In the name of love and marriage, I was fucked many times in many ways by a married man.

Pyar aur Sex, pyar me chudai : Hello friends, I Nikita very much welcome you all to Non Veg Story dot com. I am a married woman. I am a housewife and stay at home all day. I like to watch sex videos and read new chudai stories in my free time. One of my friend told me about Non Veg Story, since then I read cool stories from here everyday. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is a true incident happened in my life. I am a resident of Satara district of Maharashtra. I was a married woman. My husband used to love and adore me a lot. My husband had rubbed and fucked me on my honeymoon. After the honeymoon, my life had become like a heaven. Everyday my husband used to hit my pussy in the night and used to give me a lot of fun. For 2 years my husband played a lot of games with me and tore my ass by fucking me. A boy was born to me. After that my husband died in a road accident. A trucker hit them. Friends, after the death of my husband, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law started treating me step-motherly. No one used to give me even a single rupee for the expenses. I got into a lot of trouble. The children of my brother-in-law and brother-in-law used to study in a good convent school and when I asked to enroll my son in the same convent school, no one gave a single rupee. Showed your compulsions to everyone. My mother-in-law and father-in-law used to taunt me that I ate their son. He didn’t help. My son was now 4 years old. In compulsion, I had to enroll his name in a government school where no fees are charged. I started wearing the same old sarees. Then slowly I started to understand that my life will not end like this. I got a job as a clerk in a private bank. I started getting 15,000 per month, due to which I started living. I enrolled my son in English Convent School. Raj used to work with me in the bank. He liked me and probably wanted to marry me. “Nikita….I love you and want to marry you” Raj said to me one day “Will you marry a widow. I have a 5 year old son also” I said “……will do…because I really love you….anyone becomes life partner in good times….but no one wants to support me in times of trouble. Nikita! I want to be your life partner in your difficult journey” said Raj. I started thinking in my mind that what a nice man he is, nowadays who marries a married woman with a 5 year old child. Nowadays boys like to fuck new fresh pussy. 2 3 saal ki chudi chudai bur kaun chodna chahta chahta hai. Thinking all this, I fell deeply in love with Raj and decided to marry him. Raj said that after a few days his mother would come to see me, then he would go to the temple and marry me. We both had to wait till Raj’s mother came. One Saturday evening, after both of our bank work was over, Raj asked me to accompany him to dinner. I was deeply in love with him, so I went to dinner with him. He took me to a nice and expensive restaurant. The food there was very good. When we came out after having dinner, Raj wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me. I was also enjoying all this very much, because he was my future husband. We both licked each other’s juicy lips with pleasure and while kissing we both got hot. “Nikita chut dogi???…… I am feeling very much man” said Raj, I was shy. “But both of us are not even married yet,” I said, “Nikita, you are talking like an old fashioned girl. My mother is going to come here in two months. We will definitely get married in a few days. But we both can have fun after marriage now” Raj said with a smile. I was finding it a bit strange to get fucked before marriage. But Raj was my future husband, how could I ignore him. “Okay” I said. Raj took me on his bike and took me to his flat. He turned on the ac. In no time, the extremely cold weather of the room became cold. We both started kissing each other like crazy lovers. Slowly Raj removed his shirt pant and my saree, he also removed my blouse. Then removed my petticoat, bra too. Raj was completely naked. I could clearly see his big 10 inch dick. We both came on the bed. He wanted to fuck me hard, and I also started liking him, so I also wanted to fuck him hard. He lay down on me and started making love to me. We both started sucking each other’s juicy lips. The cool air of ac was giving me a lot of relief. Raj started sucking my juicy lips and started enjoying me. He was making me happy and enjoying by sucking my lower lip again and again. Then he came on my mast mast mom and started sucking my milk with pleasure. I was feeling strangely intoxicated. It had been 3 years since my husband died. I didn’t get to eat cock even once in 3 years. It was true that today I wanted to get fucked tightly by Raj. He was sucking my soft white marble milk in his mouth, giving me pleasure and Raj was also enjoying himself. “……Ahhhhhh… Aye…Aye……Press!…Press…..Raj is having a lot of fun” I said. Hearing this, my husband-to-be and Tej Tej started holding my mother in his hand and pressing her and started sucking her in his mouth. I was about to die.” Ohhhh mother… ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh…. U u u…suck…suck….and…suck…suck my mom…well” I was repeatedly telling Raj that I was going to get married to Raj after 2 months but I was going to celebrate my honeymoon today itself. My beloved, my lover, my friend and future husband Raj was sucking both my nipples in his mouth with pleasure. He was sucking like my milk was sweet like honey. The size of my nipples was 38”, I had very soft and soft nipples. That’s why Raj was enjoying drinking my tits. For about 1 hour he drank my juicy lips and sucked the nipples in his mouth and enjoyed a lot. Then he came on my pussy. He had not removed my panty yet. Raj started licking my pink panty from above and started enjoying. His tongue was just above my pussy. Again and again he was licking my pussy like a dog and making it juicy. Raj licked my panty from above for about 20 minutes. Now I had become uncontrollable. Raj removed my panty, now I was completely naked in front of him and ready to be fucked. Raj started drinking my ass again and started putting his finger in it quickly.”