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Karwa chauth Sex Story : Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to nonveg story.com. I have been a regular reader of it for many years now and there goes not a night when I don’t read its sexy stories. Today I was going to tell you my story. Hope you like it very much. My name is Kaveri. I am a resident of Gautam Buddha Nagar (U.P). I am married. I live alone with my father-in-law. My husband works in Kolkata. He comes home only once in 2-3 months. Whenever you come, I love you very much. My father-in-law is also very good. My brother-in-law has got a job in Lucknow. Earlier he lived with us in Gautam Buddha Nagar, but after getting a job, he left. Now there is me and father-in-law in the house. I want to tell you guys about myself. I am 35 years old young and sexy lady. I haven’t had kids yet. I am beautiful and young and a woman with an attractive personality. My height is 5′ 4″. The body is full. I am quite fair and the face cut of the face is very sexy. Seeing my youth, the cocks of men stand up. In his mind, he wants to fuck me, but only a few people have got this opportunity. I love to have sex and fuck. My husband beats my pussy by pressing my 38″. My figure is 38 32 36. I love to poke my nipples. Whenever I get a chance to have sex with a stranger, I kiss. I believe in the concept of “Khao Khujao Aur Batti Bujao”. It was a matter of 2 days ago that I had a conversation with my husband. “Jaan!! Are you not coming home on Karva Chauth?? You don’t come every time on Karva Chauth. Look, this is a bad thing. With whom will I worship?” I asked my husband Shiva. Again he made an excuse. “Look, I will talk to my bones and ask for leave. If I get it, I will come.” Shiva said, in fact, for a few months, he was having an affair with his secretary. Shiva was a charter accountant in a firm in Kolkata. He was just a man running after money and used to slip on seeing beautiful and young girls. A few days ago, someone from his office told me that Shiva was having an affair with his secretary and both of them rob the office. I was very sad to know this. After all, after 2 days, the festival of Karva Chauth arrived and Shiva did not come. “Papa ji!! He didn’t come.” I said and started crying. My father-in-law was a very nice man. My husband was very unworthy but father-in-law was very nice. Used to take great care of me. He hugged me on the chest. I burst into tears. “Don’t cry my baby!! Don’t cry!! I didn’t know that my son would turn out to be so unworthy.” He said and started wielding his hand on my head with great love. “Papa ji!! Whom should I worship now? Look, the moon has also come out.” I asked with tears, “Bahu! Let’s worship you with me” said father-in-law. I always used to call him Papa ji, then he also came on the terrace wearing new clothes. I wore my honey sari when I got married. I worshiped seeing the moon and then saw father-in-law in the sieve. Then like a wife, I had to touch my husband’s feet. Husband was not there, I bowed down and touched father-in-law’s feet. He seemed to be in a good mood. He made me break my fast by drinking water. Today I had not eaten anything from father-in-law since morning because he was also fasting with me. We both went downstairs. I started feeding them with my own hands. I looked like a complete newlywed bride. I had applied henna on my hands and feet. It was 10 o’clock in the night. There was silence in the house. Only 2 people were in the house so it seemed a bit strange. Father-in-law was repeatedly looking at my milk. I was wearing a loose cut sleeve blouse and the blouse was darker in the front. My 38″ round nipples were clearly visible. Father-in-law was stroking my mother-in-law and as soon as I started looking like him, he would turn his eyes to the other side. I was a beautiful and young woman. After all, why doesn’t he see my youth? Then I thought that today father-in-law is also fasting for the whole day. Why shouldn’t I feed them with my own hands? I broke a mouthful of puri and dipped it in the vegetable and started feeding it to father-in-law. He was hesitant. “What Papa! You are blushing like a girl. Now what a shame on your daughter-in-law” I said chirping like a cool girl and started feeding them. But the second time my hand went inside his mouth and in haste he cut off my finger. “Ai…..ai….ai… ahhhhhh….. .. cc..” I screamed and hurriedly put my finger in my mouth. Pressed and started sucking. So that I can get rest. After some time I started getting relief. But he went on sucking. Then stopped looking at me and started looking at me with another eye. I was looking at them too. Something strange was about to happen now. Then suddenly he caught me sitting on the chair and placed his lips on my lips. He started sucking very quickly and did not give me a chance to think anything. I was refusing but by then it was too late. Suck my juicy lips from father-in-law for 5 minutes. Then he took his mouth out of my mouth. They wanted to fuck me, I knew. I don’t remember how the next 15 minutes passed. Papa picked me up in his lap and started moving straight like his bedroom. I was silent I could not think what to do. He put me on the bed and quickly unbuttoned his shirt, took off the shirt and threw it away. He lay down on me and quickly started kissing on my cheeks. I was upset. I was very surprised. But I don’t know why I didn’t refuse them. If I wanted, I could have stopped the father-in-law. But maybe in this dark deserted night she wanted to rob the fun of sex. Father-in-law removed the pallu of my saree from my blouse and filled me in my arms. He started moving his hands on my blouse. He had fallen in love with my youth and beauty today. I was completely dressed like a new bride and father-in-law you were playing the role of my husband. They were kissing my cheeks, throat, work, face everywhere. I was also supporting. “Bahu!! Today you have worshiped Karva Chauth with me. You have seen my face in the sieve. So today by loving me, you fulfill your fast.” Father-in-law said “….so do you want me to give you my succulent pussy to fuck” I said while gasping and holding long breaths, “Ha daughter-in-law!! That’s exactly what I want. Your husband must be having fun there with his secretary in Kolkata and you remain thirsty here. This is