Made young after being nurtured and then fucked for the first time on January 2

I am 31 years old, my name is Suman, I am a widow, my whole family was destroyed by the enemies. Just me and one of my brother-in-law who was only 10 years old at that time, I am very rich from home. But there is no one to enjoy it. I don’t have any child. I nurtured my brother-in-law and brought him up. He turned 21 on January 1. He told me on 1st January that now we will start a new life from the new year. There were so many difficulties in our life, but now I do not want any difficulties to come in future, I am also 21 years old, I want to live life afresh. I said my life was ruined only after 15 days of marriage but with your support I thought to live life. Even my family members asked me for second marriage but I thought that I will not do second marriage. And started waiting for you to grow up. I saved both my house and money. If I was wrong, I would not be here today by selling the whole empire and blowing more bouquets. But I was here only for you. So brother-in-law said that I also know that you did not get any happiness. But from this new year I will give you all the happiness which you did not get. Friends, I was very happy on January 1 because I had thought from now on that I will live a good life. Had dinner with my brother-in-law in Lucknow. Watched a movie and came home at night to celebrate the New Year. It is about 2nd of January. In the evening, both of us went for a walk on the terrace after having dinner, brother-in-law whose name is Ravi. He asked sister-in-law, tell me one thing, didn’t you feel the lack of anything in life? When I asked what kind of deficiency, he said that brother had died only after fifteen days of marriage. You were the new bride. People get married so that they can get physical and mental peace. But you didn’t get both, today you are 31 years old. Have you ever felt that the physical needs of a human being should be fulfilled? You always slept in a separate room and made me sleep in a separate room. I want to know what is the reason. So I said I was waiting for you to be 21 years old. so that i can live my life with you I vowed that I would never touch before the age of 21 and I was touched by your brother and when you become big and young, I will have authority. Both of us were talking all these things on the terrace of the haveli. Hearing all this, the brother-in-law said, I have turned 21 yesterday itself, it is January 2, so what did you think? So I said, I have decorated the SEZ. Rose petals are on the bed. I want to live a new life from today, today I want to fulfill all my wishes. Now I want to become a mother and make you my husband. Hearing this, he looked into my eyes and stood holding my cheek but I said not now, I have waited for 10 years, not on the roof like this for today. You go get ready and come as the bridegroom comes, clothes have been prepared for you. Kamla Bai has kept your clothes in the cupboard. You sit in the room, I will come after getting ready. And friends, after about an hour, wearing all the same clothes that were on my wedding day, I applied the prepared vermilion. And came into the room with a glass of milk. My brother-in-law who has now become my husband. Nurtured and brought me up so that I could be a husband. Gave milk and drank milk, they were also dodging in silk kurtas. Lying on the bed, the whole room was smelling of roses. He opened the string of my blouse from behind. Opened the hook of the bra and kissed her on the back. Because I was going to have a relationship after ten years. I lay on my lap and gave my boobs to Ravi’s mouth. He started drinking my nipples and I started caressing my hair, he was also pressing slowly. Sobs were coming out of my mouth. I had turned to water. I couldn’t stand it, my whole body was shaking. I lay down and he climbed on top of me. Friends, I took off my saree and loosened the nada of the petticoat. He himself opened the petticoat and took out red clothes from my waist. He started licking my pussy. I grabbed her hair and started licking it. I was burning in the fire of lust. Now I was not going to live. I said quench my thirst now and he took out his penis and put it on my pussy and inserted it. Friends, with whom I grew up, today I was meeting the heat of my body. Like you raise goats and one day cut and eat. I was doing the same today. He was pressing my tits and fucking me. I was getting fucked She was giving teats in her mouth. She was making happy from all sides. Was clumsy but I was teaching him to fuck. And on the first night about 4 times we both made each other happy like husband and wife. Friends, from today a new happiness has come in my life. Now I have made my brother-in-law my husband. That’s why today I am sharing my story with all of you friends on Nonveg Story dot com. All of you pray for me so that my life goes well now.

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