Honeymoon of both mother and daughter on the same day

Hot sex story, family sex story: Today I am going to tell you the story. You will not only be surprised to hear that, but will also be upset. It doesn’t happen often as you will hear in this story but this is my true story and today I am going to write in front of all the people on nonveg story dot com. This is my first story on this website I am a big fan of this website. You come here everyday and read sex stories, so today I also got a chance to share my story with you. My name is Dimpy my mother’s name is Sarita I am 20 years old and my mother is 40 years old. Mom is second married my new dad he is 50 years old and they have a son who is 23 years old. My new father’s wife passed away, so he married my mother. And the one who is my father left his mother and settled in Gujarat after marrying a girl much younger than him. Or say it directly, my father has left his mother and daughter and is roaming around with girls younger than him. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for a woman and a girl to live in today’s society. The one who does not have father’s shadow on his head, he has to face a lot of problems, it becomes difficult to live life, maybe I cannot describe it in my own words. For this reason, I told my mother to get married so that we can have a better life ahead. I would have got married tomorrow and gone somewhere else, but where would my mother go, mother needed a support. Now let’s get straight to the story as I don’t want to waste time. When my mother got married, we came from Delhi to Noida. My new father has a flat in Noida. I also came along with my mother. My new father is a very pious person, he has a big business, there is no shortage of money. He takes care of me a lot since the time there was talk of marriage with my mother, since then he adores me a lot and loves me a lot. But my stepbrother is number one whore. He goes to study, makes girls roam around in his work and enjoys. And to be honest, I like boys who live their life in a cool way. I also want my husband to be like the one who is cool. I don’t mind even if he hangs out with another girl, but don’t let him stop me that I want such a groom for myself. It was a very crowded day on the wedding day, we all didn’t even get a good night’s sleep because it was 5:00 in the morning. During the day we rested and in the evening both me and my step brother together decorated the house in a proper way so that my parents could enjoy our honeymoon in a good way. At around 10:00 pm my mother went to father’s room dressed and the door was locked from inside. Me and my step brother both started going to sleep then my step brother said that why don’t you do one thing, even then sleep in my room. I said no no I will sleep in my room. But he told me that today you will feel alone, from tomorrow onwards, sleep wherever you want, but today I thought in my room, don’t worry, I will not do anything to you, you are my sister. So I said, if I were your girlfriend, would you have done anything? One night my girlfriend sleeps on my bed and I don’t do anything to her. And we both started laughing and I agreed to sleep in his room. There were two beds in his room. We both lay down on different beds and I opened non-veg story.com on my mobile phone to see if any new story has been posted. I came across a very hot story on NonvegStory.com where there was a story of a step brother and a step sister. After reading the sexy and funny story, I felt that I too can build such a relationship. Then my step brother asked something but I could not hear properly because the fan was on in the room. When he used to say something, I would again tell him to say and when I would say something, he would tell me what to say, what to say. My brother told me to come on my own that let’s talk, then you go to sleep on your bed. I was not feeling good because I was also alone, if you are making me warm, daughter will feel lonely if you are young. Perhaps my mother would get me married, then it would have been better if he had married himself, but he got himself married first. Even though it was I who asked him to get married, but it was also his duty to get his daughter married in some way first. Well leave it, these are personal things and have become old, it came to my heart, so I have shared it with you. Now both of us started talking lying on the same bed, he started telling about his mother and I about my father, we both were listening carefully to each other’s talk, then the sound of mother’s scream came. We both fell silent and tried to listen carefully to what had happened. Hey friend, this is something else, mummy was saying pour slowly. It hurts a lot, it hurts a lot. Kill your ass tomorrow, today you satisfy me in sex only. As soon as we heard this, both of us silently started looking at each other’s face. After that they started smiling after seeing each other. My mother was also so mad that when my new father used to push and fuck her, she used to make the sound of hi hi hi hi oh oh oh oh. To tell the truth, listening to the sexy talk of mother and father’s sex and listening to the sexy voice of both of them, both of us brother and sister also got shocked. My pussy was wet, he started kissing me holding me, I told him first close the door properly. Immediately closed the door after voting and came back immediately took off all my clothes. Started rubbing my big nipples, started pressing my nipple with his teeth, started sucking my lips, started putting his tongue in my mouth. He had pushed me in the fire of lust within 2 minutes he started licking my pussy started fingering my ass. He was sucking on my lips as if something was hidden in it, trying to get it out. He was playing with my body very hot and sexy, I was also not less, I was also filled with lust and I immediately took his cock in my mouth. Started sucking his cock. He had a very thick and long cock. He was playing with my body, now I also started playing with his body. I was sucking his cock like it was an ice cream. I spread my legs as my pussy became very hot and wet, he immediately came and started licking my pussy water with his tongue. I myself started pressing my lips with my teeth. I used to wet my lips again and again because my lips were drying very quickly. I myself started rubbing my nipples with my hands and started pressing my nipples with both fingers. He took out his cock and put it on my pussy hole, put both legs on his shoulder, my stolen ass was near his cock, put his cock in the middle and pushed it tightly in my pussy, the whole cock got inside my pussy. Now my fuck has started. On the other hand, father was fucking mother, on the other side, brother was fucking his sister. Parents fuck in that room, brother and sister fuck in this room. Amazing atmosphere was created, he started fucking me hard, started licking my ass, started sucking my lips, started putting his tongue in my mouth. I had become very sensual, I also started taking his cock inside my pussy by twisting my ass. I slammed him down and I went on top of him, took his cock and put it on my pussy hole and inserted myself inside myself. She started pushing hard, she started rubbing my tits, I was pushing hard, she was pushing from below, I was giving from above. My brother fucked me a lot for about 1 hour. When I fell twice, I myself told him to stop for today. He quickly masturbated by shaking his cock and dropped all his material on my boobs. And then we both dressed hugging each other kissing each other. By then, parents had also finished their work, both of them were going to the bathroom alternately because when they used to run the flush, the sound was coming. Father and son fuck both mother and daughter in one day. On the other hand, my parents were making honeymoon, here my step brother was widening my pussy hole. This is my true story since that day we both brother and sister sleep together and lock the door. On the other side, parents can touch each other’s bodies, here we both hand over our bodies to each other.

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