Last night brother and my boyfriend both fucked together

Bhai Bahan and Boyfriend Sex Story: Last night my sex happened in such a way that today I am walking with my legs apart. My ass is still swollen, there is pain in the ass, and the nipples have become bigger and tighter, but it hurts a lot to touch. Last night I was fucked by my brother and my boyfriend together, so I got into this condition. You think for yourself when a girl who had never seen a cock before. And if he is fucked by two cocks in the first time, then what will be the condition of his burrow. The same happened with me today I will read you my story on I hope you will also feel that you are fucking me, I will have a lot of fun by telling the story. My name is Neha. I live in Bihar, I am a resident of Patna. I am in love with a boy. So I am madly in love with him. He is my neighbor, he loves me a lot and I love him too. We both meet on the terrace in the dark of night. No one even comes to know that my roof and his roof are adjacent. When he comes near me in the dark of night, my nipples get tight, water comes in my hole, my heartbeat becomes fast. I go crazy when I get close to him. Electricity runs through my whole body. I can’t stop myself. And when he comes close to me, I surrender my everything. He starts kissing me, starts loving me. I am crazy about him throughout the day and then I keep waiting for the night. So that I can go to the terrace in the dark and get my tits rubbed and he can kiss me and caress my ass. But what happened last night was something else. As soon as Diwali was over, a strange anxiety started rising inside me. I felt like kissing. Now I wanted my boyfriend’s cock in my pussy. That’s why now my pussy started rustling. I used to think about Lund and Boor day and night. And I also told my boyfriend now I want to fuck and he also agreed. The plan was made at eleven o’clock in the night when my parents and my brother were asleep. I was ready and at eleven in the night I reached the terrace. My boyfriend was already waiting for me, he immediately came close to me. It was dark on the roof, but the light that was burning on the electric pole, a little bit of light was also coming in the distance. He caught me and started sucking my lips. My big big round tits started pressing hard, my body was on fire, I had become sensual. Sobs started coming out of my mouth. She started moaning ah she hugged me tightly and I started liking her tightness. Slowly she took off my clothes. I had put a quilt on the terrace in the evening itself so that there would be no problem, he made me lie on the quilt and then took off his clothes too. Ahh: What should I tell friends, at first he rubbed my nipples a lot and then pressed the nipples with his fingers. Ohhhhhh started having fun, then he separated both my legs and sitting in the middle started licking my pussy. Same day I cleaned my pussy hair. He got mad, he started inserting his tongue in my hole, I started going crazy. My hole was very wet. Then he started fingering then electricity started running in my whole body. While sighing, I started pressing my own nipples. Hot water started coming out of my hole. He would lick my pussy water with his tongue and then leave my pussy water. The hot water of my bore made him intoxicated and now his dick has become thick and fully ready to enter my bore. I also did not want to stop now. I was in a hurry too. He separated my legs and then put some spit in his cock and then spit in my hole as well and then put his cock on the mouth of my hole and pushed it hard. The whole cock didn’t go first, but after giving pain, he went inside in five to six strokes. At first there was a lot of pain, then it started going in and out comfortably. He would push me while fucking and then rub my tits. I was enjoying closing my eyes and getting fucked. He was pushing me hard. I wanted to capture the beautiful feeling in my memory, closing my eyes sobbing. And had filled my boyfriend in my arms. Then suddenly my brother came and said what is happening. Both of us quickly separated. And I started looking for my clothes. My brother gave a slap to my boy boyfriend and pressed both of my villages with one hand. She said that she has become a prostitute, she was getting fucked by this dog. I said no brother, today all this has happened for the first time. He also said the same yes brother, nothing has happened before. We both will not meet from today. But my brother said, let’s talk about both of you in the house. I said no brother, don’t do anything like that. So my brother said my only sister is getting fucked by someone else and I will not say anything, it will not happen. And then my brother touched my boobs and said, look, see how she was flaunting her body. Don’t even feel ashamed. And then he started pressing my nipples and said, will you leave something for your husband or not, right now it is feeling tight, if you massage like this for a few days, then the nipples will become like old. And then my brother said yes, I also fuck. When someone else is eating the goods of the house, then what is wrong if he eats himself, and then she started pressing my nipples and then started kissing me. Slowly he made me lie down and started fingering my hole. I understood that he is taking bribe not to say anything to anyone. So I also said, now don’t say anything to anyone else whether in my house or in his house. He said, I will not say anything to anyone, now I will leave you and he will also fuck me. Then what should I tell friends, first my brother fucked me for ten minutes, then my boyfriend also joined me, both together started fucking me. For the first time, I was fucked by two cocks, both of them fucked me in different ways till about one o’clock in the night. I will soon come up with my second story on This is even more fun!

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