How do women get orgasm? and what should men do

what is orgasm, what is orgasm, how women get orgasm, what men can do to give orgasm to women, tips to get orgasm, how to make sex fun, sex tips for women, Ways to take sex to extreme pleasure When both men and women enjoy sex to the fullest during sex, when they achieve orgasm, it is called extreme pleasure. Today we are going to talk to you about a topic related to when women get extreme happiness. Like when does a woman get an orgasm? Can a woman orgasm more than once during sex? There is no one way for a woman to get an orgasm, rather men can do a lot to take a woman to the extreme. Sex doesn’t just mean getting the man’s penis into the woman’s vagina. Sex also means fun, excitement, feeling very close to each other emotionally and physically, and achieving orgasm. Some women even lie while having sex that they have attained orgasm, due to which they are not able to enjoy their sex life to the fullest. In such a situation, a man should keep in mind that in order to increase the pleasure of sex, it is necessary for both of them to get extreme pleasure. So take today we talk to you about some things related to the woman’s orgasm. And also tell you how man can help woman to achieve orgasm. How women get orgasm After that women get extreme happiness. In order to bring women to orgasm, men can not only satisfy women by inserting a penis into the woman’s vagina, but also by doing blowjobs, foreplay, kissing, anal, different sex positions, showing porn etc. Huh. Because this makes the woman very excited for sex and she gives you a lot of support while having sex, in such a situation, together you can double the fun of sex. Do women orgasm more than once while having sex? Yes, when the woman is fully excited during sex, then during sex, the woman can be prepared for another orgasm very quickly. This happens only when the man keeps the woman aroused during intercourse, and the vaginal muscles continue to contract. Due to this, a woman can achieve extreme pleasure more than once while having sex. When it takes time for a man to get ready for another orgasm than women. Prepare completely. Because if the woman is excited, then she gives you full support in sex, which helps both of them to achieve extreme pleasure. So let’s know what men can do to get women to orgasm. Begin with foreplay, women are able to enjoy sex only when she is fully excited to have sex. In such a situation, the man should enjoy foreplay with the woman, and for this caress every part of the woman’s body, and use less hands and more tongue to caress. After that slowly take off their clothes, and play with their parts and make love to them, by doing this women get excited very quickly. Also, kiss on their lips, kiss on their neck, shoulders too, then you will see how they get excited and shrink in your arms. Do not ignore the chest Breast is the sexiest part of women, even a slight touch in the nipple Gives excitement to women. In such a situation, if you kiss, suck on the nipple and breast, then doing so also helps in stimulating women. Due to which women get orgasm very quickly. Enjoy the blowjobs tooWomen enjoy the most of the blowjobs while having sex, and enjoy it very well. But women never say about this, but if men want women to get better extreme pleasure, then for this, men should kiss on the woman’s vagina, spread magic with their tongue, in such a situation, women are very much Gets excited, due to which she enjoys sex to the fullest and achieves orgasm. Praise her Now you must be thinking that what will happen with compliments during sex, most women are not able to enjoy sex to the fullest because There is a fear in their mind about their beauty. In such a situation, if the male partner praises her, and tells her that she looks great without clothes, then this scares her mind so that she can enjoy sex to the fullest. Also, men can also give them some sexy nightie etc., which makes them happy and sex can be made more exciting. Show your finger magic While having sex, you should not only think that we have to have sex but It should be enjoyed in every way, and not only the desire of the man but the woman should also be taken care of. Instead of always having fun by inserting the penis into the vagina, if men use their fingers, then women get a lot of pleasure from it, and they start getting excited. And enjoys sex to the fullest, and by this women get extreme pleasure very quickly. Take a new new position Women do not like to do trisex always in the same way, but they also need some spice in sex. Is. In such a situation, to enjoy sex to the fullest, new positions should be tried so that women can enjoy sex to the fullest, and before trying sex positions, the woman should definitely ask her choice, so that she enjoys it to the fullest. Tough sex is the choice of women Tips to enjoy sex When women and men are very close to each other, then pain also starts to be enjoyed. And women like it very much that men hold them fast while having sex, and have wild sex, while having sex, do not think about what will happen, but by doing sex openly, the woman also supports her openly. Due to which both men and women can enjoy sex to the fullest. Its use helps to move the penis easily, which gives a new feeling to the woman and both are able to enjoy sex to the fullest. Make women also partners. Masturbation works like a drug for women while having sex, and makes them crazy. In such a situation, to stimulate women, you can ask them to masturbate, as well as if the woman enjoys it with her tongue, then doing so helps both men and women to increase the fun of sex life. Spend a long time on the bed Women like to spend a long time in bed with their partner, in such a situation, to give full satisfaction to women during sex, men should have sex comfortably. And as soon as they feel that they are going to be free, then stop for a while and make love with the other parts of the woman, so that the woman will also be excited and both of you can have a lot of fun while having sex. And take special care of one thing that after being free, do not separate from women at once because in such a situation women get very angry. That is why even after sex, rest in the arms of the woman. So here are some special tips for men that help women to get full pleasure during sex and achieve extreme pleasure. Apart from this, one thing should be kept in mind while having sex that you should not watch the time while having sex, but should enjoy it because the longer you spend in bed with your partner, and are with each other, the more It only helps in improving your sex life.

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