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Today am telling my erotic sexy story how my son four friends forcefully fucked me in my home when nobody home. I am Jayashri 43 years of age with two sons college going. My elder son has four friends Raam, Sachin, Vishal and Sunil. indain sexMy sons friends had always been quite pervy towards me, I had had my bum pinched a few times and always the rude comments about my boobs when I wore a tight top. I knew they fancied me, but as they got older the innuendo’s got even more dirty, suggesting they wanted to ‘do’ me! fucking storiesMy son and hubby were out when there came a knock on the door, it was 4 of my sons friends who I told that my son was out, they said he was on his way back and my son had said to wait for him, so thinking nothing of it I let them in.I was wearing a blue shalwar, tight leggings and bra with cotton knickers. They commented in the rude way they have about how nice my legs looked but I ignored them and went to sort out the washing I had just taken out of the washer in the kitchen. indain sexThey followed me into the kitchen and watched me, I asked them if they wanted to sit in the front room and wait for my son there, at which point they told me my son wasn’t coming, I didn’t understand at first but I saw one of them un-do his belt. I didnt know what he was doing but he said ‘lets see those tits you dirty slag’ and I realized I was in trouble.I said no, and made to show them into the front room when 2 of the lads Vishal and Sunil grabbed my arms from behind, I tried to struggle but they are quite strong, and before I could do anything they had me held tight, ‘now lets see those tits’ the ringleader Raam said, he grabbed my shalwar and pulled it up over my bra, then with my boobs tight inside my bra he grabbed the bottom of my bra and exposed my breasts to the room. I stood there in shock, my inadequate 34B breasts were fully exposed to the 4 lads.‘please don’t’ I begged, but hands grabbed my breasts and began to play with them hard, I let out a cry of pain as my nipples were pulled hard, then they stood back and said, ‘lets have a look at the rest of you’ he had his belt in his hand. I did not pull my top back down, putting my fingers on the rim of my skirt I shivered then pushed my leggings down over my hips and it dropped to the floor. chudai stories‘Knickers too’ he said, I hesitated and the belt lashed across my bare breasts, I quickly ripped down my knickers then pulled off my shalwar and bra and stood fully exposed, shivering in fear and excitement with my tiny shaven pussy, my mothers belly stretch-marks and my bare breasts on full display. indain sexThey smiled at me then told me to get over the table, I stood naked and defiant so they grabbed me forcing me over the table, my bra tied my hands behind my back and I realized how much trouble I was in. they told me that I would do as I was told, then I felt the belt across my little bum, it smarted and I cried out. One grabbed my mouth to keep me quiet then I felt my knickers been forced into my mouth, I tasted my own pussy on them as my mouth was stuffed full of my knickers. Then gagged and tied I had to endure as each of the 4 lads gave my bum 3-4 lashes, my cheeks stung. indiansexstories2They pinned my in place and they began to explore my pussy, fingers went deep inside me, my legs were moved further appart then I felt the tip of a Sachin’s cock rub against my pussy lips. I tried to stand but was forced back down and the young sachin’s cock slip inside my very wet pussy. I panted hard as he rammed in me, doing me very fast, I would already feel an Orgasm coming and I didn’t hold back, letting my pleasure wash over me and as my pussy tightened and my cervix pressed onto the tip of his cock the lad exploded in me. Hot young sperm filling my pussy like it was on tap. meri bhabhiThe cock pulled out and a second Vishal’s cock replaced it, again I was forcefully pounded from behind, again the orgasm built from deep inside and again we came together. 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