Having sexed the young, married her real sister again

I Awasthi welcome all of you to non veg story.com. I’ve read thousands of sexy stories here. But never wrote anything myself. So today I am going to tell you my story. Can anyone love his sister? Can anyone marry his sister? Explores all these questions, this story of mine which I am telling you now. My father was a scribe in the court. He used to spend more than what he used to earn. He had taken a loan of Rs 10 lakh to build our house. But before his father could repay the loan, he passed away. Friends, the year 2016 proved to be a very bad and unfortunate year for my household. This year my father died prematurely. Then my mother also passed away. Then I lost my job from the factory where I used to work. From above the bankers came to my house everyday and started talking about repaying my 10 lakhs. Now only me and my young sister Meher are left in my house. Money became so tight that I became obsessed with every single penny. Meher was naked, she was looking great. She was rubbing soap in her cool chest. Today I saw Meher for the first time without clothes. It looked like doom. Seeing my young sister, I became very restless and suddenly the urge to fuck her arose. Since now there were only two people left in my house. I removed my clothes. He went straight to the courtyard near Meher. She got scared and started lifting the towel hanging on the wall. I caught Meher. I grabbed her before she could cover her cool mammo. And I started kissing his lips. She started protesting. I did not agree I put my hands on his boobs and holding his hand started drinking on his lips. For some time she kept on nagging. But after sometime she agreed to kiss me. Friends, on that day Kamadeva was riding on me. I made my real sister lie down in the courtyard. There water was lying all over the floor. There was a lot of light in the courtyard. It was very pleasant to lie on the wet floor on a hot summer day. My young and cool sister knew that her brother would fuck her today. By pelpelling him, he will enjoy his evil. Meher knew. I lay Maihar on the wet floor in broad daylight. The tap was also installed here in the courtyard. I took off my clothes. I was completely naked. My blood was running at the sight of my naked sister. Today I will take her pussy! I was telling myself this over and over again. I took out a mug of water from the bucket kept nearby and poured it on my sister’s mouth with a splash. We both brothers and sisters started playing like childhood. She also started pouring water on me in response. The body and mind of both of us brothers and sisters got wet. All the hair of Maihar, which was very dark, thick and long, got drenched in water. Hi! How beautiful my sister! What a wonderful item, today I came to know about it. Long wet hair was hanging from one side of Meher’s shoulder and hanging like a creeper of a vine. She was really looking sexy. Meher’s lips were wet. The water droplets on the pink rosy lips were making her look like Sunny Leone. Even though she was my real sister. Even though she had tied me a rakhi. But today I will fuck it. Today I will take this cool bird’s dog, I had decided. Meher was also looking at me with sly eyes. I kissed his eyes. Then his juicy wet lips started drinking. After some time, I started drinking his mother as beautiful as the moon. It seemed that today I have got the greatest happiness of life, which is called divine happiness. My eyes could not move away from Maihar’s mother. 2 big grapefruit-like full white soft breasts were such a wonderful commodity that I could not take my eyes off her even if I wanted to. Like a month thirsty I was drinking my sister’s umbrellas. My father had given birth to my sister from my mother. Now my sister too had become a chewable commodity. Maihar’s milk was churned in my mouth. I was relishing his cool soft chives. She had dark black nipples on the top of her nipples and huge maroon circles around the nipples. I was in awe of my cool sister’s cheeks. For a long time I kept drinking my sister’s chest. The one above had made Maihar in great leisure. Every part of his body was made by the one above in great leisure. We were both soaked in water. I had wrapped Maihar in myself. His wet hair was bringing doom. I was drinking the chives of Maher. Sometimes drinking, sometimes playing. Sometimes he used to brush his nipples quickly with his tongue. Maihar shuddered. Then I would stuff the nipples in my mouth and drink. Friends, this game went on for a long time. I started kissing my sister’s belly. Fair round belly and beautiful navel. I bowed down and kissed the navel. Maihar went shy. I put my tongue in her navel and started playing, tongue started playing. Maihar started sobbing. Then I kissed my sister’s pelvis. Big beautiful tree. I came to Meher’s burrow. She had a very beautiful bulging vulture. Jhante had come out which was telling time and again that the sister was ready to kiss. fuck it Meher’s gaze was giving me this message again and again. I gave a mug of water and lentils on my sister’s pussy. The pussy got wet and started shining more. I started drinking my sister’s pussy. Before me and Meher could drink the bad, she said brother! Suck your lauda! Meher said. I could not refuse him. I lay on the floor in the wet patio. Meher sat next to me on the wet floor on the patio. She leaned on my cool round ball. He filled my loaf in his right hand and began to beat very quickly. Brother! Your lauda is so big! Maihar said innocently. Suck it sister. Now this is yours. suck it up! I told her. Maihar became happy. Now she took my lauda in her hand and started thrashing it loudly. Stood like a missile. My betel nut had also grown very big. Sister’s soft soft hands, delicate fair fingers were thrashing my lad. Really guys, it was a lot of fun. Then sister Meher bowed down and started