I proudly say that I have my son’s child in my womb.

Mother son real sex story: Friends, my name is Nirmala, I am from Mumbai, I am 40 years old, today I am sharing some things which you may not like but what to do many times to remove the heat of your body. It happens, whether it is my son or husband, or someone close to me or someone else. I come from a middle class family, before marriage I was the daughter of a very rich father, but after marriage my life changed a lot. There have been ups and downs, my husband is currently working in a private company, his duty is often in the night, so he is not much interested in sex, sometimes he comes to have sex, but he never has sex for more than five minutes. They find that I am always thirsty, they finish their work quickly, but nothing happens to me. I started yearning for sex every day, I felt that I would not be able to live without being fucked. My body is very beautiful and my private parts are still not like any 20 years old girl, I do yoga daily, I still look very young, my beautiful nan naks big bulging chest (Tit) And her wide round ass can force anyone to masturbate. I am such a woman, but I am helpless, my wasted body is of no use, when there is no hair to enjoy, then what is the use of such a body, one thing came to my mind, why should I prepare my son for sex, Because he has grown up, he has just completed 18 years, so I made a plan to fuck him, I used to call him slowly in the bathroom sometimes on the pretext of towel and sometimes on the pretext of soap and showed my body, many times I She started coming in front of him wearing bra only, whenever she came out of bath, slowly my son Rajeev started staring at me, many times I saw when he used to look at me with sexy eyes, after that he would stand up and then he would go to the bathroom, probably He used to masturbate in the bathroom. One night when my husband left for duty, I went to sleep a little earlier, Rajeev was sitting outside watching TV. Then he came to sleep, I was pretending to sleep, I dropped the pallu of my saree, half unbuttoned the button of my blues so that my boobs were half visible, and raised my saree and pedicce till my knees, I That day I was wearing a sleeveless blouse, I had put my hands on the pillow, my full sexy body was visible, when he entered the room, he started staring at me. He sat down beside me and stared at my boobs and my navel. I was feeling happy in my mind, let’s work, now it can be done, in the meanwhile he touched my boob with his finger, then he removed his hand, then he put his finger in my navel, then raised his hand, then down went, and was looking at my leg till knee carefully, after about 2 to 3 minutes he started lifting my saree slowly, and brought it on the thigh and left it, started looking at my pussy from two sides and took a deep breath Lia, maybe she had a vision of a slightly puffy pussy. After that I pretended to be a little sleepy and spread my legs, now he again raised the saree a little bit, now my pussy was visible completely, he touched my pussy with light hands touched and Then started smelling my pussy, I was thinking that my son is smelling my mother’s pussy. I kept on pretending, my heartbeat had increased. But I was also waiting for this moment. Then what was it, he started licking my pussy comfortably, then he came a little higher and untied two more hooks of my blouse. Started pressing, I was silent, the fire of lust was burning but could not say anything now. My bobs are of 36 size and started sucking one bob. I was feeling very good that I had got someone to quench my thirst. I suddenly got up and started asking what Rajeev was doing, he could not say anything due to fear, but I called him near and said, what were you doing? Said, I don’t know, something is happening to me, I understood that my son is completely thirsty for my pussy and I am very happy that today I will quench my thirst. I said: Rajiv will love his mother. : I love you very much Mam : So you take off your clothes I took off your clothes and I was surprised to see him that his penis was very big and thick and was completely erect. Now I : Rajeev my clothes and She took off my clothes and you took off both of them were naked: Rajeev, what do you want to do? Rajeev: I will make you my wife tonight, you will be surprised to hear such a thing, but I am sure that now my son has become a man. What will you do as a wife Rajeev: I will love your body, I was not going to stop, so I immediately said to him: Take me in your arms, son, hold me tightly and pull my hair He started caressing from behind and said, “Ma, I love you, make me your husband, I will give you the pleasure of my body for the whole night.” Now he started pressing my bobs hard and started sucking. I started getting mad. The hunger that was inside me was completely awakened, I started rubbing myself in his arms. He started sucking both my bobs vigorously for 10 minutes. Now he made me lie down on the bed and started licking my pussy. Till 15 minutes he drank all my water by licking my entire pussy. Me: Son, I can’t do it quickly, put your land in my pussy. Spread both the legs and holding my waist, he slowly inserted the cock under me. My husband’s cock was 6 inches, but now my cock is 8 inches, I started feeling pain. But he started moving his cock back and forth. In 2-3 pushes, he put the whole cock inside me, I was feeling a lot of pain and was also enjoying. I started screaming loudly and started supporting Rajeev, now the sound of Fuch Fuch started coming in the whole room and my moaning, he was thrusting into my pussy loudly and the smell of our juice in the whole room intoxicated the whole room. was making . Suddenly Rajeev increased his speed and I started enjoying more and I started moving my waist with him more vigorously. Wrapped like snakes on each other and kept kissing lips. And for 15 minutes he was lying like this. Abbi Rajeev’s cock was under my pussy, after 20 minutes, again our thirsty body started to wander in the passion of union. Then we were like mad people, sometimes on me and sometimes on him, and started satisfying the hunger of the body. That night we had physical union 4 times and went to sleep around 5 pm wearing our own clothes since then when my husband goes on duty he fucks me naked now he has sex with me everyday do you know why ?. I got married with my son at home. And now I am about to become the mother of my son’s child, my husband is feeling that this child is his, but we and Rajeev know whose child is in my womb. Now I am about to give birth to my son’s son. This is my real story, I cannot run away from this truth. Please write this story and rate it on star please.

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