Husband’s little Lauda and what I do full of youth

I am not very educated, I am only tenth pass, I live in Delhi, and do the work of cooking utensils and food for people, but you people do not think of me as an ordinary worker, if I also sweep my photo I am no less than any chilli bali or vegetable bali, but I can not do this, my name is Rambha, I am very beautiful, both my father and mother are from Uttar Pradesh. But I was educated and grew up in Delhi itself, my parents have never allowed people to work here. But now I have been working for six months that too in the same house. Now let me tell you my story, friends, I got married six months ago, but I am not happy with my husband, he is too short, and I am beautiful and tall, whenever he tries to fuck me He kicks on the same day, because when he used to climb on me with his small cock and open the hook of my blouse and take out my nipples, I used to get very lusty. And it seemed that it sucked hard, but what should I tell friends, one was small and premature ejaculation from above, used to remove his semen immediately, even the cock did not go well in my pussy. The house where I work, the owner of that house who is about twenty five years old, he has also just got married, I call him brother. His wife has just gone home, I have become addicted to him, yesterday when I came to work, I was a little sad because I did not have ration, five hundred notes were not running in the market, and I had a hundred There were no notes of hundred, so he asked what is the matter Rambha, today you are very quiet, what is the matter. One, there was a fight with the husband in the night, because again in the night he had thrown all his goods in my pussy, and I was thirsty for thirst. After that the brother was speechless, he never thought that I would speak like this, he became happy and he was also a little surprised, I wanted me to maintain my physical relationship with him because the husband was not able to please, Friends, then he went towards his cupboard and came from him with a note of 100 – 100 of 2000 thousand and said, see today I have brought it from the ATM after queuing for two hours, you take it and whenever you need you speak You don’t need to quarrel. And yes instead of this you will keep me happy as sister-in-law has gone to the village now and she will come in about six months. So you take care of me, she said again you understand what I am trying to say. I answered yes by nodding my head, then said if you want to do something in exchange for money, then I will not do it. Little by little I was trying to make myself look in a different way, I was thinking that she did not think of me like that, but friends, I was happy to take money. He got a little scared and started saying hey, you have misunderstood me. I’m helping you. I know that there is a problem in getting money nowadays, because of this I have helped you, and he got up and stood up. And holding my sister from both sides, I raised my head to see them, my lips were trembling. And I started bowing my eyes again, then he grabbed my cheeks, and he placed his lips on my lips. Friends, when I also started sucking his lips. I did not know and when I fell in his arms. Now he started kissing me tightly, and my body was on fire. He started pressing my nipples, and I had become very sexy. He pressed my bum with both hands and he started rubbing his cock in my pussy. I was starting to lose my senses. And they took off my clothes one after the other, we both became naked. He put me on his bed and raised both the hands, both of my big hot nipples were on the top. He started pressing my nipples and started drinking. I started taking rings. He slid and went downstairs, I had cleaned the pussy the same day. There was no hair at all, friends, he caressed my pussy and while taking a deep breath said, Wow, what a pussy is yours, and he inserted a finger. The sound of auch came out of my mouth. And I put both the legs together, they again separated the legs and sat down in the middle. He first looked at my pussy by separating Lavo and peeped inside the pussy and said, Rambha, your pussy is amazing. It’s just red, and it looks like you’re not a chudi at all. And he started licking my pussy. There was a fire in my body. Because today for the first time someone was licking my pussy with my tongue, because of this I was also giving water again and again and brother ji was drinking all the salty water of my pussy, friends now I wanted their cocks. I said don’t torment now brother, and he immediately put his fat cock on the tip of my pussy, and pushed hard, what should I tell friends, his whole cock went into my pussy, I got a lot of omen, I myself She was pressing under her teeth and I was caressing her wide chest with my hand and she started pushing her cock in my pussy. Started banging hard. I was sounding ah ah ah aa oops oops ouch och ah aaya aaya ohhh. They were pushing hard in my pussy while mashing my nipples, and I was lifting my ass from below and getting it kissed. Friends, it was the first day when a man’s cock was coming in my pussy. It was fun. He fucks me for about an hour. And before I fell, I had fallen two or three times. Friends, for the first time I had so much fun in sex. I will go again in the evening, and now it will be evening in the morning. I am going to come soon with my second story on non veg, if you like this story then definitely rate 5 star,

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