In order to become more modern, she got fucked by her brother.

Friends, today I am going to tell you the story of my fuck. This sex story is between me and my brother. I am going to tell how I got fucked by my brother in order to become modern. This is my first story on non-veg story dot com. Friends I am 12 pass, hot and sexy. I can make anyone mad. I can take anyone in my trap. I can trap anyone in my net. But this time she herself got trapped in the trap, this time my brother only fucked me, know how. I am telling this story to you so that you can also fuck any girl who is becoming modern, she will soon fall under your trap. Friends, now we know how all this happened. As soon as I left school, I became obsessed with Likee, Tik Tok, using my phone a lot, watching web series. And started reading stories on non-veg story dot com. I also felt that the life I am living is not right, I should go further than this. So I started making changes in myself. Hair stylist. Facial Bleach Nails Lips Cheek Take good care of and the truth is that I myself changed within three months. I started looking modern. But the clothes were still the same old ones. My mom and dad never stopped me. Even like this, father goes at eight in the morning and you are there at twelve in the night. Mother is a teacher in my school, so she also leaves in the morning and comes only after noon. Now I paid attention to my clothes and also bought some hot dresses for myself. Now I started looking hotter because when you wear clothes that make your boobs look bigger and hotter than the top. And the skirt is also small, in which you can see the whole thigh and if you know the roundness of the ass, then who would not mind. Now I was looking completely sexy and hot. My brother who is two years older than me. His eyes also started falling on me. He also started staring at me and started coloring in my color, he also started calling me bro. I also learned some new words like Fak Yaar, Fak Off, Fucking Men Aise Aise. Friends, the biggest change that came these days started hugging me. I also started hugging and kissing on the cheek. Like we see in films. Friends, slowly we both started dancing with each other, I became a heroine, she was a hero. Mother and father were not at home and the drama of both of us would start everyday. The biggest change came that I wanted to dance on Bollywood songs but he always danced on Bhojpuri songs whether he understood or not. You also know that in Bhojpuri, coming near the belly, thigh, lips, coming near the boobs, all this happens and he used to copy the same. Once upon a time, while imitating a Bhojpuri song, he started kissing me and started rubbing my boobs. Slowly I also started liking it and one day we both moved forward. He said that nowadays such relationships are common. Fuck at home. Why will you also face outside and I also do not know which prostitute I will give money to and then fuck, so when the work of both is done then why go out. Even so, both of us have changed here and there, have become modern. So why don’t we both go to the next level. I was like a heroine, I said yes and he climbed on top of me and started pressing my boobs. Slowly the love of both of them blossomed and my clothes and his clothes started to open. Both of them opened each other’s clothes, we both also became naked. It seemed to both of us that we were hungry for many years, he started drinking my nipples as if he was thirsty and something was coming out. My nipples were starting to hurt. He had gone mad, sometimes he used to rub her nipples, sometimes he would kiss her lips, sometimes her neck, sometimes her cheeks. I was getting dressed. She was taking sobs that fucking brother was troubling me. Even without wanting I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. He lay down and I started sucking his cock in my mouth. Now he started taking sobs uffff uffff uff. Friends, after that I took my pussy to his mouth and I put my mouth on his cock, now he started licking my pussy and I started sucking cock in my mouth. He was saying that the water of your pussy is salty. I was also saying that even sticky thing was coming out of your cock, that too was making me feel salty. Friends, both of us were sucking each other’s private part. I also immediately sat down near his cock, he straightened his fat dick by holding his hand and I brought my pussy in line with his cock and sat down. It was starting to hurt a lot but it was feeling good too, that’s why some drops of blood started coming out of my pussy. I understood that after today I am no longer a virgin, my seal was broken. After that I slowly started moving the ass up and down, the cock started coming out inside the pussy. Friends, now it was starting to be real fun. I was completely lost. The pain had disappeared. And I started fucking by rotating the ass round and round. He also started pushing my nipples from below. And now I jumped loudly and started taking his cock inside. Friends, then I lay down, he came up, put both my legs on his shoulder, put his cock on my pussy and then inserted it forcefully. This time I didn’t feel pain. I was doing loud aa aa aa aaa uffff uffff ouch and he was loudly doing le le le le le le. I was sweating. My nipples had become very big. My nipples had become erect. My hair was scattered. He was abusing loudly and fucking. After that he made me a bitch, I got down on my knees and he started fucking my ass like a dog. I would also push back strongly, he would push forward, the whole room was making noise when both their bodies were colliding. Friends, I was exhausted. He was about to ejaculate, so I had already said, look, I didn’t put a condom on, so don’t put it in my pussy. Left all his belongings. And we both lay down holding each other. After half an hour both of them got up, then both of them took bath after running the water fountain in the bathroom. Since then I have started kissing daily. But you know how all this happened because I got fucked by my brother in order to become modern. I will soon come up with my second story on, till then thanks for watching. This is even more cool! ,

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