If my maid wasn’t beautiful, I wouldn’t have taken her

I am Ashutosh Yadav telling my sexy story to all you friends who like sexy story on nonveg story.com. I am a very decent boy. I am a resident of Gorakhpur. But I was not such a decent and noble person before. In my youth, I used to be a very spoiled boy. I was number one in Sitiyabaji and Chhindrai. I started becoming a bastard from my home. One day when my sister was sleeping that I had forcibly caught her. I tied a handkerchief in his mouth. I had fucked him. The second time I was going to fuck my young sister that the people of the house had come and I had to run away from the house. After a full month, I came back from home. Because my father had said that the police should be called immediately as soon as I return. I had done a very bad case. My mother and everyone in my house had stopped speaking to me. I was ashamed of what I did. The sister who used to tie rakhi to me, I had given it to her. I drank his mum too. Later my mother requested my father a lot, then he forgave me. Otherwise they wanted to send me to jail. I had 2 more sisters, total 3 sisters. I had eaten the eldest. Because of this, now my 2 younger sisters were scared of me. Now she never used to come near me at night. She was afraid of me. For a few days I behaved well. Then my elder brother got married. A very beautiful sister-in-law came to the house. Her name was Ekta. Oh dear !! What a wonderful thing that was. When Ekta Bhabhi got married for a few days, she came to know about me. She started talking to me like friends. Tea started bringing enough for me. Started bringing my favorite thing. I was surprised to see all this. Then slowly I came to know that she likes me. One day when no one was at home, she came to me. She was wearing a maxi that was worn during the night. She was looking amazing in maxi. Ashutosh !! Let me say one thing. Wouldn’t you tell someone? Ekta sister-in-law, tell sister-in-law!! Whats up? I said Ashutosh your brother is impotent. Can’t even take me They fall even before they kiss me. What will fuck me in 1 hour, get out in 2 minutes. If this continues, I will not have any child. How much defamation will your brother have in the society. That’s why now only you can give me the child’ sister-in-law said crying. I got into his words. She brought me to her room. When my sister-in-law took off her maxi, I had a lot of fun. I had never chugged so much cool stuff. He had great children. I felt that she was in the mood to kiss herself. Because she was very supportive. He himself took off his clothes. Bra and panties were also removed. Didn’t even give me a chance to do anything. She lay naked in front of me. He gave my mouth in his mouth. I started drinking Gagat. Ohhh what a gadraye beautiful mamme tha ekta bhabhi ke. I drank a lot I also fuck his mother. Then it came on his pussy. Ekta sister-in-law had a very big bloated pussy. I drank his pussy. Then started taking them. After some time sister-in-law’s waist was shaking like a part. Comes up like a spring, then goes down. Felt like a machine. When I started kissing Ekta sister-in-law, she started crying. I started banging them loudly. His chuckles started moving and shaking loudly like a big ball. Sister-in-law grabbed her milk with her hands. I started kissing them with fun. Sister-in-law was looking straight into my eyes, she was completely trapped by me. I was also fucking him while looking into his eyes. Had a lot of fun guys that day. I felt as if I had found heaven. Then after that when there was no one at our house, we would do deewar bhabhi debauchery. It went on like this for 1 year. Ekta sister-in-law kept kissing me. I kept on fucking them. When both of us got a chance, we celebrated Rangraliya. One day I was eating her pail in her sister-in-law’s room, in her smooth cream-like cunt, I was putting my fat lauda in the vagina that suddenly my family came from outside. My father, mother, elder brother all came and threatened. He also rang the bell from Papa, but perhaps I could not hear it. With the keys kept under the pot, my father opened the door. The whole family went under. I picked up both the white fair legs of my sister-in-law and placed them on my shoulder. He was getting gaggle. That’s when elder brother and father came to my room walking like this. Ashutosh!! What is all this?? My father opened the door of my room and shouted loudly. Friends, my car has exploded. I immediately jumped and left the grocery. Sister-in-law was naked, my father saw her naked too. Brother’s blood only boiled. Ekta’s sister-in-law immediately pulled a sheet lying nearby and covered her cool and thirsty body. My father’s blood also boiled. Papa and elder brother brought sticks and we beat brother-in-law a lot. The elder brother got so angry that the next day the sister-in-law was sent to his maternal home. But where would I run? I was not a girl who would run away to her maternal home. Ashutosh!! Your father is robbing you of all your property because of your dirty deeds. You first fucked your sister in your sleep, then your real sister-in-law. Son!! Are you a human or a monster?? I am also ending all relations with you. My mother spoke and started crying. After a few days, this tornado somehow calmed