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Bhabi Devar Sex Story, Hot Bhabi Sex Kahani, Devar Bhabhi Sex Story : Boy’s first sex stories The story is Today I am telling you about this website i.e. nonveg This story is close to my heart. To this day, I keep dying remembering the things of that day. Even I feel that exactly what is happening to me. As if I am again fucking my sister-in-law for the first time. So now without delay let me come to the story of my sister-in-law’s chudai. This story is from then. When my cousin was married for only 2 months and I got a glimpse of his new bride ie my sister-in-law’s pussy and got the opportunity for the first time to see the pussy of any woman or girl, to press the boobs and in the bur The search for this opportunity to enter Lauda remains in the mind of every young man. So now let me tell you about myself, my name is Sanjay and my sister-in-law’s name is Urmila. At that time she would be about three to four years older than me. I had just reached the threshold of my youth. My brother whose name is Vinod used to live and work in Delhi. Married for two months with hot beautiful drunken wife, did raffles and sex and they had to come to Delhi soon, then leave their hot beautiful wife in the village itself. Vinod Bhaiya had two sisters, she also went to her in-laws’ house after marriage Went. My aunt was in the house, she was also a widow and there were only two people in her house. Hot bhabhi and old aunty. And I was a beautiful brother-in-law. My house was in front of his house. His window was visible from my door, from which a beautiful woman ie brother peeping through. When he called me, I went slowly and became well acquainted. When Vinod Bhaiya went to Delhi, sister-in-law started increasing his identity, at that time he himself was not free to kiss. So my sister-in-law and I started getting along well. I used to leave in a day or two. It is a matter of one day that my aunt had gone to a relative’s place for two days. So there was only sister-in-law in the house, one day when I came from college, she was looking through the window and called me with a gesture. Where did I come to eat their food, it was a hot summer day, at that time it was about eleven o’clock. After having dinner, I reached his place, it was about one o’clock in the day. Sister-in-law was facing the fan alone in the afternoon of that summer. It was deserted outside too. Everyone was in their own homes. Because it was so hot. The wind was blowing too hard. I went to his room and sat down. Sister-in-law started talking to me saying that ever since your brother went to Delhi, I don’t feel like it at all. Before marriage, I used to live in the family and since I got married, there are only three people here, one of them who is my husband also went to Delhi. I don’t know why such people get married only when they are not able to give time to their wife. I said no matter will come, then they know that they will come in Diwali now and there is still a lot of time in Diwali. I miss his love very much. I miss them very much. And she was talking to me by shining her face and eyes. So I said no problem, you call me. He said that yes it happens, sometimes I go out and talk to the PCO. Mobiles were not that much at that time. Everyone used to go out of the house to make phone calls, those who do not have phone here. So I said you also go, then they said that I will not be able to go, I have to see my mother-in-law too. So I said yes then there is a problem with you. To tell the truth, friends, at that time I did not feel at all that she was harassing me or giving me a line. I was just answering his questions. That’s when she said, you know that sister-in-law is also half the householder. So I said, I have even heard about sister-in-law that she is half a householder. But did not hear about sister-in-law. He said why do people joke with sister-in-law? So when you can joke with sister-in-law and sister-in-law’s sister can be half householder, then when sister-in-law’s husband is not with sister-in-law, then who will help brother-in-law. I said yes you are also right. I was starting to do something with their words and when she was also talking to me, she was also getting nervous, it seemed that she too was saying all this nervously. It happens that when you are proposing or asking someone to fuck you, then there is panic in you. I was also having this so I said now I go. She was sitting on the door frame and I was inside. The wind was blowing strong. He said where will you go, the heat is blowing outside. The sun is too hot, it is hot, sit down. So I said no, I will not come again and I got up. As soon as he got up, he slid his ankle down. The throat of his blouse was more severe than the front. Those two nipples were adjacent to each other and small drops of sweat were visible from above. And his intoxicating eyes were looking at me from the bottom up. So my breathing started fast. Then I went ahead and came close to him and said, go away from the road, so he said, if you want to go, then go away like this. Now I also started liking to play. So I started coming out in front of him that he grabbed my cock. My cock was already getting bigger. Because ever since I saw his gesture, my Lauda was even more fun. As soon as he caught my Lauda, ​​I came back instead of going forward and went inside the room again. Now she got up and again went ahead to catch my cock, the door was open so I said hey someone will see. So no one will see that quote. Saying this she closed the door. And she came towards me but I started avoiding, she grabbed me from behind, I was avoiding again that she did not catch my cock, I relaxed a little that she grabbed my cock. Now as soon as I moved her hand towards her nipples, she Leaving my Lauda started running away in the room itself. Now I’m backwards, now he’s forward. She sat down and pressed both her nipples with both her knees. But I was not able to hold it. Now when he relaxed, I started mashing his nipples, the sound of CCC started coming out of his mouth as if he had got chilly. In both of his teats, I rubbed a lot of sweat from the top of the blouse and my heart rate also increased rapidly. As soon as I tried to put my hand inside the blouse, he immediately stopped me and opened the hook of his blouse. gave. She was not wearing a bra. His nipples were solid, now I started rubbing his nipples. And the boobs began to press. She got up and came on the bed and lay down. He himself raised his patticoat. Both the boobs were already open. She didn’t say anything, just looking at me and pressing her lips inside the teeth and getting drunk. I immediately climbed upstairs and started kissing her. Then drank the boobs, then came down, separated both the legs separately so that I could see the pussy, but they covered their pussy with both their hands, now I went up again. and started sucking on his lips. He spread both his legs. I grabbed my cock and started doing it in front of his pussy, I did not even know where the hole of the pussy is and how to put it inside. When he saw that it is not going to the right place. He himself caught my cock and set the ass on his pussy a little further and I pushed him to push and the whole cock went into his burrow. Ohhhhhhhhhh this was my first pussy fuck. Then she started taking my cock inside her by twisting the ass and I was pelting towards Anari. But she was an expert, enjoyed a lot and this was my first kiss, so it was tremendous, no matter how it went inside the pussy. Peel it very well by unfolding the whole cloth. Then on the second day in the afternoon, saw his pussy well and himself shook the land and inserted it into the pussy. So for the first time in a joking manner, I remember that sister-in-law till today and will always remember because it was my first kiss. Read hot sex story : Hot Girl Aamna ki Chudai wo kiraye pe rahti thi Apni bhabhi ke saath.

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