Mummy Chudi till midnight, after midnight I met father’s friend

A story that I am also going to tell. This story is of 12 January. How my father’s friend fucked my mother till midnight and then me. I am not ashamed at all while sharing this story. Yesterday’s fuck will be remembered for whole life. After all, I am going to tell you how all this happened and why it happened. When I used to live in Delhi and my father used to work in Delhi only. Manoj uncle was a friend of father, he was a very nice person. He used to visit my house a lot, but we used to visit his house less because Aunty felt that Uncle Manoj had a physical relationship with my mother. But my father and I always supported my mother. Because I knew that at that time father was also sure that mother would not do anything like this. But friends, today I am thinking that no one should be trusted. Father now lives in Dubai and uncle is also going to Dubai now. Yesterday his flight was from Lucknow, so he came from Kanpur to Lucknow a day earlier. All three of us together shared old things. Had fun having food. I was feeling great. I was very happy that Uncle brought a mobile for me. After spending the day and having dinner, I started checking the settings of the new mobile and started saving all my numbers. It was late night. I was engrossed in watching the mobile, after that I also read stories on non-veg on my mobile. I find all the stories of this website very hot. I was stunned when I got up to urinate. Uncle was fucking mummy. The door was closed but mummy had left the window open by mistake. The night bulb was burning, due to which everything was clearly visible. He was fucking mummy, he was rubbing mummy’s nipples. Mummy was trapped by her legs and uncle was fucking hard. Mummy was moaning on every push, she was making very sexy sounds. To tell the truth, I thought my mother must be enjoying it. Friends, I myself became watery. I felt that I wish I would also get such a chance because it has been eighteen years since January 1, now I should also enjoy cocks. Friends, my whole body was shivering just by thinking of this. Then mother sat down and now uncle lay down. And mother started licking uncle’s dick by holding it. Uncle was touching Mummy’s nipples. And mother was licking his cock. Friends, after that she sat up and took the cock in her pussy and sat down. After that the dick was shaking inside and out by shaking the ass. Mummy was caressing uncle’s chest and uncle was playing with mummy’s nipples in his hand. Then after five minutes mummy became mare and uncle was fucking from behind. At that time uncle saw me. Mummy’s face was different but uncle kept on looking at me. Mummy was saying that I have no one without you when you have fucked me all my youth. So now I am forty. By the way, you are fucking. What guts do you have? Earlier also you used to fuck me first and then go home and fuck your wife. I have seen the first man who used to satisfy two women in one night. I was listening to all this. Uncle was smiling, after a while he slapped mommy’s butt and while taking out his dick, mommy was making sexy sounds. That’s why I have gone till mother said. Now it will not happen to me. And the mother said don’t put semen in the pussy, you go to the bathroom and have sex or take it out in the bathroom. Then Uncle Lund took out the cock from the mother’s pussy. And mother immediately put the quilt on herself. Because the mother had fallen. She fell asleep immediately. Uncle came out and told me slowly that should I take him out in the bathroom or you me, I said no, don’t drop it. He said ok I will come in ten minutes. He went to the bathroom to urinate and spent the same ten minutes. When he came back, I was in my room. She went to her mother and called twice but mother had fallen asleep, she was not saying anything. Uncle closed the door of mother’s room from outside and then came to my room. Now as soon as he came, he found a young girl. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to fuck a girl half their age. Friends, he hugged me and threw me on the bed and immediately took off all the clothes. First of all, my small tits got a lot of trouble and then sucked the lips of the finger in the ass and then put the cock on the pussy. Friends, now his dick had become thicker than before, probably pink lips from above after seeing the young pussy and tits. Friends, now he started fucking me, my hair was blooming. The teats had become tight, fire was coming out of the pussy, that means the pussy had become very hot. He had wrapped me in himself and was giving me a fuck in his pussy. The same voice was coming out of my mouth as that of my mother. Friends, I was taking his cock by lifting his ass, I was sighing again and again. It was having fun. Uncle fucked me with many steps of Kamasutra throughout the night and satisfied me. Today he has left for Dubai. But right now I am missing him a lot. Now I myself will impress a boy so that he keeps cooling my pussy. Second story will come soon on non-veg story dot com. Thank you.

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