…U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaaa… C C C C…. Oom…Oom…Oom” I started making noises. Then Raj put his 10 inch dick in my bosom and started fucking me. I also opened my fair and white smooth thigh and started getting fucked with pleasure. Raj started pushing very fast in my pussy. I felt that I might die somewhere, but friends, I was having a lot of fun. “Uh….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Ooo..oo..fuck my pussy!!…..fuck it really hard!!” I started screaming like a fucking bitch. Raj started fucking my ass fast, slowly his power was increasing. Then he lay down on me and while drinking my juicy lips, he started fucking me. I was just like the moon flying among the stars. Really Raj had amazing sex power. His stamina was very good, he was fucking me for 20 minutes now, but was not out yet. After some time I also raised my waist and smooth butts and started fucking them with pleasure. Then Raj again took my mom in his mouth and started sucking like a child and started fucking me. After 40 minutes he left his cargo in my bosom. My fuddi was properly licked. Today my future husband had fucked me tightly. After that he lay down on me and we both started kissing. It was 10 o’clock in the night. “Raj, I have to leave” I said and started releasing Raj’s hand “Wait no dear…… now it’s night, you won’t even get the bus, where will you go” When Raj said, I stopped at his flat. The whole night Raj kept on fucking me by changing poses. Sometimes he fucks me by making me a bitch, sometimes he makes me sit on his waist. Till morning, Raj hit me 5 times by changing different poses. I enjoyed it too. Slowly, I also started feeling like getting fucked everyday. Our bank would have closed at 5 in the evening. After that, Raj would take me to a nice restaurant for dinner, then after reaching his flat, I would openly enjoy sex. Raj would definitely kick my ass too. Slowly 4 months passed and Raj’s mother did not come. I was upset. “Raj, you were saying that your mother will come in 2 months, but here 4 months have passed. Why didn’t your mother come?” I asked. He was a little nervous. Sweat was left on his forehead. “Wo w w… I spoke to mother on the phone yesterday, mother is just going to come next week” said Raj. I had a slight doubt that he was lying. But I had full faith in him. Today evening again went with him to his flat after the back was closed. Today he had the heart to kick my ass. He had already fucked that pussy a thousand times. But till date he had not killed my ass. Raj completely undressed me. “Nikita jaan….give me your ass today” Raj said pleadingly “no……it hurts a lot to get ass killed” I said “please jaan…..please I love you so much…please!!” Raj said while pleading that he was my future husband, I was going to marry him in a few days, he was going to give my son the status of his father, so I could not break his heart. I became a bitch Raj kept enjoying licking my ass with his tongue for a long time. He was drinking my pussy as well. I was enjoying it too. My ass was still a virgin. Because my late husband always used to spank my pussy, he was not fond of ass spanking. Raj licked my ass and ass for a long time and kept drinking and enjoying. Then he applied a lot of oil in his 10 inch thick cock and hit my ass hole with great force. Friends, I felt very pain because today was the first time I was getting my ass killed. “Aaaaaahhhh….eeeeeeee…ohhhhhhh…….ai..mummy…..” I cried out loud. Raj’s thick cock like a thick peg had penetrated deep inside my ass to a depth of 10 inches. I was in a lot of pain, but still I was tolerating it. Slowly Raj started fucking my ass from behind like a dog. I was in pain, I was screaming, but for Raj’s pleasure, I was getting my tight and virgin ass fucked. Then he started increasing his speed and started fucking my ass fast. I was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time. Raj quickly flexed his back and started fucking my ass. At least after half an hour I started enjoying it. After that, Fatkeraj hit him with his 10″ long cock, which was fun. He wrapped my hair in his hand and started fucking tightly. “……mummy…mummy….c c c c.. ha ha ha…..ooooo….oo…oo…oooo…whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo life”” I was crying like this. The sound of my moaning was making Raj more horny. He wrapped my open and black thick hair in his hand and was fucking my ass. Mother….mother….ohhhh mother…. .ahhhhh..” I was crying out. That night Raj fucked my ass for whole 2 hours and gave me a lot of fun. I reached home at 12 in the night. “Mommy where did you go???” My 5 year old son started asking. Now what would you tell your son that I have come after getting him fucked by his future father. I gave chocolate to my son. Friends, in this way, Raj fucked me tightly for the whole 6 months and also killed my ass. One day I got very angry with Raj. When will your mother come Raj?? Tell me clearly” I shouted and asked “…….then listen mother will never come. Because I have been married many years ago” Raj said “….and who had promised you to marry me???? What about him??? I asked “….I did that drama to fuck your ass. I just wanted to enjoy my cool pussy. Who will marry a liar like you” said Raj, after that he broke up with me. For the whole 6 months, he enjoyed my juicy pussy and tight ass. You are reading this story on non veg

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