Last night my brother fuck me because I was suffering from hysteria

hysteria sex, brother sister sex, terrace fuck story – my dear friends my name is rakhi i am 21 years old today i am going to tell you my sex story non veg i hope you like this story very much It is not very old, it is only from yesterday, friends, when I was sleeping on the terrace yesterday, I myself was reading stories on non-veg, while reading I felt like an electric current ran through my body, so I myself Boobs are being pressed. Electricity ran through my whole body with a sensation, friends became very sensual after that, I could not understand anything, what should I do. There was no one else on the terrace, my brother was sleeping on the bed, the fans were running and there was a good breeze. My body started trembling, I felt that hysteria had happened, I was quite nervous. Now my brother has come close to me, I can’t say anything to him, still he started saying holding my hand, tell me sister, what happened, why are you trembling. How do I say that? Electricity ran through me sensuality, I was going crazy, I felt someone fingering me quickly in my pussy. The truth was that friends, if someone did not point fingers, I would get very upset, maybe I would go mad. The night was over, no one else was there, my brother was sitting with me, I thought it is better to tell him clearly that what problem has happened to me than to go mad. I told him, look brother, I am feeling bad, I have become hysteria. put finger in my pussy It will be okay now, otherwise I will go mad, I started getting worried, I could not understand anything. I was answering, I was nervous, that’s why my brother opened the nada of my salwar, lowered the panty and started inserting his finger into my pussy. Now I started to feel something right, I started to calm down, he started to push in and out, now I was feeling a little better, but one thing got worse, friends, now I started feeling so good that I felt that I wish I would have put my cock in my pussy instead of my finger. Because I had done all the work in him, I had seen it, I had put my finger in it, so it was not himself, he had understood everything that what is the problem with me, when everything has become so open, why should he hide it. I grabbed her and her hair and started sucking her lips, it was already hot. He started caressing my nipples. My breath started running fast, I wanted to understand him with all my heart in my body. I took her in my arms, started kissing her, started locking lips, started caressing her body, she also started caressing my body, started touching my ass, I started holding her. I was going crazy, I was sweating, my sobs were coming out, I had crossed the limits of sexuality. Now all I wanted was his long thick cock, that too in my pussy. I immediately took off her clothes, she also immediately took off all my clothes, I made her climb up. And put my boobs in his mouth, he started sucking my boobs, started kissing my lips, started kissing me, started locking lips. Both of us were mad, I separated both the legs and invited him or brother, you fuck me. He took out his thick cock and put it in my pussy. . Where was I also less when I was getting fucked by twisting and turning ass. I had become watery, my pussy was getting hot, I was feeling that heat and my brother was also feeling it because he himself was saying what’s the matter, your pussy has become very hot. So I was telling her, fuck sister, it’s hot, so extinguish the heat, hit me hard, hit me hard, cool my pussy heat. After what should I tell friends, both of us had become sensual, both had become hot. They were holding each other, pushing each other from below, I would give, from above he would give; Started pressing my boobs with your lips, started caressing my thighs, started moving my hand round and round on my ass, I was also taking his cock inside by turning my ass round and round. Both of them became so fast that as if the machine is running fast, quickly, quickly, quickly, this is called friends real fuck. I was about to fall, I started telling him, brother, push harder and push harder, take as much as you want, while saying this, he fell and he calmed down, I also took a long breath and made sobs. Filled her lips with medicine from her father, pressing both her boobs with her hands. I calmed down too. Friends, last night’s fuck was a new feeling, voice, what will be the night, I will tell you tomorrow, I hope, today again the plan has been made to sleep on the roof, I will definitely tell you what will happen tomorrow, today I am thinking, get your brother killed your ass. How will it be, please wait, tomorrow I will come again on non-veg story and tell you my whole story, till then thank you

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