down. A new maid has arrived in my house. Her name was Kavita. That was very cute stuff. When everything went right again, my land started standing again. She was a skinny girl who grew up very thin. Till now I had kissed my real sister, took my sister-in-law, but the maid Kavita was different from them. That was great stuff. She was just 19 years old. My Lauda used to stand on seeing him. I wanted to lift it in my lap just once and kiss it with love. Where my sister and sister-in-law were full-bodied, Kavita was single-bodied. Her eyes were very sexy and intoxicating. He also had many virtues. Her breasts were big. Neither too small nor too big. Maid Kavita was absolutely a perfect commodity to eat and drink. My Lauda used to stand on seeing him. Kavita was from Nepal. She used to wipe the whole house in the morning. She used to come to my room also to wipe. She used to sit on the floor and bent down and used to wipe the whole room. His cool mummies could be seen from the open neck of his suit. My cock used to stand up. I thought I would beat them. One day when Kavita came to my room, I held her hand. Ashutosh Baba!! what is this? what are you saying this?? Kavita asked in agreement. Poem ! Do you know that you seem to be the bud of Ikad Kashmir. Take some money to buy a nice suit for yourself, I gave the 2000 note to him. Kavita also needed money. So he took the money. That’s how I would help him. Thought that when I kiss her, all the money will be recovered. One day I got a great opportunity. Me and the maid Kavita were alone. She was cooking food in the kitchen. I started talking sweeter and sweeter to him. She also started talking to me with great love. I held his hand. Kavita was still very young. What is this sir?? She said on holding my hand. Poem! don’t you love someone do you have a friend?? I hit him with a mask. No sir, no one has been found! If she said then make me your friend! I told her she was ashamed. I know that the work is done. Kavita was kneading the dough. There was flour in both his hands. I put my hand behind his waist. She shuddered. I took Puppy on his cheeks. She started defending, started stopping me with her hand soaked in flour. I also got flour on my hands and cheeks. She started laughing. I knew that the girl was hooked. I did not see anything and started kissing her fair and smooth cheeks. Then I put my hands on the mother of the poem. He enjoyed it I started pressing his milk. Then kiss and then the maid Kavita’s Mammo Ka Mardan. Her big tusk in which she was kneading the dough fell down and all the flour fell on the floor of the kitchen due to the chudaslila of both of us. I put the poem on the same floor. There was also a fantasy in my mind that till date I have not fed any girl in the kitchen. I put the poem on the floor of the kitchen. If the carpet was laid there, it felt good. When I raised Kavita’s suit with my hands, her slender blond blond belly started appearing. I kissed Then I kissed his navel. With the front part of my tongue, I quickly started waving on his stomach. The maid had great fun. He also started getting tickled. I came to know that today its pussy has to be found. Then I took off his suit. And opened the slogan of salwar and also took off the salwar. Kavita was wearing a cream colored bra and panties. I took it off She may have been the maid of my house, but inside she was doom. Every part of it was made by God by a big decoration. Seeing the nude form of the poem, I was completely infatuated with it. I started drinking his milk. Small but round and how were the mummies. I filled it in my mouth and started drinking. It didn’t take long. Within a few minutes she was ready to kiss. I erected my beautiful little fat lauda. I bowed down on his bad and started drinking. She had a beautiful pussy. There were 3 buds in the thorns of the bur. A middle bud, with a weeping hole in the middle. And 2 buds were on each side. I spread his pussy with a finger and started drinking. For some time there was a kiss. Then I started kissing him. My fat cock was not going easily in his burrow. But still after beating I put my cock in the pussy of poetry. There was still a lot of flour on both of our hands and faces. But I didn’t care. I just wanted his bad. Finally I got success in fucking him. I started ringing my maid. The dough in her mouth was making her more beautiful. What a beautiful thing it was. My dream of having a girl in my kitchen had come true. I kept taking poetry. Due to my pushing hard, she would repeatedly go forward on the carpet, then go back, go forward and then back. I took him a lot and got out. After that I played my maid for 6 months. One day my mother caught me red handed. Son Ashutosh!! You can never improve Now you have to get married, otherwise you will continue to do such obscene acts’ said my mother. Then he married me. Now my cool young lady has come to my house. I chud it 3-4 times a day, then my lauda calms down. Friends, how did you like this story, please give your opinion on non-veg story.com. Sex Story, Chudai Story, Xxx Story, Choot ki Chudai, Desi Sex, Indian Sex, Kamuk Story, Kamukta Story, Sex Story, Chudai Story, Indian Sex Story, Lund Aur Bur, Chut Aur Lund Story

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