I openly fucked my friend’s boyfriend in the hostel

Hello friends, I am Anju Yadav telling you my love story. First of all let me tell you that I am very.sexy and I firmly believe in only one thing. And that is fuck. My boobs are also of 36 size. Because I have been continuously fucking many boys since 8th. Or should I say that whatever boy I met, I didn’t let him go and I let him go only after getting fucked. Due to this promiscuous nature of mine, many boys who were my boyfriends. He even beat me several times. But guys, I enjoy fucking so much that I can’t stop myself. As soon as I meet a man, I start thinking about his penis, how big it will be and how long will he be able to fuck me without ejaculation. Because of this bad habit of mine all my boyfriends left me. Some called me a prostitute, while some called me a vagabond. Some called me Chudasi and some called me Lund’s maid. But friends, I didn’t care about the time at all. Mother fucks the world. I just want to kiss some boy. I am a resident of Patna. I am pursuing B.Tech course from Bansal Institute of Engineering & Technology. It was about those days when I took admission in Naya Naya B.Tech. Since my house was in the countryside of Patna, my family members said that I should stay in a hostel. That was the place where I got the real taste of fucking. Friends, you must know how difficult it is to study engineering. We girls used to study day and night in the hostel. When we used to get headache at night, all the girls used to come together in one room. The whole group used to gather. And we all used to talk a lot about sakhiya chudai. Every girl used to tell about her boyfriend. How does he take her pussy, how long does it take, she used to tell everything. So friends, after two hours we friends used to go to our respective homes. By talking on the topic of sex like this, our mood used to get fresh and we used to feel a lot in studies. Every weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, some girl’s boyfriend used to secretly come to the hostel and that girl used to fuck a lot. Many times even her friend used to get fucked by that boyfriend. When this happened many times, I also felt like taking a boy’s cock. Anyway, she was masturbating for a year. One day when my roommate’s boyfriend came secretly from the hostel, Payal asked me to go to Sonam’s room for 2 hours. Because she wanted to get fucked by her boyfriend. I went to Sonam’s room. I had a thick electrical book in my hand. But friends, swearing by my mother, I am saying that my mind was only thinking that how Sonam would be getting fucked. In this disheveled bun, I started poking my finger in the hole. Slowly I put my whole hand in my bosom and started fisting. Friends, after 2 hours, Payal’s boyfriend jumped over the wall of the hostel in the dark of night by pulling her. Payal came to call me. Dude Payal!!! This is a big caste. You eat cock alone. Not once does she think that Anju must also feel like getting fucked! I said getting angry with him. It’s okay baba!!! Next time I will fuck you too! Now laugh! Payal said. I laughed. I hugged her. Next Saturday when her boyfriend came again, both of us friends lay down naked. Her boyfriend Siddharth fed both of us in turn. 40-50 times he used to take his cock inside and out in Payal’s hole and then he would come near me. Then he would put me in the hole 50-60 times and put it inside and out and then go to Payal. When Payal started fucking, I started licking her ass and ass. And when I fuck, she licks near my hole where the cock is inside and out, and then she licks my ass too. Then Siddharth would stand straight with both his hands raised. Both of us friends suck his cock in turn. I would have been jealous if Payal would have sucked his cock for a long time. I would have started sucking myself by pulling the cock. And when I used to drink his cock for a long time, Payal would start getting jealous of me and would pull Siddharth’s cock and drink it. In this way, both of us friends used to have a lot of fun in the hostel. Then when Siddharth started to leave, he would take turns fucking both of us. After a few weeks there were 4 days of Christmas holidays. And all the girls went to their respective homes. Friend Anju! This is a 4 day holiday. Many other girls will not be here. If you ask, then I will call Siddharth. Both will enjoy! Payal said. Done baby!! I said. Friends, now there was no one in our hostel. Both of us friends could freely pelai. On Christmas day, Payal’s boyfriend sneaks into the hostel, hiding from the warden’s eyes. Then Maharaj ji i.e. brother of our mess came to call both of us friends. According to the rules, no girl could bring a boy to her room. But who followed the rules after all? Maharaj ji!! Bring our food here. And today we will eat 6 rotis and rice! We both said. Brother was shocked that we eat only 2 or 3 chapatis daily. But today how both of us are eating 6 rotis. He didn’t say much. Bring our food. Had hid