Meaning of sound made by women during sex

Why do women during sex say “ah-ouch” “oh baby” “ouch” “ah” “and louder” “ummmmmmmmm issasssssssssss uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” When you are having sex with a girl or a woman or your partner, during sex, many sounds come out of the mouth unintentionally, which shows how satisfied she is, what she is seeking, or needs something else, this It is normal that this kind of voice comes out in every woman or girl, not even that during sex only women make a voice, men also make a voice, let’s describe some of that voice below. Oh baby- oh baby words It is often used by men and sometimes by women, which simply means that you are satisfying the male partner and show love towards each other. Ouch – when men stroke more quickly while having sex For some time the female partner feels pain, which makes this sound. Ah – this sound comes out during sex when the female partner is fully enjoying it. Umm – when your partner is in the peak of sex This sound comes out of his mouth. At this time the male partner should be fully active. And louder: This word comes out when the girl or woman is not getting the satisfaction of sex, what are you doing: it means that your cock is not fucking fast Is doing, yes or hi : it means that you are giving what your partner wants, if so, then maintain the same position and the same speed. If a woman is coming out, then it means that she is the earring to fall, she has attained happiness, at this time she can also nail you, can pull you towards her, can also take a thong, apart from this, the man also makes many types of sounds. Yes, sometimes both abuse each other, at that time sex is in more extreme stage, you are requested to share your experience also, you can comment, so that other people can also understand in a better way. .

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