Mama ji fucks both sisters whole night

Mama Bhanji Sex Story in Hindi : My name is Nikita every my sister’s name is Kavita. We are both young and beautiful girls. In the story I am going to tell you today, I will tell you how my maternal uncle fucked me and Kavita very hard the whole night. Kavita was in a lot of pain, yet Mamaji did not stop and continued to fuck her by inserting his thick cock in her pussy and mashing her tits. He was not taking the name of getting tired, sometimes he would fuck me and sometimes he would fuck Kavita. Today I am going to tell you the whole thing through non-veg story. Now this question must be arising in your mind that how did Mama ji get such an opportunity and how did he fuck both of us sisters whole night. And further how did both of us get ready, didn’t both of us sisters refuse him. I will tell you all the things one by one so that you can know what a big fucker my uncle is. So without further delay, now I come directly to my story so that you too do not have to wait much. My maternal uncle lives in Gurgaon. And we are the residents of Lucknow. My maternal uncle had come to Lucknow on my father’s 25th anniversary. Papa Mummy had invited everyone on his anniversary so the atmosphere looked like a wedding as he was making silver jewellery. You know friends, when more people come to the house and in such a function there is neither the right place to sleep nor the right way to eat, they do whatever they want. A hotel was booked for the function. We had gone to the hotel from home, everyone had rooms booked there for everyone. And maternal uncle came last, because of this he could not get a room quickly and he had got a separate bed installed downstairs to sleep in my room. Me and my sister Kavita both were in that room, a maternal uncle came from upstairs. The function went on till 1:00 in the night, then we came to sleep in our rooms after having dinner. Both of us sisters are very fond of reading non-veg, we both get new stories posted daily on this website. He sleeps everyday after reading. It means that both of us sisters like sex very much, but till date we have never got a chance, but both of us have already decided that if there is such an opportunity to fuck both the sisters together, we will fuck together. When we were reading stories in the room, maternal uncle was also sleeping on the bed below. He was repeatedly asking what are you both doing, what are you both studying. The poem is a bit blunt. Even like this, we keep joking with Mamaji, so he should say that we are watching an adult film, what do you want to see? Mama ji is also no less double-faced, he has immediately replied that what is the need to watch an adult film, dear, if there are two girls in a room and one man, then they make only adult films. Both of us became silent completely, could not say anything, uncle said again, what are you thinking? We both sisters started looking at each other, Kavita said, who stopped you, come. As soon as I said this, my maternal uncle came to the bed and closed the latch from inside. And said, let’s see the film first, which film was she watching, Kavita put her mobile in front of her. Non-veg was open. Mama ji said ok then this is the matter, there is already a plan to fuck Mama. As soon as I said this, maternal uncle put his hand on my breast. Then raise your hands, then at the place of poetry. Means he was measuring the teats of both of them that whose teat is the biggest. We both are similar, Kavita’s nipples are slightly bigger, my nipples are slightly smaller. Mama ji did not start massaging both of their nipples, we both were already warmed up after reading non-veg story stories. Mama ji took off the clothes of both of us, both of us sisters freed our big tits by opening each other’s juga. Mama ji was mad after seeing the sexy body of both of us sisters, he immediately started kissing both of us. Both of us had left no stone unturned to please each other, both of us fell on Mamaji at the same time, after making him lie down, my sister Kavita started sucking holding his cock, I started sucking his lips. At this time, both of us We used to kiss both of them while pressing their nipples and caressing my ass and my butt. He made both of us sisters so hot in about 5 minutes that hot water started coming out of the pussy of both of us sisters. Uncle ji made both of us sisters lie down and started licking their pussies. Both of us sisters also licked uncle’s cock for a long time. It was the turn of both the sisters to fuck. First of all, maternal uncle started fucking me. He separated both the legs and put the pillow under my ass and put his thick cock on my pussy hole and inserted it forcefully. Meanwhile my sister I was playing with my tits and my maternal uncle was fucking me while licking Kavita’s ass. When he started fucking me by pushing hard, sexy sound started coming out of my mouth, hearing which Kavita also became very disturbed and she quickly started eager to take cock in her pussy. But I only forbade Kavita that first let me fuck Mama ji, then you take Mama ji’s cock in your pussy. The same happened when maternal uncle fucked me for about half an hour, then it was Kavita’s turn. He separated both Kavita’s legs and put them on his shoulder. Seeing Kavita’s wide ass and red red pussy, he started sobbing out of his mouth, Kavita also started hugging. Mama put his thick land on Kavita’s pussy hole and inserted it hard Kavita could not tolerate it as it was never banged before. Because of this, she started feeling a lot of pain, she started crying, but my tyrannical uncle did not listen to both of us. He pushed his big cock hard in my sister’s pussy and started fucking. At first, Kavita was in a lot of pain, then only after 5 minutes of sex, Kavita also started liking Mamaji’s cock, now Mamaji They were fucking Kavita loudly, they were mashing Kavita’s nipples, they were licking my ass. And was quickly taking out his cock inside. Fucked both of us sisters one by one whole night Uncle took out Viagra tablet from his bag and after eating it, we both sisters were fucked whole night. When both of us were having sex, then both of us sisters had asked the same question to Mama ji that Mama ji do you carry Viagra in your bag then Mama ji said it was not for fucking both of you. It was to please your mother, both of us sisters were surprised. Both of us sisters asked him what is the matter, uncle, tell both of us correctly, then he told that whenever I come to Lucknow, the only reason for this is to have sex with your mother. That means I have been fucking my sister since she was only eighteen years old.

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