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Friends, I am telling you this true incident, Lotus, friends, who tied a stall in the bush on the side of Aarushi temple. There was a girl in my locality, Aarushi. I liked that. I used to think that I wish he would get on with me. But this was not happening. The biggest problem in this was my school and then tuition. I used to go to school in the morning. When he came there, then he used to run for tuition. So the time to impress Aarushi was negligible. Aarushi also attended girls’ school, so I rarely met her. In this, a friend of mine told that some man is setting up 18 year old young Mast Kadak Mall Aarushi. My ass broke. How is any man giving lines to the richest girl in my locality? I was surprised. To know the truth of this, I took a few days off and started spying on Aarushi. I was surprised to see this. One such day, when his school was off, I would stand there hiding to see who is setting the goods of my locality. As soon as the school left, Aarushi stood on the road. He was wearing a gray school suit and a white salwar. He tied the stall neatly in his mouth. Now she was looking like some Phoolan Devi dacoit. No one could recognize him now. After sometime a 30 35 year old man came by motor cycle. Aarushi sat on his bike and left. A feeling of jealousy filled me. The mall I wanted to reach was set up by someone else. Do you know how to kiss? I couldn’t sleep that night. He was thinking again and again whether he would even kiss that stranger. This thought was bothering me time and again. I thought I would keep finding out. Then a few days later Sunday came. That day was my holiday. I was looking at Aarushi. After sometime she left her house to go to the temple. He stopped the rickshaw. She sat on it. I remember correctly he was wearing a yellow salwar suit. I also followed him on a motorcycle. Aarushi went inside the temple. I hid on one side. After sometime she appeared to me coming out. He talked to someone on mobile. Again he took out that goondi stall from his polythene. And then the motorcyclist came. Aarushi sits on his bike. He kept the garland, coconut, flowers, prasad etc. in his pinni. I started following him. The motorcycle stopped at some distance. I stopped. There were bushes of plum and acacia. I saw this very clearly with my own eyes. Aarushi got off the bike. That man also got down. Both of them kept talking on that unpaved road for 15-20 minutes knowing Ram. Both seemed very happy. They were talking eye to eye with each other. Few passengers were passing by the side of the road. That man used to hold Aarushi’s hand in the middle. Anger and jealousy came out of my mouth. I started feeling very sorry. Hiding on the side of the same tree, I kept watching this scene piece by piece. I was getting angry though. Ram knows what both of them were talking about. In between, the man used to put his hand on Aarushi’s shoulder like a friend. Aarushi was stall tied. That’s why no one could recognize him. Then the stranger put his hand on his shoulder and gestured to go to the bush. Aarushi took a look here and there. When she was satisfied that no one was watching her, she went to the berry bush. That man also looked around once and went to the bush. I came to know that Chhinar had not come to worship the temple. Its real purpose was to kiss that man. I also went there to see what was happening. My ass broke. Aarushi was lying on the dry grass. The man had just lifted his yellow suit, he had not taken off his suit. Aarushi’s hot rounds were being drunk by Mammo. Ghor Kaliyuga has arrived! Randi had come out on the pretext of going to the temple and is getting chuckled in the bush here. I told myself. No one could recognize him, so he did not take down the stall. She was probably looking more mysterious in the stall. Maybe that man finds special pleasure in fucking her. He was diligently drinking Aarushi’s cool gol mammo. Seeing all this, I had a heart attack. I felt bad. Aarushi closed her eyes. He drank Aarushi’s mum for a long time. I was thinking this again and again that Rand looks so innocent, simple. Tell me, here she is kissing in the bush on the side of the road. He used to caress Mammo with his hand and then used to press. I was watching my eyes. Then he opened and fired the slogan of Aarushi’s yellow matching salwar. The man took off his pants and placed them on the grass next to where Aarushi’s yellow salwar was kept. He rubbed his Lnd with his hand and put it, erected the Lnd. Put in Aarushi’s bosom but not gone. Maybe the target was not getting hit. Then he raised Anjali’s feet on the dry grass itself, aimed and the Lund went inside. The stranger started kissing her. He was hitting big erotic blows. I could see the slender slender body of Aarushi, her delicate ribs moving through the hole with every kiss and rising up. Seeing me once, I got angry that