Government Officer’s sex story, UP Officer’s sex story in Hindi

This thing happened some time ago. In 2011, the Uttar Pradesh government had released the recruitment of 72000 teachers. T.E.T. passers. Kamlesh Yadav was sent to the government as Joint Director of Education. This pada is the biggest post. This is the post above the district school inspector. Kamlesh Yadav was just 25 years old. He was promising in studies. That’s why passed the pcs exam and was made Joint Education Director. Kamlesh’s poverty vanished. Now he started earning several thousand every day. Any babu, peon, teacher, principal who came to him would have given some money or the other. In this way, Kamlesh now had only money. But he was young, handsome. He was not interested in a b grade town like Gorakhpur. He wanted to get transferred to Lucknow or Gorakhpur. Kamlesh’s mind was wavering that one Monday a very amazing person named Sapna Tiwari came to meet him in his office. She was a teacher in Anganwadi and used to earn only 3000 rupees a month. His demeanor was very drunk. The breasts were very big and very athletic. Sapna Tiwari had amazing charm. Kamlesh forgot all his thoughts as soon as he met her. He became mesmerized and after Sapna left, he could not think of anything except Sapna Tiwari. After meeting Sapna, he suddenly fell in love with a b grade town like Gorakhpur. Sapna was amazingly beautiful. His eyes were sharp and sharp. Kamlesh now started thinking of staying in Gorakhpur only. Kamlesh made up his mind that if he finds Sapna Tiwari, his life will be set. Kamlesh Yadav, whom everyone used to call as JD Saheb, opened Sapna’s file. They came to know that Sapna is very poor. His father was a farmer and could earn only 2000 rupees a month. Sapna had given an application to become a worker from Anganwadi. On the same day, Kamlesh reached to check Sapne’s centre. Sapna was teaching the children. There was only one room in the house. His father was working in the adjacent field wearing torn old clothes. Hey you sir?? Sapna got up. Come to office tomorrow, Kamlesh Yadav said and left in his official Bolero car. He was shy. He did not want other people to know about his intention that he has given his heart to Sapna and has started loving her. The next day, wearing a purple saree, Sapna reached to meet JD Saheb i.e. Kamlesh. Went to his cabin. Sapna ji, I have started loving you. Ever since I saw you I just kept on watching! I have fallen in love with you, Kamlesh Yadav spoke with courage. The ground went out from the feet of Sapna. He had heard from other Anganwadis that senior officials are characterless and sloppy. Due to having a lot of money, they become flirtatious, flirtatious, prostitute, and prostitute. Wherever these big officers are transferred, they make themselves a concubine there. Then transfer to another city and another concubine. This cycle continues. Sapna.Suddenly got furious. What do you think that I am poor then you will play with my respect? This cannot happen at all. I will starve to death, but I will not let you play with my respect, Sapna shouted and left Kamlesh’s cabin rattling her sandals. Kamlesh was stunned. He was really in love with Sapna. But she got it wrong. Sapna thought that Kamlesh would eat and drink her fiercely, tear her apart and walk away. He was in awe. Few days passed and don’t know what went wrong. Sapna’s co-worker Pooja Pandey, who was black-clad and ugly, was always envious of Sapna. He made a false complaint that Sapna does not open the centre. Sapna’s salary stopped. The days of her starving have come. Sapna had to come to Kamlesh Yadav once again. Kamlesh was spending the day sitting very sad in his office when a dream came. Seeing him made his day. He went mad with my happiness and the peon asked to bring tea and water. Sapna is now getting a little depressed due to her bad days. He told the problem to Kamlesh. Kamlesh had been giving his heart to Sapna for a long time. He passed Sapna’s salary. Signed. And after drinking tea, an envelope was also handed over to Sapna. When Sapna came home and opened the envelope, it was a love letter. Kamlesh had narrated the hall of his broken heart. Now Sapna started liking Kamlesh. And the heart started loving. One day he also sent a message saying I love you on Kamlesh’s mobile. Next day Kamlesh sent his driver to bring Sapna. He was getting so happy that he didn’t even drink evening tea. After some time, Sapna appeared in yellow saree and black blouse. Kamlesh had got a big government bungalow. Very happy to see Sapna