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This time bhabi did not stop me and we kissed, her luscious lips touching mine, using tongues, she slowly started to undress me till i was in my boxers.she then started to stroke my 7inch cock, and watched it grow! She pulled down my boxers and then slowly started to play with it with her fingers then all of a sudden she wrapped her lips around it..

Seema: mm mm mm aaaah fuck itna bara hai, bahot maza araha hai mujhay.. and carried on was amazing my cock was so hard, and getting orgasmic as the warmth of her mouth went up and down on me, i gripped her head and started to fuck her in the month. i deep throated my cock in her and she gagged. she then stopped and looked into my eyes.

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and she come in my mouth, my cock was so hot and hard right now, her pussy juices on my tongue, salty yet amazing i then got my self up and rubbed my cock on her pussy, spreading her legs wide i inserted my cock in her, and started to fuck her:

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After about 20 mins i felt the urge to come:

me: ah ah ah Seema mai vagina, i wanna cum. sex with bhabi

Seema: meri pudi vich na vagna, please na vagina..

me: i cant hold it bhabi, ahh Seema

bhabi imediately got up said:

Seema: idhar ao , meray mu may vagina..

I got up and started to wank myself upclose to her face. sex with bhabi

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at the airport i kissed her goodbye and she promised that when she returned we would fuck regularly.

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