Seema bhabi is my sexy bitch

Hi kamukta bhabi sex readers, this I am a big fan of this site and have decided to post a story that happened with me a few years ago. This is a true story and happened 2 years ago. My name is Shaam I am 28 and from UK. I work as a Business Manager in Illinois. I have always fantasized about having hot sex with my sister in law, her name is Seema and she is 32 from Lalganj.

Seema is 5ft 2, with 32D breasts and is a size 8-10. She is a very sexy woman, who likes to take care in her appearance, looking at her you would not think that she is from Pakistan. Me and bhabi have a very open relationship where we can talk about anything, a few weeks before we had the best mind blowing sex, my brother was away on business, and bhabi had come to my house.

I was eating breakfast at the table, and heard bhabi talking to mum, she was saying that as bhai was away on business she did not want to be alone and wanted me to sleep at her house so she would not be alone once i had ate breakfast I went into the kitchen to put the dish in the sink and my mum asked me that if it was ok with me to sleep over at bhabis, at this moment of time I could see bhabi behind my mum looking at me with gazing eyes mouthing yes! sex with bhabi

Once I had seen this I immediately said ok no problem. I told her I would be back from work at 9pm and shall give bhabi a call to let her know that I shall be coming straight to hers. On hearing this she gave me a big smile whilst at work I received a text message from bhabi to say come home quick and bring a movie it was 9pm and I finished work, on the way I home I picked up a movie and went straight to bhabi’s house. I knocked on the door and she opened it.

Wow! I was blown away, she had her hair in curls, and was wearing her white and red top with pink pajamas. if noticed that she was wearing a sexy bra as I could see her two tone bra straps and wondered if she was wearing matching panties too. At this moment my cock was getting horny and I decided that I wanted to fuck her. I went inside, got changed had a shower ate some food and then we started to watch the movie. she was sitting away from me on the other sofa and i said to her:

Me: why don’t u come and sit over here, i don’t bite lol

she smiled and did not say a word. after about 20 mins i got up and went and sat next to her. She looked at me and said..

Seema: kya kar rahay ho, vaapas jao aap ko maloom nahi mai teri bhabi hu..

me: i want to tell, you something, erm..

Seema: batao kya hai? sex with bhabi

Me: i love you! erm i think you are amazing. and i leant in to kiss her.

Seema: stop, yai kya kar rahay ho, chalo jao betho i went and sat on the other sofa, i felt so embarrassed but bhabi was normal about the whole thing. we did not speak at this moment i knew that i would never be able to fuck her. oh boy was i wrong!! and then she decided to go to sleep.

We said or goodbyes.. after about half an hour, she called me from upstairs and i said: what’s up?

Seema: meray paas tumaray liye aik tofa hai? she said this going red

me: kya?

Seema: tumhay maloom hai na kai mai pakistan vaapas ja rahi hu, aur mujhay yai bhi maloom hai kai tum meray bina akaylay ho gay, is liyay.. here to my amazement she threw me her panties from upstairs, they were silky black with red ribons on the side, i held them and they were wet..

I looked up and smiled, she then replied:jab tumay meri yaad ayi to meri kachi ko smell kar kay apnay aap ko wank kar layna.

me: you cant just give me ur panties bhabi? sex with bhabi

Seema: yay hi milay gi aur kuch nahi. haa aik aur baat, tum mujhay next month airport lay jayenge..

me: ok no worries. a month passed by and the time had come when bhabi had to go to Pakistan, this is when the story gets hot and we end up fucking.

It was the day when bhabi would be going to Pakistan, and i had loaded the car with he luggage and we headed of to Heathrow. the drive there was silence and bhabi just held my hand the whole way we got to the airport, checked her in and then went to have some coffee before we said goodbye to each other after some time there was an announcement that the flight had been canceled due to bad weather and all passengers shall have to stay the night at the hotel airport, when we heard this announcement bhabi said:

Suno aaj raat tum nai meray saath guzaarni hai, special ho gi i promise.. and went red.. ab ghar phone kar kai batao kay tum apnay friend kai ghar ho to subha ko ajo gai. so i rang home and told them of the situation that bhabi was staying in a hotel and i was at me friends.that night we were walking to bhabis hotel room, when she grabbed me and game me a snog in the hallway. Told me to go out and have a cigarette then come into the room as she wanted to get ready…