Siddharth from us in the bathroom of his room. Brother left. All three of us ate food with pleasure. At 10 pm the warden and the rest of the security guards all fell asleep. And all three of us started having fun. First I will fuck! Payal said. No, first I will fuck you! I said. We two friends had a fight about this matter. You two sluts don’t fight with each other! Toss it! Siddharth said. When I did the toss, Payal won. She lay down. Siddharth put his 10 inch long cock in her vagina and started pounding her. I sat naked on top of Payal’s face. She was fed by Siddharth and kept drinking my anger. Ah friends, I had a lot of fun. Siddharth had called both of us sluts. We liked this word very much. For tonight, both of us had become Siddharth’s prostitutes. Friends, that day we were getting fucked laughingly. But today everything was serious. Today, Payal’s big ass fuck was going on. Siddharth was quite stubborn, he was pushing very hard. I fed my burrow and saw that Payal’s burrow has become a bhosa. Siddhartha’s long and powerful cock tore apart Payal’s hole. The platform of the pussy was made. He was pushing so hard that Payal was shouting ahu aa hahaha ha. But there was pleasure in this pain as well. I was sitting with my ass hanging above Payal’s mouth. The more Siddharth was pushing, the more Payal was enjoying it. She was licking my ass more vigorously. While I was caressing Payal’s nipples. Within an hour, Payal’s burrow became a room. Now it was my turn to fuck. Now I lay down on the bed with both legs spread. Payal sat down with her ass hanging on my face. Her boyfriend has now started taking me. Friends, as I told you today he was in a different mood. Wasn’t laughing at all. Her focus was only in the fuck. The whole bed was shaking with its bumps. He had raised both my legs up in the air and I was being pelted gach gach. Friends, the way people go on eating chillies. They are bitter but still they keep on eating and keep on whining, in the same way I was taking hard blows from Payal’s friend, I was also feeling pain. But not even once did I ask him to stop. I was having a lot of fun. Fuck me!! Fuck me Siddharth so hard!! You are so fucking good!! I said and started whining. Now friends, his courage has increased. He started pushing harder. While there I was continuously licking Payal’s hole. She was rubbing my nipples. After half an hour, Siddharth’s cargo was about to collapse. His body got convulsed. He started hitting me very quickly like a dog. I knew that now it is about to fall. Then he started pushing so fast that he felt that his fist might tear me apart and enter my stomach. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I started crying out loud because of the pain. Payal rested her fist on my face. My mouth dropped. Now I could not cry. Now my voice was choked. Siddharth was very happy to see this. He started fucking me harder. I was fucked countless times in a few minutes. Then Siddharth took out his 10 inch cock from my vagina. And quickly came near my mouth. He left all his wealth on my face. I drank all the goods. Siddharth now started fingering my pussy very quickly. I was feeling that my hole has become 10 times wider due to his intense sex, Siddharth had fed me so much. He inserted 4 fingers of his right hand in my vagina. And it was churning very quickly. I was remembering my dead grandmother. I looked at my burrow. Both Burr’s lips were wide open and were swinging from side to side. Friends, you can know from this that how much I was pissed that day. Now Siddharth has left me. Now it’s Payal’s turn again. Siddharth made Payal a bitch. Payal’s breast and chest was touching the bed while her rear was raised. Siddharth had made her a bitch by a lot of jugaad. Only Payal’s soft butts were raised from behind. Siddharth licked Payal’s ass for some time and fingered it. Then he started smelling her fragrance. Then started fucking Payal’s ass. I sat in front of the lunatic with my backside. Payal was drinking my boo and Siddharth was taking her ass. Friends, it was really a memorable and wonderful fuck in many ways. Payal’s ass had become thick with Siddharth’s thick fresh cock. It had become very wide. Aa Oma O Maa Maa Payal was enjoying Chudas and was shouting by clenching her teeth and fists. I was trying to make such a nude painting of her. Then I took several pictures of her with my smartphone. When it was too late for Siddharth to kick Payal’s ass, I started screaming. Now it’s my turn!! Now its my turn to fuck!! I screamed. Siddharth took the cock out of Payal’s ass. It was a very thick strong cock, friends. Lap released the cock and got up. It was a strange penis, it used to rise above the cot. While the penis of most men remains straight. But Siddharth used to rise above. Now he has made me a bitch in exactly the same style. I was lying on the bed, only my ass was up. He licked my ass too, then fingered. Started fucking again.V

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