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Hello friends my name is Vikash age 19 height 5 feet 2 inches, today I am going to tell you a very hot story on nonveg, this story is about my mother. My mother’s name is Asha, mother’s age is 38 years, height 6 feet, figure is 38.26.39, when she walks, the land of old people also stands up when she walks. All the people of my locality keep staring at the mother, and the mother is no less, she also looks at everyone with a slanted eye and smiles. I too have become convinced of these acts of my mother. Now I am telling you a little about my mother, my mother looks very sexy, she is very hot, today I am telling you, how I tore my mother as a bitch and pacified her lust , and also pacified his cock. Friends, I have just got my job. So I was on training, my training was going on in Palamu, my mother was also with me. It was a matter of one day when my mother and I were with me for a few days, I was in Palamu, suddenly it was raining. Felt that we both got wet, mother’s clothes were stuck in her body. And she was looking very sexy. The bulge of teats was also visible from her blouse. But suddenly my eyes fell on mother’s ass, I was surprised to see, there was a wonderful round butt, I started thinking of fucking them. How to leave my mother, I could not bear it, seeing her sexy body. My cock was saying that I will go in the ass, I will go in the pussy. My 7 inch cock started saluting, it was raining and both of us were getting wet, mother said son it is raining enough, tonight stay in Palamu, will go home tomorrow. We both planned that tonight we stay in the hotel, we will take the train in the morning. After that a hotel was shown, went to that hotel and took a room, after that we went to both the rooms, there was only one bed in that room, mother said no problem, only one bed will work. Said today you will find a hotel in so much rain, friends, you know that I had already made a mood that today is a chance to fuck my mother. Went to get liquor to warm my mother, when I came to the room with alcohol, I saw that mother had taken off all her clothes, I went inside mother, as soon as she saw me, mother quickly turned off the lights No, I too got up from the darkness and took off all my clothes and slowly started going to mother, mother said Bikash, you are not ashamed to see your mother lying down, I said, I have not seen anything, mother brought wine for you Am mother drinking alcohol, I said mother, take this too, keep your body warm, please mother, I gave my cock in mother’s hand. At first the mother started saying this is wrong, there is no such relationship between mother and son, you are my son, cannot be my husband, only your father has the right over my body. So I said mother, you have married an old man, you look how young you are and how old you are, father, I know that he will not be able to make you happy, I am grown mother, I can keep you very happy Huh. After that mother took my cock and started sucking in my mouth, I suddenly lit the light when mother saw her, mother immediately removed the cock from her mouth and started saying that your cock is very tasty, mother was in full intoxication, I picked up my mother on the bed. lay down. I was pressing my mother’s nipples, and was stroking the pussy, mother was saying that today you will make me happy, promise me, if you make me happy, I will always kiss you. I said mother, don’t you worry, today I will make you upset and happy by fucking you like this, that you too will not be able to forget me for the rest of my life. Mother was licking my cock in her hand. Then I started licking mother’s pussy. Mother had black thick hair on her pussy, I said mother, I do not like so much hair, so mother said, you should clean it. I wet my mother’s pussy hair with my tongue and then took the razor out of my bag and cleaned the mother’s pussy hair, I started getting even more crazy while cleaning my mother’s hair. I felt that when I should put my fat cock in his pussy. That time has also come, friends, I put both the feet of my mother on my shoulder and set my cock on the door of her pussy, and pushed hard, my cock entered inside the mother’s pussy. Mother was also very excited. He grabbed me, took me in his arms and wrapped his leg around me. Mother started screaming like a madman and started saying son, become the owner of my pussy, I started pushing my cock towards mother’s pussy, mother was telling me today you made me happy, enjoyed it, with young cock. From today you are the master of my pussy. Whenever you want to fuck me, consider me your wife, I said no, I will not like my wife, tell you. I said I will call you sister-in-law. Mother said okay from today you call me sister-in-law. And she picked up the ass and started kissing. Friends, I came to know today that my mother is such a big fucker. Mother got excited and started saying. louder and louder. I was also going to take my cock in mother’s pussy and mother was doing ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh oops. Cho Cho Cho’s voice was coming from the bed, mother said, now you make me a bitch and fuck. Mother got down on my knees and put her wide ass in front of me, I went crazy seeing her big fat ass. From behind his ass, I again started putting cock in the pussy. Mama said before doing one thing you kick me ass. It’s been a long day since I got the ass killed. Your father doesn’t like kicking ass. Ass my elder brother used to beat me when I was a virgin. On hearing this, I understood that this sister-in-law is very chudi. And I put my cock on his ass hole and thrust it into his ass. She cried out in pain. But in a short time she started taking my cock easily in the ass. After that she lay down again and took my cock in her pussy and grabbed me again hard. You are reading this story on nonveg He took my mouth near his neck. And started pushing hard from the bottom. Within a short time both of them fell. And stayed like this for about 10 minutes, then I came down from my mother, she kissed me and said that from today you keep me happy like this. After that, my mother started telling me about the repertoire she had celebrated during her youth. Friends, I was surprised that she has kissed her brother as well as her father. Now I am very happy, because now I do not have to go here and there for the pussy. Now wherever I am posting, I will take my mother with me.

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