I got my son’s friends to have sex in my own house

Hello friends, my name is Shalini, I am from Sitapur. I will be around 29 years old. I am married and I also have a son. He is only 12 years old now but he does not know how he became friends with a 19 year old boy. His name was Raju. My son plays video games a lot and Raju also loved video games. That’s why both of them became friends. Raju used to come to my house everyday. Raju used to play a lot of games with my son. I am going to tell you the story of my chudai, in which I had the most fun and pain. My friend’s son had kissed me in such a way that I have not forgotten till now. My husband has fucked me so much that now I do not enjoy kissing him at all. My mind is now looking for another cock, but I used to live only in the house, so no one was getting it, to fuck my pussy. But God listened to my mind and sent Raju to fuck me. I used to look very cool when I was young but now a little less but still I am cool. I really enjoy pressing my cool, big, fair complexioned, very soft and smooth mammo. When I hold the black colored nipple of my teat and pull it, a strange sensation arises in my body, which makes me very happy. And if we talk about my pussy, it has become a little loose already but it looks very fair and cool. In my spare time, I rub the grain of my pussy like a red pea and do not stop till the water starts coming out of my pussy. I really enjoy doing this. It was a few days ago, I was waiting for another cock for a long time. One day his friend Raju came with my son Sumit. I asked Sumit – who is this, then he said that he is my friend. He was young in appearance. Gora and his hands and feet were quite fat. I thought that when the hands and feet are so fat, then the cock will also be very fat. Sumit said to me – “Mummy, I am going to play games with Raju, bring me something to eat”. I said – “Okay, I’ll take something for you”. My eyes were only on Raju. After sometime I went with juice for my son and Raju. Both of them were playing games, I told them – “Let’s drink juice first and then play the game”. I gave one glass to Sumit and one glass to Raju’s hand. While giving the glass to Raju, I stroked his hands and placed the glass in his hand. When I gave the glass, Raju started looking at me. Maybe she felt that I was giving her a line, and I was arranging for my fuck. Slowly Raju started coming to my house everyday. He used to look at me too. I used to touch his hands and feet every day in order to give him something or the other. One day both Sumit and Raju were playing a game, Raju had a toilet, so he was going to the toilet, knowing that I put a solution of detergent powder there. And I stood there. As Raju moved forward, he slipped and fell. I came running to him and told him that you are not hurt. I was picking up Raju so that his hand was touching my teat, which I was enjoying very much. I saw Raju ever getting a cock standing. I lifted him up and made him sit and bent his hands and legs and started pressing because of which my teat was hanging out of my blouse. You are reading this story on non veg story.com. And Raju’s eyes were fixed on my mother. All I wanted was that Raju would be attracted to me and kiss me. Raju said to me – why are you doing this??? I asked – what?? So Raju said to me – “You are attracting me towards you. I said – otherwise I have nothing like that? But you keep looking at me again and again what is your intention?? I myself trapped him in the water. He said to me – “I don’t know why I like you, and I want you and I to do something together that only husband and wife do in the room”. I told her – “I am everything Knowing what do you want to say to him. I wanted him to tell me that I want to fuck you. And Raju just told me. He said to me – “Since I have come here, you are the only one in my eyes, I want to fuck you. would you like to kiss me?? I was happy. I told her – what the hell are you doing?? You know, I’m a baby mom and you want to fuck me. So he said that – “Do you not feel like kissing with a new cock, have you not filled your stomach by chugging with the same cock again and again??? I was showing him that I was thinking about his things. But I was thinking about sex from now on. After some time I told him – okay but no one else should know this. My pussy was thirsty for new cocks. I told Raju – “I will send Sumit out, and then you fuck me hard”. I told Sumit – “You have been playing the game for a long time, now go play outside”. She said okay. He said to Raju, let’s go outside and play. So Raju made an excuse that I have got lettering, you come, I will do it. And yes I don’t feel like playing so I will go home. Sumit said ok. As soon as Sumit left the house, I closed the door and went to the bedroom to have sex. When we both dressed in the bedroom, Raju started taking off his clothes. He also asked me to take off my clothes. I also took off my saree blouse and petticoat. Now I was only in a red bra and black panties. And Raju was also only in underwear. Raju was lying on the bed, I first started caressing his cock so that his cock sang in a while. I took out his cock and while caressing him, I started licking his cock. You are reading this story on non veg story.com. His cock was very big, due to which it was not coming in my hands properly. I