Husband went to jail, wife trapped by father-in-law and brother-in-law

Devar Bhabhi Sex Story : My name is Rekha, I am a 28 year old childless woman or should I say a girl. Within a year of marriage, my husband went to jail. The reason for this was that when he married me, before that also he lived with a girl and that girl also had a child. But four days after I got married, she filed a case against the girl and my husband and my husband went to jail. I also started hating my husband a lot because he had relations with many other women and he used to celebrate. And the girl he was living with had even given birth to a child. But I remained thirsty because I was able to fuck only for three days after marriage, after that I did not see cocks for six months. Everyday I read hot sex stories on this website i.e. nonveg story dot com and calm my body heat by putting finger in my pussy and then go to sleep, remembering some handsome boy. But friends, how long will this go on, so I started luring my own brother-in-law who is only 21 years old. Apart from me, only father-in-law and brother-in-law live in my house, mother-in-law is not mine. Husband is in jail, there is no one to fuck in full youth. For three days after the marriage, my lust was satisfied, but the husband put blood in his mouth, that is, of sex. I started worrying as to what will happen to me now. The husband went inside for three years straight. Now I started impressing my brother-in-law. When father-in-law would go to work, at that time only me and brother-in-law would be there, I would always bow down in front of him, sometimes I would come after taking a bath, then I would put on my bra; Slowly the brother-in-law’s interest awakened and one day he spoke to me. Sister-in-law, do you feel like without brother? This should not happen to anyone. After marriage, every girl would have a desire to live with her husband. I understood that when someone becomes emotional then it is easy to impress him. Because at that time tears came in brother-in-law’s eyes. And my throat was full and I took advantage of this opportunity. I hugged my brother-in-law on the pretext of consoling him and slowly started caressing his back. But what will happen when my big tight tits stick to the chest of a young boy???? There will be fire. The fire lit up and he started caressing my back and then pulled me towards him. I stuck myself there was no one in the house. But the main door was open, so I gestured that he ran and closed the door and as soon as he came running, he hugged me and then I wrapped myself in my arms and both of them came to the bedroom. I kissed my brother-in-law on the lips and he put his hand on my nipples, then both of them got mad. I opened my saree, lay down on the petticoat and blouse, she took off the vest. He climbed on top of me, it didn’t take long to open the hook of my blouse. And then opened her bra herself. Round big big tits were in front of a young boy. Who might never have seen the nipples of any girl or woman. The brother-in-law became mad, the breath became fast. Started rubbing my nipples. I went mad, started caressing his strong chest but I wanted cocks, that too in my mind. So she sat down and made her brother-in-law lie down. I immediately untied his panties and caught hold of his thick long cock. Started licking like ice cream, slowly his cock got bigger and bigger. I was licking, he was touching my nipples, sometimes touching ass, sometimes stomach and he was taking sobs while staying. Now I wanted to lick my pussy, so without delay I lay down and took off the petticoat, he himself threw away my panty. Now he went down and separated both my legs and sitting in the middle looked at my nipples a lot and then started licking them. I was licking my pussy on holding her hair. My pussy was too hot. And white water started coming out with cream. My brother in law was licking pussy. I was taking sobs. Was going crazy Couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I said don’t bother me now fuck me. And then my brother-in-law started rubbing my tits and started sucking my lips. Then holding my dick put my mouth on my pussy and then pelted it. Already my pussy was smooth because it was very wet. I got happiness. And then my fucking started loudly. He would push from above and I would give from below. Both of us started getting fucked loudly. Sometimes from below, sometimes from above, sometimes from behind, sometimes by sitting. That day they had sex for about three hours. But still I was not satisfied. Brother-in-law’s goods had gone out twice. But I haven’t calmed down yet. What would I do again and again, brother-in-law was leaving me cold like this. My lust was driving me crazy. My mind was not getting filled, I was always thirsty. It was a matter of one day that I was able to impress my father-in-law. And then now I started fucking, I will tell you this story tomorrow or you can read here what happened then. But friends, I still need a boy or a man who can satisfy me in sex. I will also give my mobile number in my second story but you are requested not to call but only WhatsApp. I will video call you but you don’t tell anyone. I myself want to go to the extent that will satisfy me.

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