He grew up sniffing his sister’s panty, then his birthday dream came true.

Friends, my name is Ajay, I live in Panipat, my sister, who is older than me, is very cool, I want to tell you that ever since the water started coming out of my penis. I used to look at my sister’s intoxicated bodies, whenever she would raise her hand, I always used to look at the hair inside her arm, from the time she bowed, I kept looking at the nipples, I had become a habit I could not relax until I could see my sister’s body, after that I had become a habit. To sniff the panties. In my house, I am my sister, mom and dad, mom and dad both go to work, and both of us brothers and sisters come back from college by 2 o’clock, both of us are late from home even when they leave, so first sister goes to bath Then I go, Didi used to put her bra and panty over the tap, I closed the bathroom door, smelled her panty with great pleasure, and kissed the bra a lot and felt the smell of Didi’s pussy from her panty. Did it, it felt amazing. It seemed that this is why I am saying that this went on for a long time, now I will tell about the fuck, so friends, their bra size is thirty-four, and waist size is thirty-two, I used to get intoxicated by smelling their panties, And then later he used to wipe his panties with his fist, time passed like this, I had become a bastard of number, looking at the sister’s body, but now just seeing and smelling the panty was not going to work Now I wanted to fuck my sister’s pussy, because of this, now I started planning how to reach my sister’s pussy, sometimes at night when she was sleeping, I used to touch her nipples and then come back He slept with his fist. That is, now I started licking twice a day, once when I used to smell her panty and bra in the bathroom and rubbed it in the cock, and second time when she went to sleep I would touch her hot boob and lips Was, one day i.e. on the day of Holi, I had mashed my sister’s nipples while applying color, but maybe my sister did not like it, she saw that brother this should never happen to me again, on the day of Holi I never used to talk directly to my sister, it was my birthday on 15th March, she asked brother what gift do you want, I said I do not want anything, I do not want to take any gift from you. She started persuading me. Both of us did not go to college that day, both mother and father had gone to work. She started persuading me. I was not agreeing, then he made me swear, tell me what happened to you, I said nothing, she started asking me again and again. Tell me what gift will you take? I said nothing, then she said to me, you will have to tell my oath. I said I have to give whatever I ask for. That quote is fine but she should not be outside my bus. Look at me, you take whatever will happen, I said it is okay but you do not refuse, they will not say that. I gave him my oath. And said that if you refuse to see, then you will see my dead face on this birthday of mine. I started doing block mail. She agreed. And tell me what you want, I was not able to speak, I was very scared, that if I told this to my mother and father, what would happen to me. I was panicking, but he consoled me and said, I said, I want to have sex with you. I like you very much. She stood up. She said this would not happen. This cannot happen, these things will not happen in siblings. This happens in the relationship between husband and wife. I said okay. Now I will do whatever I want. She went outside the room. I put the door from inside, she immediately came back and started banging on the door. I went silent, she was very scared. He felt that I cannot do anything. She started crying. But I was not saying anything, and then the voice came, okay, do whatever you want. I opened the door. She came in and sat on the bed. I went near and said that I love you, she said shut up, bastard, I said go out, she said I love you, and then I started sucking her lips with my lips. Then slowly started pressing the nipples. And then on seeing, I took off all his clothes and I took off mine too. I started sucking his teat. The pink nipple looked amazing. Then I started licking her pussy. She remained silent for the first ten minutes, then she slowly started giving that response. And she also started caressing my body and started sucking my lips. Then she said that Lund will not taste, I said why did not this LND is yours, now who am I to refuse, and I put my LND in my sister’s mouth and she started sucking again. I was tickled a lot. And she started sucking my cock while pressing her nipples. What was it then, she was enjoying a lot and started saying. Brother, why didn’t you tell me earlier, you would have insisted already, how much fun you are having. I said that I have been taunting you for about four years, not from today, I chuckled twice in your memory, she said that you would have said earlier, then I said what happened if you did not say earlier, now become my queen, she said I am your queen. But don’t torture the queen now. I am desperate to kiss. And I put my penis on my sister’s pussy and gave it hard. Friends sister’s pussy was very tight because she had never kissed before. But again I tried by spitting a little and this time put my penis in my sister’s pussy. Now she picked up the ass and started kissing. And I started pushing my cock hard in his pussy. She was doing ah ah I was doing hi hi hi hi. You are reading this story on nonveg story.com. After that, sometimes she was up, sometimes I became a mare, sometimes a bitch, for about two hours, the pussy was swollen. And then both of them fell and fell asleep holding each other. Friends, now I do not need to smell their panties. Now I take a lick of the pussy. And bra is not even needed, now I mash the nipples whenever I want. Now I have made my sister a girl friend. I’m having a lot of fun now. You must have liked this story of mine. I will also bring my second story on non-veg story.

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