I got a son only after kissing my son-in-law [लड़का] found

Hello friends, I Swati Singh welcomes all of you. I am dying to tell you my sexy fuck story. I have some deep secrets buried in my heart, which I want to tell you. I don’t want to kill for this secret. This is my first story on non veg story dot com. Many of my friends are also crazy about this site and have presented their stories. So now let me tell you my story. I got married at the age of 21. I was absolutely fresh then. My husband Jeetendra gave birth to 3 girls in 3 years by fucking me. I never wanted to give birth to 3 girls, but one girl after another went on being born. And in the desire of a boy, we went on giving birth to one child after another. When I had 3 girls, my husband started drinking alcohol every day. Started fighting with me everyday. You must know how much value boys have in Thakurs. Friends, now I am also tensed. Meanwhile, my elder daughter became young and I had to marry her. My son-in-law Rahul was very smart and very sensible boy. When he came to my house one day with my daughter, I put my sorrow in front of my son-in-law. Son-in-law, your father-in-law keeps cursing me every night even today. They repeatedly say that what have you given me?? Now he has started drinking too much! I cried all my sorrows to my son-in-law. He put his hand on my shoulder. You didn’t cry mom! I’ll do the best I can for you! Son-in-law spoke. I got emotional. I hugged my son-in-law. That was the first day when I fell in love with my own son-in-law. My husband didn’t even fuck me anymore. Now he used to get drunk every night. That night son-in-law came in my dream. That day I put my finger in my pussy and fisted her by imagining her only. Friends, after a few days I went to my daughter’s place for Rakshabandhan with my son. There I and my son-in-law went upstairs to the terrace. Once again I started crying for not being a boy. Rahul [ मेरे दामाद] hugged me again. Mommy!! Don’t you cry! I can see everything! But can’t see your cry! Rahul said, I hugged him tighter than myself. He patted me on my back to silence me. I was just 36 but I was also a woman after all. I also used to feel like kissing. My husband was no longer able to feed me. I was wearing an open back blouse at that time. Even today I used to look good at 36 years old. She was so beautiful that if I give her a line to someone, then she will keep fucking me. I was still a good mall to see. when my son in law [राहुल] When he kept his hand on my open back and tried to silence me, suddenly my ass woke up. I raised my head and looked at Rahul with a meaningful sensual look. Rahul also started looking at me with meaningful eyes as if you are saying mother-in-law! Don’t worry so much for the boy. I will definitely give you a boy of Chod Chod. I kept staring at Rahul for some time and he too kept staring at me without blinking an eye. I slowly pointed him towards the room. Rahul understood that today the mother-in-law is in the mood to fuck. They also wanted to fuck me. my big girl [माला] Rahul had become a bit bored of having sex. Now he too was probably looking for a new pussy. Rahul and I came to a room upstairs. In this winter people used to come to this room because of the sunlight. This was the same room. As soon as I came inside, Rahul hugged me. Mommy!! Let me say one thing today!! Wouldn’t you be angry?? Rahul said no son! I said mother, when I was getting married to your daughter, I was trying to put a garland around your neck. Even your girl is nothing in front of you! My son-in-law said thank you son!! I said mummy!! Be my Joru for today!! The son-in-law offered. I myself was ready to fuck them in my own way. Where my husband didn’t fuck me for 1 year. Son-in-law! I like you too! I agree! I also said. What was it then friends, son-in-law hugged me. He put his hands on my mother. I kissed her lips thinking that she is my wife. Oh what a pleasant meeting it was. Today I was about to eat my young son-in-law’s cock. I also caught him by the shoulders. Rahul started drinking my lips. I am blessed friends. Don’t know how many times I would have fisted remembering him. Today was really going to eat his cock. Son-in-law’s hands started sliding on my boobs. The flame of lust flared up in my body. Mother-in-law! Give pussy today!! don’t refuse rahul [मेरे दामाद जी] Speak. Fuck me son!! I have been waiting for you for a long time! I said. There was a big bed nearby. Son-in-law brought me to him. Took off my blouse. Took off my bra. He started drinking my bare breasts by touching his mouth. Where I was a 36 year old woman and where my son-in-law was 24 25 years old. Friends, even today my figure was maintained. My nipples were also tight. My stomach was also flat whereas all the women of my age have a flat stomach. Son-in-law was sucking my nipples like a mango. Ahh !! Got great satisfaction. How thirsty I was for a year. Bread, clothes are given to women in India, but no one asks whether you get your penis or wand on time or not. For the last one year my drunken man did not take any notice of the hunger of my body. He only meant alcohol. It didn’t matter to him whether someone fucks the woman or not. Today son-in-law understood my thirst for work. Son-in-law kept rubbing my chubby ball like milk with his hands, he started drinking my nipples. I drowned in fun. They took off my saree and also took off my petticoat. Friends, ever since I had 3 girls one after the other, I stopped wearing panty. Son-in-law drowned