instead of kissing the boy of my locality, I was kissing with a stranger. But the very next moment I started having a lot of fun seeing this. I immediately took out my phone and started recording. That man was going to fuck Aarushi. What a clever girl she is tying up her stall. How smart is that, I began to think. Fucking makes every girl very smart and smart. Aarushi dropped her head on one side and started kissing her lover. As soon as Lund went into her pussy, a wave was created in Aarushi’s rubber body which went up to her head. What a wonderful mall this chinar is!! I started thinking in my mind. This kissing scene was probably the memorable scene of my life. That’s why I was recording it. I was also able to see the light black and black shadows of Aarushi. I zoomed in. As soon as the cock went into his bosom, his chicks used to jump upwards. Then his lover put his head on her face, started drinking his lube from the top of the stall. And as soon as he drank Aarushi’s lips, he started chugging. Seeing this scene, my cock stood up. I thought that I should also go and just start fucking him. I was also thinking that how big is the heart of Chhinar. People are coming on the side of the road, they are not even afraid that no one will see his fuck. I would never fuck him in the bush, at least take him to a hotel. Then all of a sudden, Aarushi’s lover started banging with great force. Lund started making a bursting sound. The pills of his lover’s penis had grown and was hitting Aarushi’s ass with great force. She was sighing, was having fun. Then his lover started hitting hard. The chickpeas started to bounce like a rubber ball. His lover left the mall in Aarushi’s burrow with the noise of a burst of khat. Then he lay down on her, began to drink her lips. Started pressing his mother. Seeing all this, I felt that my penis should not fall off. Then after licking Aarushi’s lips and pressing her cheeks, he took the cock out of Aarushi’s bosom. A few seconds later the mall he had left inside came out. Took some dry grass from Aarushi and wiped her pussy clean. Both kept taking it like this for some time. Then I came back. One day I met Aarushi in the market. Hi Aarushi! How are you?? I asked. I’m in a bit of a hurry! She spoke rudely and walked away. Its mother’s! I took out my phone and opened the recording. You have something to show!! I grabbed and went to Aarushi. and showed him the recording. His ass exploded. She was stunned. Thought he was in shock. Are you still in a hurry?? Tell me then I will show your father?? I asked. She started crying. She started wiping her tears with her dupatta. Tell me? what do you need? He asked crying. I just want to kill your pussy, which your lover has spread by beating! Where did I say?? He asked this Saturday in the exact same place! I said that at 6 o’clock in the evening I made him sit on the bike and took him to the exact same bush. That berry bush had become my favorite place. Aarushi did not love me, she had fallen into my trap by chance. Even today she was in the same stall. I put it in the exact same place. How Haramzadi was crying, because of her lover, she was making a lot of waist with the matka matka. I put his suit on. Drink plenty of sprinkles. Chewed her nipples a lot. In between, he also used to bite his beautiful black nipples. She used to jump. These were the same mothers who were sucked up by his lover. I drank to the fullest extent the mother of the chhinar. Then his salwar slogan opened. He took off his salwar with tights. I spit a little in my LND and got down in the Ganges river. Aarushi’s pussy was the river Ganges, in which her lover had taken a dip. Now I was taking a dip. I started kissing my sister-in-law. I was remembering the same previous sex scenes of Chhinar, this sister-in-law has already changed, fuck tight, pussy tear randi ki! That’s what I was telling myself. And Dhakadhak began to pelt him. What a cool cuddly pussy. As soon as Lund went inside, he also started enjoying it. After some time she started lifting her flexible waist. I was very happy to see this. I started banging Aarushi rhythmically. Same pat! The clapping of the sour khat started as if his lover was playing the chhinar. For the first time it felt as if it was a rubber doll. Wherever I would have spread his legs, on that same side he would have shredded his feet. I kissed her in several poses. Lita’s, sitting, kneeling, making a hut from behind. Then I also left my volcano in its burrow. After a few seconds my goods also came out of his bosom. Again broke some dry grass from Aarushi, and cleaned the clefts of her pussy. Then slowly she got set on me too. I stopped following him. When you asked for a pussy, you would get it. I would fuck him every time by tying a stall. I get a strange pleasure. Every time I feel like taking a new ladybug.

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