Honey bhabhi fucked and ass hit

Neeraj among friends, I am telling you a very funny sex story, I hope you will find this story very hot, this story is a true story, I have fucked a young and tight woman only yesterday, this is about her The story is, I am 21 years old and Honey Bhabhi is my neighbor, she lives with her husband, but her husband got caught in some wrongdoing and had to go to Mumbai to rescue him, we both reached New Delhi railway station in the evening. left for Mumbai, she was very worried, don’t know what will happen, I have a friend, her father is a very good lawyer in Mumbai, I called him, he called me the next day at 10 o’clock, I And honey sister-in-law reached his office at 11 am because the train was a little late, then he made all the papers, and then we got all the papers submitted, even then it would have taken 7 days for him to leave. It is evening, I told Honey sister-in-law, now we will take a hotel somewhere, and after spending the night, both of us will go to Delhi tomorrow morning, now it will take seven days, so there is no use in staying here, all the work is done. , then she said yes ok, then yes both of them had food and there was a hotel next door and went to rent the same room, I said that I want two rooms, because I did not like that I am a single woman. Let’s stay together in the same hotel room, it won’t be good if sister-in-law’s husband comes to know. So honey sister-in-law said why are you taking different rooms, take only one, just beds should be different, so I said see, I have no objection but brother? So she said why waste more money, have to spend the night only, when brother will come to know then I will tell him that they were in different rooms, even then you are doing so much for me, what is this work? So I said no no sister-in-law, it is my duty, being a neighbor, I cannot leave you alone like this, then we both shifted to the hotel room, he went and freshened up, but honey sister-in-law was very much I was worried, but I explained that now you have nothing to worry about, everything will be fine, then she became a little normal, said Neeraj is doing one thing, one is tired for the whole day and I am feeling very tense. Yes, you go out and get a bottle of whiskey, I drink it sometimes, today it seems I need it. I said, sister-in-law, if you drink, she said no, not always, sometimes you drink, today my head is going to explode, today it should happen, I immediately went out because there was a ban on serving alcohol in that hotel, then what was it? I immediately went out and brought a bottle of whiskey and fried chicken, when I came back, I saw that my sister-in-law was in a pink color nightie, she was looking very beautiful and hot, I saw her and kept looking why that her hair was open, her nipples were moving a lot because she was not wearing a bra inside, when she was moving, I had my eyes on her butt because from where the panty went to the butt, it was visible because of the nightie. It was thin like slax, what should I tell friends, I had the bottle in my hand, but I was intoxicated, not of alcohol but of honey sister-in-law. Sister-in-law said, what are you watching Mr. I was shocked, said no no bhabhi ji, nothing just like that, and she started smiling, the truth is that Honey bhabhi is 23 years old, she doesn’t even have any children, and she is full of youth, you I am reading this story on non-veg story.com, after that I took two glasses of soda, I mixed it and kept the chicken, then started taking it step by step, we both kept drinking for about half an hour and then honey sister-in-law got very intoxicated. Gaya, and she started saying, what should I tell Neeraj, I belong to a very big family, I am well educated, but I am not happy with the love marriage I have done, every day some or the other problem keeps happening. , Now I think that I wish my parents would have married me, then life would have been different, then after a while she said leave, let’s end today’s problem, and enjoy something, but you have to make a promise, this thing Don’t tell anyone today, I said what’s the matter sister-in-law? So she said today I want to have sex with you, I myself was in the mood, I said whatever you ordered, how can I avoid it, don’t worry, I will not even tell anyone, and she took off the nightie, in front of me she just She was in panty, ohhhhh marble body seemed to be tight tight nipples, pink and black mix color nipple in the middle, ohhhh what to tell, I broke down on her nipples, she also lay down comfortably, and I started licking her nipples Felt, what a scene my friend. Stomach was looking like a pitcher, thighs were round, I took off my panty, went near my pussy and saw that the whole area was watery. At first I kissed her a lot and then my land in her mouth and her pussy in my mouth, both came in 69 position and licked each other’s private parts fiercely, after that Honey started coming out of Honey Bhabhi’s pussy but It was not sweet but salty, after that Honey bhabhi said, I can’t tolerate it now, insert your big black cock in my pussy, then I started fucking bhabhi, we both were full drunk, after fucking pussy for about 30 minutes I Reversed them and put cock in the ass after applying a little spit, then hit the ass close to the pussy all night long, this kept happening. Today evening we have reached Delhi and I have written this story, how did you like this story of mine, do rate it, tomorrow I will go back to Honey Bhabhi’s house, and whatever happens next, I will tell it again on non-veg story dot com. Don’t forget to come tomorrow, thank you very much.

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