in happiness after seeing my pussy. Mother in law!! Your pussy is so beautiful!! Rahul [मेरे दामाद जी] Said after seeing my bird. Even today I am proud of my beautiful pussy. Son-in-law started drinking my pussy. I spread my legs further. Now my pussy has become wider. Rahul started drinking my boo. Friends, where I was completely fair like milk, my bad, my bird was a little shadowy. But this blackness is the pride of Indian women’s pussy. My son-in-law was continuously drinking my pussy. His touch made my nipples swell more. I started caressing my nipples myself. When son-in-law put his big cock in my hole, he did not go inside at once. Because my husband had not fed me for a year. That’s why son-in-law started fighting a lot. Then he applied the power of his youth, hit a thud and his strong long cock started measuring the depth of my hole. My son-in-law started taking me, started fucking me with love. How lucky I am. The son-in-law who used to fuck my maid every night like a dog, today I was eating the same young cock. Was enjoying her. I was always complaining to my husband that he always used to make me drink very slowly, but friends, today my parts were opened. My son-in-law was fucking me with hesitation. I raised both my legs up. Rahul {son-in-law]was fucking me very quickly. I was completely in his possession. He was doing the whole ride on me. My pussy was getting licked very well due to his quick jerks. Today after so many days my body heat had subsided. Today after 365 days the heat of my pussy was calming down. Friends, since when was I thirsty. Rahul fucked me very quickly for 20 minutes like a machine. I became happy. Then suddenly his cock came out. I quickly put his cock in my pussy again. If my daughter had come at this time and seen me fucking with my son-in-law, she would have died of jealousy. I am telling you my cool story on non-veg story dot. Any woman can share everything, but cannot share her share of cock. Even if his mother has to eat those cocks. When I put my son-in-law’s cock in his hole again, Rahul held my waist tightly and started fucking me hard. Aa aa haa!! I started taking seductive narcotics. Due to son-in-law’s blows, my nipples started running left and right, then son-in-law held both my moms tightly and started fucking me. Ohhh mommy!! Had I known that you are such a cool person, I would have given you the line beforehand. I would have fucked you before!! My son-in-law spoke. After some time he ejaculated in my burrow. I hugged him like my Saiyan. Mother in law!! Now I will come to meet you on the last date of every month and will kill your pussy!! Say you agree?? son in law[राहुल ] Said that is fine son! But may the world not get the news? Lest people come to know?? I said the world, the world to my boy!! Now I just want your pussy!! Son-in-law said it’s okay son!! I also said. Because somewhere I also wanted to get fucked by her. How long can I work without cock. After some time Rahul and I came in 69. I started sucking his cock and he again started drinking my puffy gujiya. Started fingering my pussy too. Son-in-law, was also caressing my smooth bare back, and at the same time, at some intervals, he was also slapping my big round and round butts. I am my brother [दामाद जी] Was blowing bouquets with. He was licking my round butts in a loving tone. I was happy that today someone is loving me so much after one year. He is taking care of me so much. I am not neglected. Mother in law!! Will you bury me!! Son-in-law spoke hesitantly. He was very shy. yes yes son!! Take the car too. Why hesitate in this!! What I have is yours! Son-in-law is always worshipable for mother-in-law. Take it, take my car too!! I said. I turned over on my stomach now. And became a bitch on 2 hands and 2 legs. Son-in-law’s mouth watered after seeing my virgin ass. Started drinking my ass. Ohhh! How relieved I am today. Now once again son-in-law[ राहुल] His cock was erect again. When he starts rubbing cocks in my ass, then he should go. Son-in-law rubbed some spit in my ass and again started licking his cock. After 10 minutes I started getting them buried. Where friends were feeling a little pain, they were also getting the pleasure of intoxicating sex. Rahul was happily fucking my ass. He had spread both my butts with his hands and was happily fucking my ass. Friends, I must say this thing that when my son-in-law kept on fucking me, then I was not getting that much tension. But I was getting more fun in getting her ass fucked from behind. Rahul chat chat was slapping my bums. That day, we mother-in-law and son-in-law kept blowing flowers in that room for 2 hours. After that I was completely estranged from my son-in-law. They started coming to my house on one pretext or the other and started feeding me to the fullest. After one year my husband came to know about this. Then my son-in-law beat my husband i.e. his father-in-law a lot. After that I didn’t say anything to my husband. Now everyone has come to know that Swati Singh is trapped with her son-in-law. After a few days, I became pregnant and a beautiful boy was born to me. My Thakur husband is now happy that he has found his heir. He knows that this boy belongs to his son-in-law, but he is happy after getting an heir. My son-in-law still comes every month. We both go upstairs to the room. My husband comes to know that his wife has gone to the room to get fucked by her son-in-law. But now he doesn’t say anything.

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