Bagla. Different types of flowers were planted in the garden. As soon as Kamlesh saw Sapna, his heart beat increased. He asked the servants to leave. Sapna went straight inside. Kamlesh definitely wanted to flirt but secretly from the world. He was the biggest officer of the education department. He had a lot of respect in the society. Sapna ji also got mad as soon as she came inside. Sapna was a virgin and absolutely fresh material. Today a big officer like Kamlesh Yadav should make him dear. Kamlesh was straightforward. Never used to do fashion. Whereas Sapna was very fashionable. Sapna was hugged by Kamlesh. Sapna’s perfume drenched her body and mind. Sapna! I love you! Dream! I love you! Kamlesh started saying. Sapna also hugged a man for the first time today. Kamlesh got agitated. Started kissing Sapna at various places. Sapna started cooperating fully with him. What a disaster Sapna was creating in a yellow saree and black blouse. She had tied it in a big way in her hair. Kamlesh got hooked on Sapna and dragged her to the bedroom. Today a virgin girl like Sapna was about to fuck. She had also become Chudasi. Kamlesh took her to the bedroom and closed the door. Sapna was also totally crazy and was ready to get fucked by her new lover. Kamlesh threw her on the soft velvet bed and climbed on Sapna too. He started drinking the juicy orange lips of Sapna. Sapna used to do a lot of make up. She had applied a lot of red lipstick on her lips. When Kamlesh started sucking Sapna’s camel, all the red lipstick started getting applied on his camel and face. Sapna started helping Kamlesh completely. She had come today thinking that if her sweetheart requests to fuck her today, she will not throw tantrums and will get fucked comfortably. Kamlesh sucked Sapna’s juicy lips like oranges full of desire. Now go towards Sapna’s neck. Was there a long neck like a jug? There was also a mole on the neck. Kamlesh got mad and started licking that mole. He now wanted to get Sapna as soon as possible. Even Brahma would have gone mad seeing Sapna Tiwari’s puffy breasts in a black blouse. Kamlesh lost his temper and started trying to drink Sapna’s milk by sticking out his tongue on the black blouse itself. Hey wait a minute! Why so soon? Sapna said. The nipples of her round breasts were clearly visible from outside on the black blouse. It was shining brightly. Maybe that’s why Kamlesh lost consciousness. Sapna came to know that her new lover JD Saheb would not accept her without fucking. He reached out his hand and unhooked the hook of the blouse. Sapna’s big breasts, which till date had not been touched by any wood, appeared in front of Kamlesh. Suddenly Kamlesh’s penis got erect. His water started coming out from the supada of Lund. Kamlesh got mad after seeing world beauty like Sapna in white bra. Sapna clenched her hands and opened the rights of her bra. Bra is gone. The red big nipples of that universal beauty suddenly appeared in front of Kamlesh. Sapni’s breasts were so milky, fair and white that the red blood flowing in her veins was also visible from above. At one point, Kamlesh felt that he might not get out even before fucking her. He broke down on her roof. His tongue came out and directly took Sapna’s umbrellas in his mouth. And started drinking happily. Sapna also became happy. Today for the first time a man was drinking his very beautiful sixties. He also started getting great happiness. Her smooth pussy started getting wet and sticky. Kamlesh kept sucking Sapna’s white breasts for a long time. Today for the first time he had taken a woman in his arms. Sapna’s nipples were black and there were big round circles around them. Kamlesh started drinking Sapna’s juicy breasts and forgot the whole world. Sapna’s pussy became watery. His semen smeared all over her pussy like butter. Kamlesh threw off his clothes and straight up lifted Sapna’s saree. In a single moment, he threw off his yellow panties. For some time he kept smelling his girlfriend’s panties. Oops the intoxicating scent of her pussy got absorbed in the yellow panty. Rach was settled. When the aroma of Sapna’s juicy pussy is so intoxicating, then Kamlesh started thinking how much fun it will be in licking pussy. He put his camels, on which Sapna ji’s red lipstick was smeared, on Sapna’s pussy and started drinking water by licking a hole like someone thirsty in the desert. He started licking the butter of Sapna’s pussy like desi ghee. Oops! He had never seen such a sight till date. This was not a pussy but a Shaktipeeth of some goddess. Kamlesh had to worship