I was caught getting fucked by the milkman, then father-in-law and brother-in-law fucked me a lot

Friends, when someone’s husband dies and she becomes a widow in her youth, then only that woman knows how hell her life becomes. You cannot kill lust, as food is necessary for hunger, similarly sex is necessary for the body. No one understands the sorrow of a widow. He doesn’t even understand how a 22 year old woman who didn’t even have a child and her husband passed away, how will her life end. Friends, this understanding is very double minded, when someone’s wife dies, he will get married immediately in a few months. But if a woman’s husband dies, he will say that now you become a jogan. Believe in Dharma Karma. Don’t look at anyone, don’t stare at anyone, don’t wear nice clothes. But breaking the stereotypes of the society, I kept my beauty intact after the death of my husband. And did whatever he wanted. I have father-in-law and brother-in-law in my house. Brother-in-law’s wife had just gone to her maternal home, father-in-law is there, mother-in-law is not, that old woman has already passed away. Husband died of Corona, it was only 6 months since the marriage and the husband passed away. My life is over. I am 22 years old, my name is Kavita. I was bindaas since childhood, so I was bindaas in my house as well. Husband did not stop for anything, used to love a lot. Since the time my husband left, I started living with a feeling that I do not feel like doing any work. After reading sex stories on non-veg story dot com, she used to sleep by pressing her own nipples by fingering her pussy. But all this did not last long. I became more voluptuous and sexy. If you read a sex story or watch a movie every day, you will also feel like the same thing happened with me, I also started feeling like fucking. I was not able to understand whom she was calling. Bhim Singh Bhaiya used to come to my place everyday to deliver milk. At that time father-in-law used to go to satsang at six in the morning and my brother-in-law used to wake up only after eight o’clock. I had the right timing. Slowly I started playing pranks in front of the milk brother, I used to go in such clothes only. Sometimes he would look at my boobs, sometimes he would look at my ass, sometimes he would get lost looking at my navel. Whenever I used to go in front of him, I used to talk in a sexy way. Twinkling and twinkling eyes. If you give a line to someone, he will soon come close to you. He started, you are very good, sister-in-law. There is no one like you, I go to many houses. Are you very good. So I asked are you good. He said that you are beautiful, you have a smile, you are a cool woman. You are sexy, your nan nuks and figure are very good. Then he said but I feel sad. You are so good and you are alone. you get married again This life is big and it is very difficult to spend alone. He also understood this thing. Living alone is not easy. Then he said why are you not getting married. So I said I cannot marry. Because my father is not there in my maternal house and my mother also ran away in the affair of marriage, my uncle and the villagers got me married here, otherwise I would have remained a virgin. Hearing this, the milkman became very emotional and went away. From that day onwards he became even closer to me. I liked his words. He also started saying that if you are missing anything, then tell me. But it took time to tell me. Because I wanted to have sex. It’s a matter of a day I called her inside and offered her sex. At first he was refusing. He was saying that I love you a lot, but when I heard your sad story that day, my mind changed. But I turned out to be Maneka, I took off my clothes in front of her and that’s what shook her heart. He took off his kurta and started kissing and licking on the sofa. He was very strong and sexy. As soon as he took my body in his arms and his strong hands fell on my tits, I went crazy. His cock was about ten inches thick long ohhhhhh I immediately took it in my mouth and started sucking it. But he was not liking it but I was feeling very jumpy. He said now let me roll. I have to take off your heat so that you don’t get confused by anyone else. And he opened my legs, licked my pussy for five minutes and put his thick cock on my pussy and rubbed it. I shuddered. Such a thick cock and when it went inside, I started shivering and my lips started drying. My throat started getting dry and my hands started trembling. He started pushing hard. I started enjoying it seemed like it was raining in the desert. Haven’t had sex for a long time and today I got a chance to fuck a wrestler. He was thrusting his cock into my pussy by pushing hard and only sobs were coming out of my mouth. After about twenty minutes of fucking, he loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally left his semen in my pussy. He ejaculated a little too loudly by saying aaaa ohhhhhhhh aaaaa because of this my brother in law came running down to see what happened. He had woken up. It was around 6:45 in the morning. Bhim Singh immediately left with his pot of milk. When I was naked, I started dressing in front of brother-in-law and then went to my room and closed the door. I was very scared of what would happen next. Thinking about all this, I started getting worried. That’s why my brother-in-law was calling my father-in-law on the phone. Babuji you come home soon. So from there the father-in-law said that he will come after the satsang. That brother-in-law was saying come immediately. Otherwise there will be a big trouble in the house. You will have to come, come and see what happened in the house. You can’t even imagine. Come quickly. If you are late, then something wrong will happen in the house, then I am not responsible for that. The father-in-law may have said from there that it is okay, I am coming. That’s why I opened the door and said to brother-in-law, forgive me, I have made a big mistake. This will not happen. So he said, let Babuji come again, I will tell you what happened to you and you are very hot, let me tell him again. I closed the door again and lay down on the bed, my heart beat fast. I was feeling very scared, I don’t know what they both are going to do with me.Second Part: Click here to read the next part

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