Made my flirtatious sister-in-law Neha drink with great juggling

Hello friends, I am Prashant telling you my story. This is my second story on non-veg story dot but my sister-in-law’s name is Kavita, which is no less than an atom bomb in itself. When I got married, my in-laws did not even show my sister-in-law Neha to me. My sister-in-law was 4 years younger than my wife but was very strong. Like I told you my sister-in-law was exactly 440 volts of electricity. If you see it once, you will feel that if I had got her pussy then life would have been better. My in-laws were afraid that if I liked my sister-in-law, their elder daughter would not be able to get married. Only then when I went to my in-laws house, they showed only the elder girl who later became my wife. But later when I saw my sister-in-law, I regretted a lot. I was thinking again and again that if I had married her, her pink puddi, her pink pussy would have died for the whole life. I was in shock for several days. Well somehow the car of life moved forward. When it was 1 year of my marriage, I got a little bored with my wife. For one year I fucked my wife like an animal. He used to fuck while awake the whole night. Didn’t let me sleep at all. I licked her a lot. He also beat his wife’s ass a lot. But friends, there is a saying that if you hit too many pussies, the fun ends. In this way I was also bored with my wife. Was looking for a new mall. Then during the summer holidays, I was at my in-laws’ place, then I started giving lines to my sister-in-law Neha. I was just thinking that if she is ready, then I will fuck her in my in-laws house. My father-in-law’s house is of 3 storeys. 15 has 20 rooms. So I was thinking that if my sister-in-law is ready to fuck me, then take me to the third floor and go to any empty room and fuck me. But friends, things were not working out. I was giving lines to my young beautiful sister-in-law a lot, but that bastard was busy on the phone, don’t know where. Many times I started doubting her that she is not attached to any boy. Then one day friends, my doubt turned into belief when I saw him on the third floor secretly talking to the whole family for hours and hours. She was planning to meet her lover. Then friends, at 11 o’clock my beautiful sister-in-law went to the market for some work. I came to know that she has gone to meet her friend. I also followed him on the bike. After going some distance, she got down from the rickshaw. A boy came on a bike and my young sister-in-law went ahead and kissed him on the lips. With great pleasure sat on the bike with him and left. Aila!! I got confused. I started following my sister-in-law. They both went to the zoo. My sister-in-law used to roam around hand in hand and arm in arm with her lover. So guys, I caught him red-handed. The next day she again went to the third floor on the pretext of drying clothes. I know that the matter is hot. I also followed him. Neha!! I will tell your truth to everyone!! I threatened her. I will tell everyone that you are in love with some boy!! I said. Neha lost her senses. Brother-in-law!! Please don’t do this!! Take whatever you want!! Neha said it is okay!! I won’t tell anyone!! You just give your pussy!! I said. What was it then guys, I dragged her to a room on the third floor. First drink his lips. Then removed her salwar. Then suit. At first I drank her breasts to my heart’s content, then directly removed her panty. When I took stock of the pussy by spreading both the legs, I came to know that the sister-in-law has already been fucked. Well it doesn’t matter. In today’s Kalyug, which young girl would be such that she would not kiss any boy. Thinking this, I got ready to eat junk food. I took off my pants. I crossed my two fingers and pushed them into my sister-in-law’s hole. Friends, the pussy was red like a red hibiscus flower. It was very pulpy. Both the lips were open, which showed that Neha had been fucked many times. I started drinking her ass by applying my tongue, so that she becomes more and more hot and gets fucked with pleasure. I drank a lot and licked the penis mouth from where my dear sister-in-law Neha used to urinate. Even though it was a bit weird and dirty, I drank it anyway. Then I put my two fingers in her hole and started fingering her. Neha started getting hot immediately. I also put an old but long toothbrush lying nearby in his burrow and started looking for the g point. Neha’s body was on fire. Brother-in-law!! What is this you are doing?? My innocent sister-in-law asked, I am looking for your G point. Just watch a miracle. Every girl has a secret water tank in her pussy, that’s what I’m