sucking my lauda in her mouth. I drowned in joy. Sister! Where did you learn to suck looda?? I asked in amazement. Brother!! My friends secretly showed me many blue films. That’s where I learned to suck like this! Meher replied. She got engrossed again and started sucking my lauda. My hot pink lips like Maihar’s Sunny Leone were drinking my lauda. I was having great fun. She was loudly thrashing my lauda even with her hands. I knew that Meher would be happy and kiss her. After sometime friends, my condition had worsened. It seemed that the goods would come out of my lauda. I was lifting my waist. For a long time, I got the Lnd beaten by Maihar and sucked it. Now I made him lie down on the wet floor. By spreading her leg, I started drinking my sister’s burr. Her brow was very beautiful. I was drinking by licking his bad lick with the tongue. The banks of the bur were raised like a dam of a river and there was a deep burrow in the middle. I grabbed the edge of the bur with my hand and opened it and started drinking the pussy. Maihar was a virgin. No one had kissed him. Today I will inaugurate my sister’s pussy. I was moving my tongue round and round everywhere on the burrow. Meher was sobbing and trembling. I wanted to fuck him with all the fun. For a while I drank his bad. Then I sat down, Maihar knew that now she will kiss. He opened his feet. I put my gourd’s supada on the hole of his burrow. I gave a loud push. My Lauda had entered the sister’s bosom. Blood also came out of his burrow in this fight. But fortunately, Maihar was looking the other way. Otherwise, she would probably have panicked. I started pelting her loudly. I started measuring the depth of his burrow. Meher grabbed me hard brother! Brother!! She sobbed and started saying sobbing. I had fun And loudly, I started banging his burr. Virgin sister’s virgin pussy. Seeing the innocent Maihar, my heart was fascinated. Close his eyes and hold me. His virgin lips, sharp beautiful nose, thin jug-like throat and mole on his throat. All things had captivated the mind. I had become even more hungry for his form. And with loud waist, he was eating Maihar. She was trembling, sobbing, her nose was giving out very hot, hot breaths. Meher was kissing me. I lay on him in the wet courtyard and grabbed his white bare smooth shoulders and I bitten him with my teeth. Maihar became even more chudasi. After a while I took out my lauda from his bosom and saw the hole of the burrow. My dear little sister was no longer a virgin. She was now kissed by her brother. I again put a lauda in his pussy and started to fuck him. I had taken his cool mammo in my hand. I was crushing Maihar’s burr by pressing her. After a while I collapsed. Maher and I started taking bath again. I lay on the ground in the courtyard on my stomach. Maihar started rubbing soap on my bare back. Brother! Today you will bathe with feces and make you fair! Meher said. I smiled. She started rubbing soap on my hands, shoulders, back, waist, my round buttocks, legs, thighs. Both of us siblings started playing with soap and bubbles. Then he poured several mugs of water on me. Then I also bathed my young chudasi sister. We both entered the room. Where I tied a light towel around my sexy waist like a lungi. Whereas 21-year-old young Mall Meher had wrapped a towel on his chest. But his pust and booze were screaming and saying that I should drink more and fuck. I had just fucked my sister only once. Within 2 seconds, my Lauda got hot again and stood up. I felt demonic. I untied the knot of the towel tied around my waist. When Maihar saw him, he laughed. What brother!! Your intentions are not noble! She said. I grabbed my sister in a hurry. And I pulled the towel tied on his bountiful chest. Once again my cool naughty sister was naked. I grabbed him and started licking his lips directly. Now there was no room for words between the two of us. Meher knew she would kiss more. I knew that now I will fuck my sister more. I grabbed Maher and dropped her on the bed. Once again, he started enjoying his cool and smooth cheeks. He started drinking My sister was probably the coolest mall in the street. I started drinking his milk again. He started chewing on her dark black nipples with his teeth. I had a lot of fun. Then I opened Maihar’s feet. Now his burr was not wet and dry. I started drinking with my tongue. Slowly the sister’s pussy became moist. I took my LND and inserted it inside his burrow. And once again I started hitting Maher. She grabbed the bedsheet of the bed and as soon as I started patting it, she started twisting the bedsheet by hand. Maihar was closing her eyes. Both hands were on the edge of the bedsheet. She was cringing at him. Maihar’s mouth was wide open. Her mouth was giving out hot breath. I knew that she is experiencing sex tension. Meher’s hair was dry now. Her black silky hair was her beauty, adding to the beauty of her sister. She looked like a princess in long black thick hair. I was eating pail to my sister. was fucking him. Seeing her beauty, I started taking her more loudly. Aaaaaa ooooooo Mmmmm!! Maihar started muttering. After sometime she started sighing even louder. I was very dynamic and was pounding him by vigorously moving my legs and back. His mangoes were shaking from my bumps. Meher was clenching the bedsheet sheets with her fist. And it was getting louder. I had taken in my hand the mangoes of Maihar. Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!! She was crying with her eyes closed. I saw my real sister a lot that day. This cycle lasted a long time. Now I started eating my sister every day. When I got used to his bad, Meher got used to his brother’s lauda. Then I married my real sister. Today Mo is also our 5 year old son. How did you like the story, do not forget to write your comments on non-veg story.com.

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