I made my mother my wife, first honeymoon, now I am on honeymoon

Mother Son Sex Story : Mother Son Sex, Mother Fuck, Mother Sex, Mother Made Wife, Honeymoon With Mother, Honeymoon With Me, Son Fucked, Son Made Husband, Sex With Son, Mother Son Fucked story, mother son sex story Yes friends I am telling the truth, first celebrated honeymoon by making mother as wife then now I am on honeymoon and enjoying sex in this rainy season. This is not my story, it is my life, you will feel that the bastard fucks his mother, but yes friends, it is true, I fuck my mother and have also made my mother my wife, this is my true story. My mother is a chatty kind of woman. Father divorced mother and father remarried. Mom is hot now she is only 36 I am 18. After all, I am going to tell about how mother convinced me to be her wife and how she made me her husband. Its just matter of one day. The milkman was giving the line to my mother. So I didn’t like all this. I felt that if my mother gets fucked by someone outside, then along with her life, my life will also get spoiled. So I talked to my mom. I said to my mother, mother, I want to talk to you about something, I want both of us to have a good life, there should never be any problem, and sometimes we will lose our respect, so both of us will have to think something, mother said it is okay. Son, apart from both of us, who else is there in this world, we are the only ones who can take care of each other. I said mother, but I am very sad, the milkman was looking at you like this and you were also taking milk by bending down. I don’t want anyone to see my mother with their dirty eyes. Mother said son, what to do, father has already left and many girls get married at my age. I also have some desires, how can I spend such a big life without any relation. So I said why don’t I fulfill what you are lacking mother, I too have grown up, I too can think what is good and what is bad. Mother said will you be my husband? I said why can’t I become, I can become. And then the love story of me and my mother started from there. And then what was friends, mother immediately hugged me and started kissing me. Today his way of kissing was different. I used to kiss earlier too, but today there was lust in the kiss. She started sucking my lips and caressing my hair. Then I also started co-operating and started kissing. Mother grabbed me tightly and took me to the bed. And then I removed mother’s clothes one by one and started kissing. That’s why the mother got up in a huff and said not now. Today I want to wear the same saree which I wore on the night of honeymoon, you come as a groom at night and I will wait for you as a bride. I liked this idea too. I immediately went to the mall and got myself a kurta pajama and mother also went to the beauty parlour. She came after getting her hair done and got facial done. It was evening. After ordering food outside, both of them ate, then she started dressing up in a separate room and I in a separate room. After that she became ready. It was about 10 o’clock in the night. I reached mother’s room. She was sitting on the middle bed. I went and picked up the veil and mother gave me a glass of milk. Then lifted the mother’s veil and then kissed on the lips and then what was there friends took off all the clothes one by one and started pressing the nipple, my mother was very well dressed looking very hot, I also took off my clothes and put my mother’s pussy Started licking Mom started going ah ah oops oops and she was very sexy. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Then I also started pressing the nipples loudly. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com. She again said, from today you are my husband as well as my son, now fuck me, take your honeymoon. And I put cock in mother’s pussy and started fucking. Throughout the night we both kept having sex intermittently. The second day both of us came to Manali, both of us, mother and son’s honeymoon is going on. We both are very happy. ,

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