looking for! You will have a lot of fun in a while!! Just keep getting the toothbrush done like this, I told my flirtatious sister-in-law and diligently kept brushing the toothbrush deep into her red pussy. Friends, after a lot of hard work, after using finger and toothbrush for a long time, I touched Neha’s G point. His anger started moving back and forth. I came to know that the sweet water of his burrow will now come out. I put my face in front of his burrow and kept teasing the G point continuously, kept shaking it. Friends, my hard work has paid off. After some time, several spuds came out of her pussy making the sound of pitch pitch. Hi! I longed to see this pitcher. I drank all the water from his pitcher. I had fallen in love with him. Now I started drinking his booze with more passion. Then I started fucking her. Friends, my sister-in-law Neha was also 2 inches taller than me. You must know that the pussy of tall girls is like a stage raised upwards. The same small girls’ pussy is buried inside, which is also called Gujhauvva. Where my wife’s pussy was tangled, Neha’s pussy was raised upwards as if she was saying that please someone fuck me tightly. I started feeding Neha. The tightness was not much. Perhaps she had been fucked by her lover enough. But what is the harm in eating free stuff, I thought and started drinking. Then I put both her legs in criss cross shape on her flat flat stomach and started fucking hard. Now the pussy felt tight. I started having fun. Before fucking Neha, I had heated her well. When I started pushing hard, sister-in-law’s breath also started taking long. Seeing this, I started hitting fourteen and a half sixes. My only effort was that my cock should be completely absorbed in her hole. I fed him a lot like this. Now I have changed my position. I lay down on an old cot. He made Neha sit on the floor with her face towards him. Felt like she was going to do some penance. Neha!! Let’s go for long pushes! I said friends, she started jumping on my cock like a professional prostitute. Hurt started pushing. I came to know that her lover would also be fucking her like this while sitting on the cock. I filled both the mangoes of Neha in my hands. She was pounding my cock very professionally. You are reading this story on!! You fuck like Sunny Leone!! Tell the truth, where did you learn to beat like this?? I asked brother-in-law!! That Rohan takes me like this!! Neha said I used to caress her ass she was happily jumping on my cock. I was pressing her mangoes too, she was jumping on my long black cock like a professional whore. Neha!! I am telling you a secret. Sitting on the cock like this, get fucked as much as you want, you will never be able to stomach!! I told him really Jiju?? Ha Pagli!! I said and kept on giggling. Friends, it is a lot of fun to fuck a girl like this, but in this the girl has to work very hard. In this way, it takes a lot of strength to jump on the cock. Then when she got tired, she lay down on my chest. I tightly held her soft round velvety buttocks and started fucking from below. Aaaaa aaahhh Neha started leaving sweet sobs. I got great satisfaction. You feel very proud of yourself when you satisfy a girl in bed. I was just so proud that day at my in-laws house, friends. I continued to fuck Neha. By laying on his chest, both of his velvety rubber ball moms came on my chest. I played pranks and stuffed his chest in my mouth and then started playing it. Then another mamma in my mouth and then fuck her ass. Then filled Neha’s lips in his mouth, then kept tearing her ass. Again and again I was thinking how an outsider is eating my food. Brother-in-law has the first right on sister-in-law. That’s why I should honestly get the right to fuck, feed and eat Neha first. That’s why I was also a little jealous of her lover. So today was the day when I had to prove my manhood. I was taking my young sister-in-law by making stamina. I wanted to prove that when it comes to fucking, eating and pussy licking, no one is better than brother in law. Friends, that’s why I was feeding Neha very carefully. When he felt that he would get out, he used to take out his cock. Then after a few minutes again he would have put it in Neha’s burrow. Then he would feed his sister-in-law. Then when I felt that I would be out, then I would have taken out the cock. Friends, you will not believe, by this trick I had taken my sister-in-law 5 times that day. Slowly she became attached to me. And now whenever I go to my in-laws house, my sister-in-law’s pussy remains firm. Hot sex story Sali ki sex story hindi kamuk story

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