Me during the day and my mother fucks uncle at night

My name is Surbhi and my mother’s name is Rani. I am eighteen years old and my mother is 37 years old. First let me tell you about my mother. My mother was of love marriage. Papa is not that good Papa had cheated and married my mummy so mummy was never happy with papa. Neither in sex nor in feelings. So you think yourself what will she do? That’s why she started licking her face and started getting fucked by uncle. But I myself was fascinated by hearing uncle’s praise and I started remembering him day and night. I was getting more interested in them than boys. Because she is very hot and beautiful to look at. Body is very nice and live in style. He has a wife but she always stays out of India, she comes in 15 days, she is an air hostess. So they live alone. Uncle must be barely 35. Till now no child has been born to his wife. Maybe he is sucking comfortably after giving birth to a child, what will happen if he has a hot wife. But I am a little bud and that too hot sexy, whose style is unique, if she heats someone’s bed, then what can be better than that? Is ? Nowadays both me and my mother are heating his bed. Let me tell you how all this happened. Mother used to stay at home earlier. From here she has got a job, so she leaves at eight in the morning and comes back at around eight in the night. I am the only one Papa always goes to work at 2 in the day and comes back at 2 in the morning to work at the airport. I am alone at home from 2 in the day to 8 in the night. In the meanwhile I go to him to fuck. I am telling how this happened. What happened on the first day. When I came from school at 2.30, my father was gone. And that day I forgot to take the key. I always carry a key to the gate of the house with me. But forgot that day. When I came home, I found the door locked, now nothing could happen. I went to the top floor where that uncle lives. Asked that I leave this bag with you. I don’t have the key. The house is closed, mother will come at eight o’clock, then I will take her. Till then I go to my friend’s place. So uncle said no no no why will she go, I will cook something for you, you eat this, take rest if you don’t have any problem. So friends, you also know why there would be a problem, I wanted this. Because I had heard his praise from my mother. That I sat down. He immediately went to the kitchen and started making something for me. Brought two and we both ate. Drink cold drinks. I myself was attracted to him, so my behavior was slightly different. My eyes were looking at him in a different way. So the men get to know. So they understood what I want. His eyes were more fixed on my ruddy red colored lips. You had also said that your lips are natural pink, you do not need lipstick, will you? And then his eyes used to go towards my boob as well. Because my boob is very beautiful and round. Everyone’s eyes definitely go on my boobs and my ass. So I was understanding and he was also understanding me. I took off my shoe, I was not feeling comfortable when I was in school dress. So he said, I will give you clothes. Vinita’s clothes means his wife’s. So I quote will be me. So he said, take it easy, you are like that and you are hot too. I got shy. And they said go take it from inside there are many things in the cupboard which you like. Stay here comfortably until your mother comes. When I opened the wardrobe, I saw that there were sexy dresses one after the other. There were many oils and tablets. There were also fragrant things and the clothes were sexy one by one i.e. it was all for sex only. I understood what would happen here when Vinita Aunty and my mother would be with Uncle. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. And wanted to fulfill her desire to fuck. I put on a sexy dress. Which was very hot in red color. Half of my boobs were visible in it. The throat was deeper than the top. When I looked in the mirror, I was looking very sexy. As soon as she came out in front of uncle, he kept looking at her. Said what’s the matter, today both of you have failed. I understood that he was talking about my mother and his wife. So I said both who? He hesitated, no, no, I am talking about Vineeta. I became silent. When I came in front, he was staring at my boobs. Palming the roundness of the ass. He was looking at my body. I asked how are you feeling. He said sexy. I quote why the intentions are fine. He said no, you have spoiled it. I said then what is the idea. I know everything mummy comes to your place at night when she thinks I am asleep. And father does not know when it is father’s time. Till then she comes. He was ashamed and said yes, I have a physical relationship with your mother. She likes me a lot, she likes my fuck. Your father can’t fuck. Even after months, your father does not need sex, but your mother needs cocks daily. She is very sexy. I already knew. He said can I kiss you? I came forward and started sucking his lips. He started kissing my lips too. Slowly he took off all his clothes and I was already in night sexy dress so it didn’t take time for him to take off. He took me in his lap and took me to the bedroom. And started sucking and playing with my nipples. Started sucking my lips, started rolling his tongue on my neck. I was basking in the fire, my pussy was wet. I had become sexual. I felt very good to touch, caress, lick and kiss them. I was taking fingerings, he was teasing me. After that he started licking my pussy, cleaned it by licking and licking my pussy for about fifteen minutes. White cream was coming out of my pussy. And he cleans it with his tongue. Then I started shaking his cock by holding it. She started moving back and forth. Then she put my leg up, put a pillow under my waist, set her dick on the pussy and inserted it hard, it hurt a lot, but in two or three strokes, the pain started reducing and I started fucking. He was grabbing my tits. Sometimes he would rub the nipple with his finger and sometimes he would bite it with his teeth. Electricity was running in my whole body. He made me stand wide by making me a mare, made me sit and lay down and fucked me from top to bottom. He kept on fucking me till about 6 o’clock in the Dham. Then I had gone for a long time, pain in my back had started, swelling had also come, there were marks of teeth in two or three places on the teats in the pussy. Then I said today you have made me happy. If you fuck for two more hours, will you please your mother like this at night? Can you fuck like that again? So he said, I have oil, I have pressed it, I can fuck three girls throughout the day, alternately. I again put on my school dress in the evening and left as soon as my mother came. At around eleven o’clock in the night, when my mother felt that I had fallen asleep, she came down. Now I fuck daily during the day and my mother at night. The sex of both mother and daughter with the same man is something else. Very soon I will tell you another sex story on This is even more fun!

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