absolutely wrong. Tell me, what are you thinking???? Asked father-in-law with shining eyes in such a way that I could not refuse. I nodded my head yes. After that the father-in-law started. How did my elders start pressing Mammo on top of the Blouse by looping and looping. I started saying “..ahhhhhh ssEEEE….aaaaaa….aha…haha ha”. Father-in-law started loving me. The amount of milk that was visible from inside the blouse started raining kisses on it. I got hot too. I started having fun Again he put his mouth on my mouth and again started kissing after biting my succulent. Now I was hot. The lust inside me had also awakened now. Now I also wanted to kiss my father-in-law. He was moving both his hands round and round on my blouse. They were robbing the fun by pressing. “Love you Papa!! Love me openly today” I said in excitement, he started looking for the button of my blouse and started opening it. But maybe he was too early. Just wanted to fuck me quickly. Excited, he started opening the button but it was taking too long. Father-in-law grabbed my blouse from the middle with both hands and pulled it hard. Blouse exploded. My father-in-law started seeing the juicy nipples of my 38” in a red bra. He started caressing my pigeon from the top of the bra and started pressing. “Ah daughter-in-law!! You are very beautiful” he said and then grabbed the bra with both hands and tore it away and threw it away. Now I was naked from above. Papa ji came in lust and started seeing my mother. Let me tell you that my nipples were very beautiful. Some round round is big. smooth as marble. Father-in-law’s eyes gleamed in lust. Put both on my milk and started caressing. I closed my eyes and started saying “…… He lay down on me and started playing with his face in the middle of the mommo. My milk was big and very soft like a ball. Father-in-law started pressing my ball with his hand. I felt good too. Then he completely fell in love with my youth. Both of me started playing with the ball and started putting their mouths in my cleavage (the pit between the mammo). He quickly started moving his face here and there so that my milk was hitting his mouth very quickly. Only the river started flowing from my pussy. Water started coming out of my pussy. “Ah papa ji!! For tonight I am your woman. You fuck me today. Take the fun of my full youth” I also said drunk, after that they quickly started mashing my pigeons with their hands and started pressing. Both my nipples were kneading like a dough. Then took it in the mouth and started sucking. I started saying “…..hi only……a aa aa.ahhhhh uhhhhh….. uh u…”. Because I felt good too. For how many months my husband Shiva did not come home. So today father-in-law was performing his duty in his place. He was sucking my left side teat deep inside the mouth and sucking it quickly. were being drunk. My body was now on fire. Father-in-law was not even stopping. They were just going to suck quickly. Coming erotically, I grabbed the hair of his head and grabbed it with my fingers and started plucking it. I even hit him on the cheek with 2 slaps. He understood that it is getting very hot now. The pussy will definitely give it now. Father-in-law sucked the juice of my nipples for 15 to 20 minutes. He drank a lot. In this scorching heat, he grabbed the protruding padded nipples of my teat several times and pulled it upwards, due to which I got pain. But there was a lot of fun too. His teeth got marks on both my boobs. “Chodia papa ji!! Today is Karva Chauth. Today I am your wife. Perform husband’s dharma today. Chod me today.” I started saying that the father-in-law took off his pants and took off his underwear too. Today, with his own hands, he ripped me apart like Draupadi. He untied my sari from my waist and took it off. I was wearing a petticoat matching red colored sari. Father-in-law opened the slogan of my petticoat from his mouth and took off. My panties were soaked with the juice of my own pussy. When the father-in-law started taking it out, the panty got stuck on the knees. Then he took it off by turning his hand. I blinked. I quickly hid my face with both my hands because today I was going to be in bed with father-in-law. She was going to kiss. Father-in-law went mad. My thighs and legs were beautiful. Blondes whites and amazingly smooth. He started loving me. Started touching my feet with hands. Then I opened my feet. For 2 seconds, the father-in-law started seeing a completely soaked and wet pussy with juice, then it broke on my pussy like a cat seeing the rabri breaks on it. Lying down, he rested his mouth on my pussy and quickly started drinking the chutney of the pussy. Intoxicated with sensuality, I was making erotic sounds of “Ai…..ai….ai… ahhhhhh…..cc cc….ha ha ha…”. My eyes were closed. I could not see my father-in-law. He was licking my pussy like rabdi very quickly. My beautiful chuddi was pink in colour. Now I was getting double intoxication. He was putting his tongue in the hole of my pussy. I was still hiding my face with my hands. I was having so much fun. Father-in-law licked my chuddi for 10 minutes. In the end, the cock was set on the pussy and pushed hard. The cock entered 4″. I was in pain. Then father-in-law again gave a loud push. Now his 8″ cock completely entered inside. I cried out in pain, “Come…… I removed my hands from my face and started punching them in the face. Father-in-law was also a real man’s child. He grabbed both my hands with great force and laid them on the bed. Holding my delicate wrist, he started kissing. I started thrashing. Today after full 3 months I was chugging because my husband Shiva did not come home. Because of this the path of my pussy was closed. But today my man-in-law father-in-law was feeding me. He was kissing me by lifting his waist. I was taking long breaths. My milk was shaking. Up and down was dancing. Father-in-law was peeing just looking like my pussy. I was dying After 15 minutes, the pussy became dry. Now father-in-law’s cock started coming out comfortably. She has opened her heart. Then gasping for 10 more minutes with my father-in-law. Then his face fell loose. He left hot hot stuff in my pussy. Tired and fell on top of me. I started kissing his lips again. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonveg story.com.

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