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Hello friends, I am again present in front of you with my new story, friends, this story has been written by making it out of mind, there is no truth in it, it is just for your entertainment and if there is some deficiency or some mistake in the story, then it is necessary to tell you I will wait for your comment. So friends, the story is such that once and my uncle was going from Indore to Bhopal by car for some work that suddenly I choked that a beautiful girl standing on the side of the deserted road was pointing me to stop. She was wearing a white sari, seeing a girl who had gone so many nights, I once hesitated, but still asked my uncle Sanjay to stop the car, we stopped the car near her and my uncle saw that beautiful girl. She was thin but very beautiful, 27-28 years old with a sharp map, that girl reached close to me and said that I have to go to Bhopal near State Bank in the Civil Line area, it is impossible for me to walk there. Because neither bus is available here at night nor train, he said blushingly. I said no problem, you come and sit, that girl sat on the back seat, but the very next moment she said thank you very much for giving me a lift, we walked towards her destination. Stop the bus, hearing his sweet voice, uncle stopped the car. The girl got down from the car while expressing gratitude and said thank you. I got down the same, do you know if he needs me in such a night. Uncle left after starting the car. At this time he was in front of the State Bank and the solitary atmosphere in the shade of the tree at the extreme end of the club seemed mysterious. The shimmering light coming from the rays of the light of the milky bulb penetrating the branches and leaves of the tree was enhancing the look of that girl, I asked her where do you live? Finally I dared to ask him. She laughed again and said it would be better if you don’t ask. On my courage and victory, that girl called her name Mamta. I told him like this, I have seen you somewhere, must have seen it, he said. Then I said that if we stand for such a night, then the policemen will pick us up as a thief and take us away, better then my brother-in-law stays close by. I said hesitantly, it doesn’t matter, today both of us will spend the night together, Mamta said with a bitter smile on her face. Could not live without being surprised at this invitation from Mamta. I said but seeing it with a girl in the night, my brother-in-law became silent by saying this, Mamta said, why do you care about it, take me to your brother-in-law’s house, tell my brother-in-law, my classfellow has come, Mamta cast the magic of her golden eyes. Said happened. After sometime we reached my brother-in-law’s house. Brother-in-law asked how I had come, Harsh I said that I had just come here for some work, then I thought it was good to meet brother-in-law. He didn’t have any problem, nor did he say no. I took Mamta inside the room there and Mamta sitting on the bed, Mamta said that tonight we will spend together when I asked Mamta to eat, she refused. My brother-in-law said today the weather is not too cold, so I I will sleep outside, I said yes brother-in-law, I will put your brother-in-law’s bed outside, as soon as I came inside the room, Mamta took me in her arms and said by placing her head on my chest, I love you very much. Tonight will be a memorable night for me and your love, she kissed me and moved towards the bed, but first she tied the door from inside and came near me, hugged me hard and started kissing me like a madman. Seeing her, it seemed that she was very thirsty for sex. After a while I also started supporting her. While kissing, I started pressing her ass. After fifteen minutes of kissing, she sat down on her knees and took off my pants and took the cock in her mouth and she sucked hard. I was also enjoying sucking the cock for five minutes. After that she took off all my clothes and started kissing all over my body. Later she told me that why are you standing like this, you should also do something. Then I took off her blouse. She was wearing a pink color bra below. I started pressing the boobs hard from above and she started making such sounds ah ooh then I Removed the bra in a jatka and started sucking both the boobus in turn and made them red with sucking. Later kissed his stomach and slowly went downstairs. I opened her petticoat and when the petticoat fell down, I saw that she was wearing pink panties at the bottom too. I kissed her pussy from above and took off the panties. Her pussy was wet and there was a seductive smell, she was pulling me towards her. Then I drank her juice, then she shivered, I kept licking her pussy with tongue and she started saying keep doing this. After many days, I have got such fun. I am yours today, you can do whatever you want. And a little louder he said, now don’t torment, put it inside quickly. Then put him on the bed and widened both his legs. Then put the cockroach on the mouth of the pussy and pushed it hard, then the supada went inside and his scream came out. His pussy was tight because he did not get it kissed for a long time. Then I put my hand on his mouth and gave a push, then the cock went inside after tearing the pussy, and then there were tears in his eyes. Then after stopping for a while, when the pain subsided, then slowly start pushing and then increased the speed, now she was enjoying it too. In 20 minutes, he sipped twice and drank the water of his pussy both times. Now it was going to happen to me too, so I said to leave the water, then he said to leave it inside and after 5-6 vigorous blows it got rooted and his pussy was filled with my water. Later, both of us lay down tired and I did not know when I slept, when I woke up in the morning, there was no Mamta. When I asked my brother-in-law, he said, “Who’s Mamta here you had come alone, now it was my turn to choke, was it a nightmare or a reality, but when I came to the room, I got a letter, he wrote, “Harsh, you know me, you are with you.” We studied together in college, I used to love you very much, but you never paid attention to me, your love was so dominant on my heart and mind that it is better to die than to lose you, I have found you today. Liya and your love will never come in your life after this, you should be happy. After receiving this letter, tears started flowing in my eyes, true love is probably only available to the hair.[email protected]

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