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Ma beti Sex, Uncle Sex, Virgin Sex, Mother Sex Story, Hindi Sex Story, Mother and Daughter Sex Story, My name is Dolly I am eighteen years old and my mother’s name is Preeti she is 36 years old. My little excuse and father are at home. My mother is very hot and sexy woman so I also followed her footsteps and now I am no less than sexy. Today I am going to tell you one of my sex story on I am a fan of this website and daily read this website stories and finger in pussy. Today I am going to tell you the story about my father’s friend Rajeev uncle, he first fucks his mother one night and then Mother and daughter kept fucking me all night, today I am going to tell you the whole thing. What happened after all and why my mother told me to fuck me too. The truth is that my father is a number one bastard. He has handed over his wife i.e. my mother to Rajiv uncle. Perhaps Rajeev uncle gave money to father to build a house and because of this he fucks my mother. On top of that, my mother is also a number one bitch, she also fucks with great pleasure, because father’s penis is small, because I have heard this many times from mother’s mouth. Many times in the night, I have heard saying that you should not get rid of a finger like a stick. Now I come to the story. Its just matter of one day. Both my father and my younger sister had gone to Bua’s place. And both my mother and I were at home. It was my friend’s birthday, so I went to my friend’s place. Came around eleven o’clock in the night when I came inside, see my mother was doing ah ah ah ah. I got scared and felt that mummy is moaning, her health has deteriorated. But as soon as she reached near the window of her room, she was stunned. Uncle Rajeev was fucking Mummy. Mummy was clinging to Uncle Rajiv by her feet and Mummy was tied with both her hands on the bed. And Rajeev uncle was pealing loudly and pressing the teats. I sat there on the stool and started enjoying quietly in the dark. I put my hand on my nipples and started pressing slowly. When mother’s sigh used to come out, then hot water used to come out of my pussy. Whenever uncle used to push mother’s pussy. Four voices used to come out first, the sound of the bed, then mummy’s hi, uncle ohhh and my aa high. Friends, I was getting watery. My whole body was hot. My pussy had become wet. Mummy now came up and uncle down, now mummy sat on uncle’s dick and the whole dick got inside mummy’s pussy. Mummy was looking very happy, she opened her hair. And Uncle was rubbing Mummy’s boob vigorously. Mummy was also rubbing a lot. Mummy would now get up and sit and the whole dick would get absorbed in the pussy. Mummy started kissing loudly and uncle started pushing from below. Mummy was looking like what should I tell, sometimes she licks her lips and sometimes she herself presses her boobs. Sometimes she used to look at uncle with intoxicated eyes. I was going crazy. Seeing all that Friends, uncle has now made mummy a mare and has now started licking her pussy from ass side. Friends, it seemed that I should also join. I could not control myself. After about ten minutes both of them became calm. When I started leaving, uncle said, if you want tonight, you can earn fifty thousand rupees. I stopped and started listening to what he was saying. That mother said wow, how can you tell, I will do whatever you say. If you want to kill ass, then kill. For fifty thousand the work is also a bit big. Mummy said, whatever it is, I will do it. That’s why uncle gave a bundle of five hundred to mother. Mummy’s happiness knew no bounds. She said, now tell me the work. Uncle said, I have to remove Dolly’s nose ring. Mother said no no no daughter no she is only eighteen years old now. Fuck me but not her. That’s why uncle took out twenty thousand more and said take it, don’t refuse it now. I was thinking mummy please do it. That’s why mother said, I will not speak, you speak yourself. She’ll be in the upstairs room. I ran upstairs to the room. Uncle came to my room after ten minutes. I used to take it quietly. He said, Dolly fell asleep, did I close my eyes. He came and sat on my bed. I was decorated on my birthday, there was kajal in my eyes, makeup and my hair was tied well. He put his finger on my lips. Slowly he started rubbing his hands on my nipples. Slowly he started caressing me. And when I opened my eyes and saw him, he said, I will give you ten thousand. If you make me happy tonight. I said mummy then he said she is asleep. I smiled and he fell in love. Now he started sucking me from cheek to lip to nipple to belly to thigh to toe. I was already hot. And now they set my body on fire. They took off my clothes. And started licking my pussy. He started pressing my nipples. I started sighing, my lips started drying. The pussy was getting wet and he was licking the hot salty water. Now without delay he started inserting his dick on my small pussy but it was not going. He tried two or three times and inserted his dick in my pussy. I moaned in pain and my pussy was torn. Now he started pushing hard but I was feeling pain. He started caressing my teats while caressing them. Slowly my pain got over and now I also started supporting him. I also offered to fuck him in two or three poses, he did not refuse and did the same. Till about three o’clock in the night, he fucks me and I fuck. Had a lot of fun and gave it. Then I had had enough and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, my mother brought tea for me and uncle was sitting on the sofa drinking tea. Then all three of us started drinking tea together. All three of us were looking at each other. My younger sister Chudakkad number one a true story(Opens in a new browser tab)

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