started sucking his cock. After some time Raju grabbed my head and started putting his cock in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth with his cock. Raju was constantly throwing ruckus in my mouth. Due to which I was moving a lot. He put his cock completely inside my mouth, due to which I started vomiting. I removed Raju’s cock from my mouth. When I took his cock out of my mouth, he grabbed my ponytail and started pulling my lips towards him to kiss me. While licking my lips, he filled it in his mouth, due to which I got comfortable and I also filled his lips in my mouth and started sucking it with great fun. I was having a lot of fun, but after a while Raju’s enthusiasm started increasing and he started biting my lips with his teeth. I sobbed and screamed. I too slowly started getting uncontrollable. I also bit his lips hard so that he left my lips. As soon as he released my lips, he started pressing my teat, while pressing my teat, he started sucking my lips again. I was also trying to smack my mommo while drinking her lips. After drinking on my thin and juicy lips for 40 consecutive minutes, she slowly started moving downwards, in no time she was like my big and cool mammo. reached near. He took off my bra while pressing my mommo and started drinking while mashing my mommo. I was getting very excited. He continued to press my milk with pleasure, as if someone squeezes Musmami in his hand to extract the juice. You are reading this story on non veg story.com. Along with this, he was drinking and sucking my juicy breasts in his mouth. Here my life was being lost. It seemed that today he will drink all my milk and leave nothing for my husband. His teeth used to prick my soft nipples again and again. Mother….Mama….ohhh mother…. .ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. It hurts, relax!!” I said. But he ignored me. And was squeezing my mommo and drinking it. He continued to drink me for half an hour. After drinking my mommo, he started moving down from my teat, pressing my teat. I got erotic and started mashing my mommo, and Raju reached to my navel while drinking my stomach to the stomach. I started twitching even more. I started rubbing my teat vigorously. While drinking my navel, he started drinking my waist, slowly he reached my pussy. He started taking my panties out while caressing my pussy. After he took off my panties, he started looking at my pussy very carefully. And after some time he spread my pussy with his hands and put his tongue in my pussy. His rough tongue was piercing my delicate and tender pud. And I slowly started sobbing. Raju was licking the grain of my burrow like a dog, due to which I started to become more nauseous, after licking the grain of my pussy continuously for some time, my pussy became wet in a short time. When he was licking my pussy like a dog I was very intoxicated and at the same time I churned my mommo slowly .. ahh… ah ah ahhh….. mummy mummy…… …. She started sobbing. I was having a lot of fun. After drinking my pussy for a long time, Raju took out his cock. As soon as he put out his cock, I was happy, he started rubbing his cock on the hanging grain of my pussy to fuck my pussy, due to which the flame inside me started coming out, in a while he started my pussy He started fucking my burr, he was fucking my bur with a lot of fun, but in a short time he increased the speed of his fuck and by opening my pussy like a lip, his cock would enter inside my pussy and then come out. Then I grabbed the bed sheet with the claws of my hand and squeezed it tightly. He started hitting my pussy with a hawk. You are reading this story on non veg story.com. There was some comfort in getting kissed like this. It feels very strange to kiss an empty fist. There must be something on hand. Raju was fucking my pussy with great fun. I knew very well that Raju wanted to enjoy my appearance, complexion and beauty. He was kissing me on my stomach by caressing me with round hands. After some time my pussy was gone and opened completely. A lot of fresh butter was coming out of my pussy while licking it, which was well greased like grease on her thick loaf. With this, he was able to fuck me very well. Like a piston, his lauda was slipping in my pussy, getting inside out and fucking my pussy. Due to which I was having a lot of fun but at the same time I was loud…. Aaaaaahhhhhh….EEEEEEE…ohhhhhh…i..i..ai….ai..mummy…. u u u u ooooo….ooh..ooh…ooh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss. I was screaming. After constantly fucking my pussy, he made me halfway down the bed, due to which my ass was up and my mouth was on the floor. He kept licking my ass with his tongue for some time, then put a little spit in it and started hitting my ass. He was ruthlessly hitting my ass and me too with pain,, ah aa. Unhoo…..,,.. oh oh… oops oops, oops. unhu unhu ah it’s hurting a lot but enjoying and fast kick my ass…. I was screaming. In no time, the goods started coming out of his cock and see that his cock became loose. After that he fingered my pussy for a long time and kissed me. After that day, Raju used to play sex games with me on the pretext of playing video games at my house. Friends, you must have liked this story. You are reading this story on non veg story.com.

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