I had sorted my life out by the age of 23. I had got myself an engineer’s job and quarters, had good pay and my own car. My family had been looking for a girl for me to get married to for the last few years. I did not really want to marry a rich highly educated girl with a big family. These type of girls tend to be unfaithful gold-diggers. So I asked my parents to find me a sweet girl who had not yet attended university and came from a relatively small family with a low income. I remember the first time I met my mother in-law Hema. She had been invited to my parents house for tea and samosas. She was 38 at the time, she looked more like a 26 year old. Hema had long flowing black hair, white creamy skin, hour glass figure with 38D chest. She was wearing a light coloured cream sari and blouse and her full bossomed chest was self evident. This women oozed sexuality. She was gorgeous my words do not do her justice. I could see the wry smiles my father was giving his legs crossed obviously hiding his own erection from chatting to this living goddess of beauty. My first impression was that Hema was one of the girls that my parents had been interviewing to see if she was suitable. My parents introduced me to her so I said namaste smiled at her warmly and then left the room, when I was told to do so, trying at best to hide my huge hardon from both our guest and my parents! I wanted to know more about Hema and so I eavesdropped on their conversation. I found out that Hema was not in fact a potential wife but the mother of Mamta my bride to be. My photo had already been shown to Mamta and she had already agreed to get married to me as long as I was also interested in her and that her mother Hema could live with us. I also found out that Hema was a widower since the age of 26 and was a poor teacher. After she had left my parents had began to discuss some minor matters before they called me. They showed me Mamta’s photo. I nearly fell over Mamta had clearly inherited her mother’s good looks as well as her 38 chest. I didn’t hesitate and told my parents then and there that we should go see this girl tonight and get engaged. When they asked if I would mind if Mamta’s mother were to stay in my spare room of my quarters I stated I did not mind. Even though I had planned to rent the room out. My parents were extremely happy. Suffice to say and to cut this story short I got married to Mamta and our wedding night was incredible. We fucked for hours up until the early hours of the morning. Well sex makes me extremely thirsty and gives me a huge appetite. It was about 3.00 in the morning on our wedding night and after hours of great sex admiring Mamta’s naked curvaceous ass from our bedroom doorway I headed for the kitchen. On arriving in the kitchen I got a massive hardon. Hema stooped over the flour board her huge breasts exposed through her flimsy blouse squatting unladylike on the kitchen floor in only her sari blouse and petticoat was rolling out chappattis. Her hair normally tied up was now fully open. Her boobs jiggled as she rolled out the chappattis. My lunghi immediately tented as I watched her breasts wobble from side to side, her legs wide open the sari petticoat tight on her shapely thighs following the curves of her big ass. This time unlike the first time I met her I did not try to hide my hardon. I walked upto her my hardon inches away from her flour smeared face. What are you doing I asked getting a much better glimpse of her over exposed breasts. As she looked up her hand rising to wipe of some of the flour that had accumulated on her face she accidently brushed my groin, immediately making my cock strain harder against my lunghi. Her eyes instantly drew to my cock as she spoke. I thought you might be hungry she said licking her lips at the sight of my straining cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening , was one of my most deepest fantasies going to come true. Ever since I had met Hema for that first time I had dreamt of making love to her. But not in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to have her on my wedding night of all nights. I adjusted myself so now I could feel her hot breath on my throbbing cock. I carefully answered her question. You must be very hungry too please eat something. Very she said i have not eaten for years. Feast then I said feast on what is aching in front of you. She did not wait for anymore idle innuedo’s. Her hot breath had made my cock twitch in anticipation and when she lifted my lunghi she saw my 8 inches of manhood standing tall and proud reacting to each hot breath of hers. She gasped I never eaten such big meat, Mamta’s father was so small. Before she could say anything else I shoved my aching cock into her soft wet mouth her red moist lips instantly gripping round the girth of my shaft. Mmm she choked. She gently began working the length of my cock varying the strength of her sucks. My mind was going numb with pleasure, the fireworks in my groin was unbelieveable. My hands had now cupped both of her milky breasts as i began thrusting into the back of her throat. She responded by jiggling her fingers through my balls with one hand whilst massaging my ass cheeks with her other. With her continuous lavish attention to my cock, balls and ass it was not long before I came stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into her mouth. She drank every drop like a starving whore, licking the excess cum dripping from the sides of her mouth. My cock was still hard after she had drunk her fill. She smiled as i lifted her petticoat to find her pantiless pussy soaking wet. I licked her slit with animal passion. Hema went into hysterics of climatic orgasms. The years of sexual frustation finally over, her tears of joy streaming down her face as I took her from one platform of ecstasy to another. I had raised her leg over one of my shoulders whilst she used support from the kitchen wall. She in no way hid her feelings of pleasure screaming in ecstasy, OH OHOhohohooh amit amit Ohhohhoohoh!!!!!! Im cumming im cumming oh please oh please OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! She grabbed my hair grinding my face deep into her pussy. Her clit clearly red and sore from my attention. She had not felt this much pleasure in years. Her convulsing stopped her back arching as my face was sprayed with her warm love juices. Wasting no time I made her clean my face with her tongue making her taste her own pussy juices which she clearly relished. Her eyes then focussed onto my cock as I gently inserted my hardon into her eagerly waiting cunt gasping almost like my wife as if taken for the very first time. She watched transfixed as each inch of my manhood entered her wet pussy. She grabbed me tight, forcing her back harder against the wall for support, lifting her legs of the ground, grinding her heels deep into the recesses of my ass. Urging my thrusting buttocks to thrust harder. She began moaning in my ears oooohhhh fuck oooooooo me oooohhhhh fuck me oooooooooh fuck my pussy ohhhohhhohhh my darling my love ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I began thrusting harder the more she moaned. The pleasure was so intense it was almost like i was on some drug. My hands kneaded her so soft breasts tweaking at her hardened nipples before hungrily sucking them. My body stirred with electricity as I shooted my load, Hema’s screams echoing of the kitchen walls. My deep final thrusts making the kitchen wall shake violently knocking over some of the steel thalis. We stood there entwined for a while before we started kissing passionately. I lifted her in my arms and headed for the spare room. There we made love until 9.00 am. Exhausted but still horny as hell thinking about what I had been doing all morning i slumped back into bed with my wife Mamta. She herself was now beginning to waken her naked body pressing against mine. She slowly began to kiss me all over before heading down to my cock covered in her mom’s juices. The thought of her greedily sucking my cock tasting her mums juices gave me an instant hardon and seeing her face as she sucked my cock I could see she was enjoying it more than usual as she really was enjoying the taste of her mother’s juices. I just lay back and enjoyed myself. Later Mamta had told me that she had heard us making love and she had approved. She did not mind sharing her husband as her mother was still very young and sympathised with her that she had not had a man in over 10 years!!!!!!!! That was hard to believe since she was so beautiful. But anything is possible. I have now 6 children three illegitimate from Hema and 3 from Mamta. There is no jealously between mother and daughter and frankly i feel like the luckiest man in the world.