Had to sleep with new husband for Halala

Hello friends, I’m Shayra Bano, a very warm welcome to all of you in nonveg story.com. I have been a regular reader of it for many years now and there goes not a night when I don’t read its sexy stories. Today I was going to tell you my story. Hope you will like this very much. I am from Bareilly. I am a very fair, young and beautiful woman. I am a young, attractive young man of 24 years. I am married and my husband is very nice, he loves me very much. Our sex life is also very good, my husband beats my pussy every night. My body is very slim and sexy. My lips, mommy, my silky black hair, my slim waist and pussy are all very cool. I love to have sex and eat fat cocks in my pussy regularly at night. I haven’t had kids yet. I just wanted to enjoy sex and sex for a few years, because of this I am not having children now. Before marriage, I had many boyfriends who used to play my pussy. I was addicted to sex from the age of 16. As soon as I was young, I started kissing with my boyfriends. Friends, now after marriage, even one night my work does not work without cock. My desire for sex does not take the name of ending. I have sex with my husband every night but the hunger of my body is not satisfied. Today I am telling you my story. Friends, this is from last year. My mother’s health was very bad. My husband Jamal had gone to work. I locked the house and gave the key to the next aunt and went to my mother’s house. When my husband came home at night, he got very angry after not seeing me. He called me and our argument started. I started telling them that mother’s health was very bad, so I had to come without asking. Then my husband got angry and told me talaq talaq talaq 3 times. I started crying but now I am divorced. Later my husband regretted a lot. Now in order to marry me again, I had to be Halalaho. Now I had to marry another man, then how would he fuck me for a few nights. Then he will say talaq talaq talaq talaq thrice. After that I can marry my husband Jamal again. Friends, my husband Jamal started looking for a man who could marry me. Some boys were ready to perform Halala but were asking for 2 to 3 lakhs. One, how would they fuck me and they were asking for money from above. My whole house was very upset about this. One day my husband’s special friend Wasim came home and saw my husband upset. “Hey what happened Jamal Miyan?? And where is sister-in-law??” Wasim asked that my husband told the whole thing to his friend that how in anger he called me talaq talaq talaq talaq thrice. My husband started crying. He was very upset. “Wasim! Brother, today I went to ask people for Halala. They are asking for 2 to 3 lakhs for this. Now tell me from where can I get so much money???” My husband spoke and started crying bitterly. “Brother, I will do halala with your wife. No money” Wasim said, my husband became very happy. Finally after 3 days that Pak clock came. Qazi got me and Wasim married. Friends, in Halala, a woman is married to another man. Then the new man makes a physical relationship with the woman and makes her drink by lifting her legs for a few nights. To be Halala, a woman must have a physical relationship with her new husband. Without this the second marriage would not be complete. After that that new husband divorces the woman after a few days. Now that woman can marry her first husband. This entire ritual is of Halala. I got married with Wasim. Now I had become his wife. I had to spend a few nights with him and kiss him tightly. My husband Jamal was happy that how would I fuck his friend. Otherwise, if I would marry another man, I do not know how he would hit my pussy. So my husband was very happy. In the night I had come to Jamal. Today was our honeymoon. We were both very shy. Wasim was calling me Bhabhi Jaan. Then slowly we started kissing. I was wearing a red salwar kurta. Slowly Wasim started falling in love with me. They both lay down and Wasim started sucking my lips. “Sister-in-law! Are you the moon of the fourteenth??? Wasim said “Wasim! Now I am your wife. You just talk to me about love. My youth and beautiful is only yours, Wasim” I said then he put me on his chest and started kissing. Wasim was also very sexy and tough body to look at. I found that very hot. Slowly we started falling in love. He started pressing my mother on top of my suit. Guys the nipples were 38″ and very sexy and hot round and juicy. My new husband Wasim now started pressing on my milk suit. I started saying “..ahhhhhh ssEEEE….aaaaaa….aha…haha ha”. I was having fun Wasim was pressing and caressing my milk with his hand. After sometime he asked me to get naked. “Get naked soon, sister-in-law,” ordered my new husband. Slowly I took off all the clothes. Suit removed. He opened his salwar slogan and removed it. Then I myself took off my bra and panties. I lay naked on the bed. I was completely naked. Now I was going to be in bed with my new husband. How was Wasim going to fuck me now? In the evening itself, I had made my tents well. Today I was going to be in bed with him. “Wasim!! Today my life! Come love me.” I said, Wasim taking off his kurta-pyjama. Then he took off his vest and underwear and came into bed beside me. He took me in his arms and started kissing me everywhere on my cheeks, throat, eyes, ears, nose. I was in love with her too. I was happy that I was having Halala with my husband Jamal’s best friend Wasim. I gave my everything to Wasim. He was caressing my waist, thigh and buttocks. He was kissing me everywhere on my beautiful sexy body. Slowly my heart started to kiss. Then Wasim started caressing my milk in his