Mommy was chugging the ass round and round with uncle at night

Desi Hindi Chudai ki Kahani – My name is Ritika. I’m going to tell you a fucking story. My mother was kissing Uncle and I was looking through the window. Today I am going to tell you the whole story through nonveg Hello friends, my name is Ritika, today I am going to tell you one of my stories on nonveg friends, this is my true story. Today I am going to tell you through this story that how an uncle was having sex with my mother at night. That uncle is my father’s friend, I was watching everything from the window, this cycle went on for about 2 hours and today I am going to tell you the whole story of what happened in 2 hours. Friends, my age is 19 years, my mother’s age is 38 years, my father has 1 friend. Uncle has to come to my house and it is a matter of 1 day when my father went to Kolkata on business tour. At night we mother and son slept after having dinner, I was in my room, mother, in my room, I was reading stories on non-veg and pressing my nipples. I go to open this website and read stories with my body, I press my nipples, I finger my pussy, when I fall, when hot water comes out of my pussy, then I go to the bathroom well I wash, then I come back and go to sleep. Exactly the same thing happened, I took out the heat of my body and extinguished the fire of lust by caressing my body, when I was going to the bathroom, I heard some sound in my mother’s room, the window was open, I had a little window curtain I was stunned to see that a fat fresh tall man was fucking my mom. Friends, at that time my mother was lifting my ass and kissing it, that uncle was pressing hard on mother’s big nipples. Nipples were felt with their hands, kissing on the lips and my mother was blazing in the fire of lust and she was pushing hard and pushing my mother loudly. I could not control myself friends what a sexy scene there was. Uncle was doing to my mother as he used to see in films. Surprisingly, friends, my mother was abusing herself, saying that Chod Mother Chod Chod me Chod. I am made for you only, I am your bride, old man, I can not even fuck, his cock is very small. I don’t have fire with my husband. I want you to kiss me everyday, you make me happy every day like this. I also want that my husband should always be out for marketing and you only pacify the fire of my body and the flame of my pussy. Friends, I was surprised to hear all this because fire started running in my body too, my pussy had become wet, I was pressing my nipples myself, it seemed that I should kiss my uncle along with my mother. Friends, if you ask the truth, I also wish that I too may be on a similar chodi, for this we will have to wait a little, maybe in the coming time, I may seduce this uncle and kiss myself, further you will tell my story to Uncle. Also, because I am telling the truth, friends, now I am not able to bear it and I will definitely kiss my uncle within 1 week and I am going to tell you this story soon on this website on non-veg Friends, now I will tell how uncle was fucking my mother. I stood comfortably near the window. Mom’s thick thighs, big nipples, fair body and hair scattered all over the bed, she looked as if she was the goddess of this sex. Uncle’s stout body, long and wide body was on top of my mother, my mother had separated both the legs and uncle’s fat lauda was going in mother’s pussy. On every single thread my mother used to do hi hi hi oh oh sub sub. Uncle was grabbing both of my mother’s nipples, kissing on the lips, kissing on the cheek, rubbing her nipples with both fingers. And were pushing loudly the whole bed was shaking friends, the sound of sub ah ah was coming in the whole room. Uncle lay down in a while, my mother climbed on top of him, then she sat down on Uncle’s lode, mother grabbed the lode and put it in her pussy and sat on it, now she always started lowering her chutki by holding it herself and pressing His hair was scattered from the waist down, he used to get up again and again and sit and get up and uncle was abusing my mother. They were saying that you are wonderful goods, you are wonderful goods, you are made only for me, you are made only for me, keep making me happy like this, I will keep making you happy, you are amazing solid goods. My mother was also saying yes, yes, fuck me as much as you want, whenever you want, you want to hit my ass, I will not tell you anything, everything is yours, everything is yours. Friends, today I came to know that my mother is so sexy and I am surprised that how she is spending her life with father because mother want fat looda, want same person as uncle because mother was tolerating it . And whatever it was friends, my mother was very happy and my happiness is in this, I am going to support my mother in this work. Mother’s big nipples were shaking like a football, her big butt was shaking. Mother was enjoying me a lot. After that my mother became a mare, Uncle had come after Amma and grabbed the ass and put my mother’s pussy in her mother’s pussy. went. But only after 1 minute the look of the mother changed, she again started to push back and forth loudly. The sound of fuch was coming and the sound of ah ah was coming. Uncle sometimes caresses the mother’s back, and sometimes he holds the mother’s cheeks and crushes them. Friends, after that Uncle stood under the bed, brought the mother to the edge of the bed, put both feet on his shoulder, after that again set his lauda on the mother’s pussy and started pushing hard, friends, now my mother is complete. It was just that the whole room was making noise. Only after giving about 10 bighas, Uncle lay down on his mother’s side, taking apologies, holding the uncle, making a strange sound from his mouth, and she also calmed down, I understood that both have calmed down. Both made each other happy. I immediately ran to my room because I myself had become very hot, I immediately started putting my fingers in my pussy and started pouring lentils out loudly, friends, I myself was very hot but I can not do anything My friends, I just remembered thinking of that memory, I started pressing my nipples and started putting my finger in my pussy, in a while I too became calm. That’s when I saw Uncle quietly wearing his clothes and going out the door, mother also followed him and then there mother kissed that uncle, hugged and said okay, see you again tomorrow night at this time. Mummy said ok janu, I will wait for you again tomorrow, just like you have made happy today, make you happy tomorrow too. Friends, now I have also become crazy about uncle. On the second day also uncle had come and mother had a lot of paella throughout the night. Friends, this is happening every day for 3 days, the layer is beyond my tolerance, I hope that in a day or two, I will be able to beat that uncle and I will myself and I will hear this story on non-veg soon. I promise I request you to visit this website daily and check the stories, maybe my story will be in front of you soon.

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