. That’s what she was thinking now. You tell me what should I do? Sleeping Sex Story

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