hand. I was “……i…i….i…… Started saying. Wasim was gently caressing my milk. I was feeling good. Slowly he started pressing my milk. Friends my milk was very beautiful. The round black sexy balls around my nipples were looking very hot. Then Wasim took my milk in his mouth and started sucking it quickly. I started getting hot and started making sensual sounds of “…..hi hee……a aa a.ahhhhhh uhhhhh….. uh uh…”. Wasim was quickly drinking my juicy teats like an innocent child. I was having fun I was aghast. He used to bite my nipples with his teeth. I was getting him cut. Tonight I wanted to give him a lot of fun. Wasim would drink one of my teats, then leave and take the other teat in his mouth and suck like an innocent child. Slowly I got addicted to sex and lust. My pussy was itching hard. I started fingering my pussy very quickly. Wasim was pressing my teat like a mistress. My mum had turned red due to mashing. I quickly started fingering my pussy. Now I wanted to kiss quickly. I wanted to make ashes tonight by eating Wasim’s fat cock. “Wasim!! Come on, put your fat cock in my pussy quickly. He started licking and caressing my toes. Then he started stroking my thighs. Then he put his 10″ fat cock in my pussy and started choking very quickly. I was making warm, warm sounds of “Ai…..ai….ai…ahhhhhh…..cc cc….ha ha ha…”. Wasim was fucking me quickly with his fat cock. Friends, my life was going out. My first husband’s cock was only 5”. But Wasim’s cock was double long. He was playing my game very quickly. I was in pain. It seemed that someone put a thick bar in my pussy. It seemed that Wasim’s cock should not tear my chest and enter my stomach. Wasim kissed me for about 20 minutes. After that the butter of my pussy started coming out. Then my pussy became very smooth. Now Wasim’s cock started slipping comfortably in my tummy. I started having fun I was chugging like a wild cat by saying “Aaw…..aa….hmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc cc..ha ha ha..”. I was completely intoxicated. I was lifting my waist again and again. Now Wasim had also come in full swing. He was thrashing me hard. He was working very hard on my pussy. Heat was coming out of both of us. We both were sweating profusely. My pussy was on fire. There was a flood in my pussy. Wasim was playing me like a wild dog. Who was playing my pussy at lightning speed. I was afraid of his speed that he should not tear my pussy. Then Wasim gave 50 60 sharp pushes and left the goods in my tummy. He fell on me. I started sucking his lips. I was still gasping and making out the sound of “… uh uh uh… am… am… hmmm ahhhhh.. ai… ai… ai…..”. Wasim also started sucking my lips. Today he gave me a wonderfully fucked and orgasmic pleasure. Then both of us slept barefoot. When I woke up in the morning, my pussy was hurting. When I removed the curtains of the window, the sun had come out. The sunlight fell on Wasim. He woke up and pulled me in his arms. Then we started kissing. “Sister-in-law!! Did you enjoy the night???” Wasim laughed and said, “You had fucked my mother only in the night…. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.” I showed him my pussy. Wasim choked me in the night for about a quarter of an hour. My pussy was still in pain and turned blue. Then Wasim made me lie down and started licking my pussy. Friends, now my new husband was Wasim. Then I went to the bathroom and went to take a shower. Very quickly I made and fed Wasim breakfast and he went to his work. Then my first husband Jamal got a call. “How are you Begum?? Halala completed in the night??? Wasim didn’t fuck you???” My husband asked me “A lot he didn’t let me sleep at night. Fucked me at night. I still have pain in my pussy” I said to the husband, “Jan, please see your Muniya Rani.” My husband said friends, I quickly spread my pussy with my finger and took a photo and WhatsApp my first husband Jamal. My husband chuckled after seeing the photo of my pussy. My Wasim came home in the night. As soon as I arrived, I clinged to him. “Where have you been since morning??? How are you husband?? I didn’t even remember once?? I chuckled and said, “Hey Gulbahar!! Look what I brought.” Wasim took out a big dildo and a vibrator from his bag. I was very surprised to see him. When Wasim came after washing his hands, I fed him. Then we both went to the bedroom. After watching TV for some time, both of us became naked. Wasim put oil in the dildo and slid deep inside my pussy. Then he turned on the vibrator. He started grunting. Wasim placed the vibrator on the grain of my pussy. I started trembling. Because the vibrator was whirring very loudly. Was shaking the grain of my pussy again and again and was vibrating. I was having a lot of sex excitement and sensation in the pussy. I was like “U U U U U…… Was getting it done. I felt weird. Wasim now started putting the dildo inside my pussy. My ass was bursting. Dildo on one side and vibrator on the other side vibrating and rumbling like a ship was wreaking havoc in my pussy. Wasim was also driving a dildo in my bosom very quickly. Friends, after some time I felt that I was going to have a bathroom. Then after some time the water of my pussy started coming out like a pitcher. After that Wasim put his cock in my pussy and started licking me. He paella me tightly for a quarter of an hour and then left the goods in the pussy. I was in bed with Wasim for 15 days. Then he divorced me. Then I got married again to my first husband Jamal. Now both of us are happy and never quarrel. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story.com.

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