it was very important to fuck the sister so that she could get married

Gharelu Sex Story, Bhai Bahan Sex, Ghar ki Chudai ki kahani, Riston me Sex, Family Sex Story : My dear friends today I am going to tell you a very hot and sexy story. You may be thinking that my physical relationship with my sister was only to satisfy the hunger of my body, but you are wrong about this. I kissed my sister but what should I do to keep her and my family happy? So that our family may be happy. This is my first story on nonveg because I have also been on many stories here in which it is written about the relationship of sister brother, now I do not know whether all the stories are true or false but yes I definitely do. I will say that the story I am writing today is all right. There is a long story behind why I made a physical relationship with my sister, but let me tell you this much for which both my mother and my sister-in-law told me that if you want to save Payal’s life and want Payal to be happy then you You will have to sleep with your sister from today and you will also have to establish a physical relationship with her. Now I come straight to my story, even then you will not understand what I am trying to say and why my family prepared me to fuck my sister. My name is Praveen and my sister’s name is Payal, my elder brother is older than me who is married. My sister is 18 years old and she studies in college she is very beautiful and hot. Today from 4 years ago my sister has a disease she falls and her body starts trembling. The pupil of the eye becomes over or over and she becomes unconscious. My parents didn’t go to where and where did they not show me, whoever doctor in Kanpur district went around to everyone, yet my sister Payal did not get well. When she did not get better after seeing many doctors, then show a doctor in Delhi. Because my sister’s anklet is one of the most beautiful and every girls, then my parents already had a lot of love for Payal, so they wanted to see Payal happy, today’s wanted some people have no disease that when they get married. If it is hers, she should be happy and stay with her husband. But all this was not possible because he had a disease, so it was very important to cure the disease first. The doctor of Delhi called my mother and father and see how much you can get it done, get it fixed, even if you get it written abroad, but nothing will happen because it is such a disease that will end only after having sex. And it is not possible until it is not married, so you should get it married as soon as possible. My father started looking for a boy for Payal, as Payal came to know that he was looking for a boy for her, then started getting angry and said that I will die, I will not marry, now I have to study, I have to stand on my feet to move forward. The parents were afraid that the disease was such that it was very important to cure it. So the talk started with my mother and sister-in-law, my mother spoke to her sister-in-law about anklets. They said that they talked among themselves, sister-in-law suggested to my mother that why should not Praveen ji be prepared, for this the matter of the house will remain in the house and Payal will also be fine. At first my mother was not ready for this and after a lot of persuasion by sister-in-law, she got ready, it is okay then I will do one thing. Me and your father both go out for a few days. So prepare Praveen for this because even Sanjay has not come to Delhi, he will also take 10 days to come, Sanjay my elder brother. So in the house I was Payal and my sister-in-law, absolutely Payal went to college, then sister-in-law told me the whole thing about Payal that Payal’s life is now in your hands, if you want Payal to be happy then you with Payal. Gotta sleep. And if you do not sleep, the disease will increase even more, then it will be difficult for her to get married and then she will remain a virgin for life and will stay here and God forbid if anything goes back and forth, then life will be hell for all of us. That’s why you have to do something. I immediately said that I cannot do this, can anyone do this to my sister. After a lot of persuasion by sister-in-law, I agreed, now it was a matter of preparing Payal. I had gone to my friend’s birthday party the same day at 4:00 in the evening, sister-in-law said that I will explain to Payal in the evening, you will come early in the night. I came around 1:11 pm. I went to a friend’s party and drank a little, so I was also a little intoxicated. When she came home, sister-in-law opened the door and smiled and said that work is done, Payal is in your room. When I reached the room, Payal was sleeping on my bed and was operating my mobile. I sat close to Payal and took her hand in my hand and started looking at her, she also started looking at me. I said that whatever happens between us today, it will happen for you only, it will happen for your life. Payal said that yes I know sister-in-law has told everything to me and mother has also gone out because she also wants that I am with you. Friends, till now only the things of the heart were happening to understand and explain, but when a young girl is sleeping in front, no one seems to be in the relationship. And he should also be ready to have sex and I also know that I have to have sex with the one who is sleeping. So it doesn’t take long for the body to catch fire. My nervousness started to increase and started running fast. Same was happening with my sister too, she was also breathing fast and my breathing used to be fast. Now we lie down next to the anklets and put our hands on the anklets. Payal put her hand over my hand. I slowly started caressing the anklets of the anklet. Slowly, we both opened each other’s clothes and started kissing each other and locking our lips. Payal’s big nipples were driving me crazy. I was caressing her nipples, drinking her nipples, she was caressing me. Now I reached down to caress Payal’s body by separating both the legs. Started looking at her pussy, her pussy was white, there was no hair at all. Now I can’t live with me, I put my tongue. And started licking, salty water was coming out of Payal’s pussy and I was drinking it. Slowly she became more and more sexy. Payal said that don’t delay and go on fucking me. I also took out my cock and put it on Payal’s pussy and pushed it hard. Payal’s pussy was very tight, so it was not going fast, but after pushing hard, it started coming out easily. I started to caress and rub both big nipples and started pushing hard in his pussy. Sometimes he is up, sometimes I stand down, sometimes sitting, sometimes lying down, sometimes making a mare. I fucked Payal the whole night. When it happened in the morning, sister-in-law said how was the night, I said very good. Then ask sister-in-law Payal, how was the night. Payal also said the same thing. Sister-in-law said from Payal that you have become my godmother now. Payal started laughing and I started laughing too. After that, for 4 days, both of us made each other very happy, we both started living like husband and wife. After a few days I also came, mother also knows everything about both of us. Now both of us sleep in the room on the terrace. Payal is no longer having a stroke, Payal is also more happy. There is no sign of disease. Happiness is happiness in my family. If the talk of Payal’s marriage has started, then Payal will also get married as soon as possible. But friends, I am going to write my second story on non-veg, that is between me and my sister-in-law. Because during the same time sex relations have also formed with my sister-in-law. Sanjay Bhaiya goes out of the house more and comes home only for three to four days in a month for his office work. He has a tour business, now I am taking care of the house as well as sister-in-law and sister-in-law too.

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