this Shaktipeeth today. Today he had to offer water on it. Perhaps Kamlesh had estimated how juicy and velvety the pussy of a world beauty like Sapna would be. She started moving her tongue from top to bottom on Sapna’s Shaktipeeth. Sapna started getting mad. She started getting more cocky. Now she wanted to get fucked as soon as possible. But Kamlesh lost his mind and started licking her pussy. Brand new virgin pussy, so juicy on top, so buttery, so velvety. Kamlesh started licking Sapna’s pussy. Couldn’t live with the dream. Now she has become Chudasi. Also restless. Kamlesh ji will keep on licking or will he do anything?? Sapna spoke. You are reading this story on non-veg Kamlesh realized that there is a lot more than licking holes. When he saw his cock, it had turned to stone. Kamlesh understood that his new girlfriend Sapna ji herself was requesting him to fuck her. He just wanted to kiss and lick his new budding girlfriend, but she herself invited him to fuck her. Kamlesh now started preparing to fuck his girlfriend. She took out a condom from her leather purse and started tearing it. Hey Kamlesh ji, fuck like this. What kind of alienation from you? You are mine!! Rani of Roop started saying Sapna. Kamlesh actually wanted not to take any risk. Sometimes he used to fuck prostitutes as well. It was the same habit of wearing pyjamas to fuck. Kamlesh became very happy. He spread his hold on both the smooth legs of Sapna. He placed his cock on her beautiful bosom and pushed her with a fist. Sapna’s new seal was broken. Kamlesh kept fucking her with pleasure. Kamlesh found heaven that day. Sapna was fucked a lot till 9 o’clock in the night. Then Savarkar dressed her in a saree and sent her home with the driver. This love affair started. Every Sunday or on government holidays, Kamlesh would send his driver to call Sapna and eat Sapna Tiwari’s hair from noon to evening in the sunlight. Would have gifted her expensive sarees, gold jewellery. After fucking Sapna Tiwari a lot for a year, Kamlesh with his power gave Sapna a government job in an inter college, that too without passing TET. Now Sapna started earning 40 thousand rupees every month. Her life style has changed now. For the next year too, Kamlesh brought her to his bungalow and continued to eat her. In this way 2 more years passed. Sapna built a beautiful house bigger than her job, otherwise her farmer father would have kept her in shackles all her life. Sapna’s father, her mother also started following Kamlesh Raj a lot. If Kamlesh had gone to Sapna’s house, his mother would never have sent him away without feeding him. One day Kamlesh went to Sapna’s house. Only his mother was there. Her father had gone to work in the field. Mother started cooking food for Kamlesh and Kamlesh took the opportunity to fuck Sapna in her house. Sapna’s father sometimes used to doubt whether Sapna is infatuated with Kamlesh. Then used to kill silence. Because by the grace of Kamlesh, his poverty was removed. What is the problem if the wood gets bitten a little too. Man has been taking advantage of youth and beauty for centuries. His father used to think. After a few days, Kamlesh was transferred to Banaras. But the relationship of sex did not end. Sapna marries Lallu, a bank clerk. That Lallu would go to the bank at 9 in the morning and would come at 12 in the night. He doesn’t have time to feed and fuck his world beauty. Sapna used to stick to Kamlesh on the phone the whole day. In between, she used to go to Banaras saying work and used to fuck a lot at Kamlesh’s new bungalow. Kamlesh got married after a few days. He got a very beautiful wife. But Kamlesh and Sapna’s sex did not stop. Sapna used to visit Banaras once in 15 days. Kamlesh used to send his official vehicle. Used to come and kiss a lot. Sapna became pregnant after 9 months. Her husband was a little surprised that he rarely fucks. But the fiery Sapna said that this is her child. His man was just Lallu. Used to believe everything. After having a child, one day Sapna again went to Banaras. Sapna said Kamlesh kissed his boy. He had taken a plot worth one crore in Lucknow with his black money. He named it after his illegitimate son. Because Kamlesh loved Sapna a lot from the very beginning. उस दिन फिर से कमलेश ने सपना को नंगा करके जमकर उसकी choot फाड़ी और सदा।सदा के लिए अपनी रखेल बना लिया।Hot sexy sex kahani in hindi on nonveg story dot com Government Officer ki chudai ki kahani, UP Officer ki sex kahani hindi best and hot chudai storyये तो और भी मस्त है!

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