My aunt’s daughter’s ass in the mustard field

Hi friends, you are welcome to non-veg story dot com. I read its sexy stories everyday and enjoy it. I will also tell you people to read the sexy and juicy stories here. Today for the first time I am telling you my erotic story. For many days I was thinking of writing. Please forgive me if there is any mistake. My name is Rahul Malik and I am from Haryana. I am a farmer and do farming work with my family. Friends, I am very young and sexy man. Lund is always standing. I love to fuck new young girls like flower girls. I have 4 girlfriends and apart from this, I also pay money to fuck prostitutes. My aunt’s girl Ruparani is very sexy and young girl. She is just a bud of 18 years old. I have fucked her. Now I get to enjoy sex more often. Now I see only Ruparani everywhere. I am telling you the incident of 1 year back. My aunt had come to my house with her daughter Ruparani. My house was newly built and it was the house warming ceremony. Rupa looked beautiful like a mustard flower in a yellow salwar kameez. On seeing him, my cock started crying and my heart started seeing thousands of dreams. When I had repeatedly fucked Ruparani, she had shed so much blood that she had a small ass. CCC was doing full time and getting fucked. All those memories became colorful and fresh again today when I saw Ruparani with my aunt. How cool was she looking? My eyes went to her milk. There were small milk of 32 inches. They were not very big but Ruparani’s face cutting was very sexy. Her eyes were very bright and I loved to drown in her eyes. “Bua ji charan touch!!” I said and touched the feet of the aunt standing in front of me, “How is Rahul son!!” She said, “How was my aunt for some time?” I asked Ruparani to come upstairs. She left. I also followed him on the terrace and caught him in a corner and twisted his hand and put lips on lips and started kissing on whom. When we met for some time, the penis stood up. “What a brother!! They start anywhere. I am your cousin” said Ruparani “I am very big sister” I said and pinned her to the wall and drank and kissed her lips for 2 minutes. Lund erect again, what should I do now. “How are you Roopa???” I asked, “I am fine. Some boys want to be friends with me. Want to make me a girlfriend in college” I was shocked to hear Ruparani’s speech. “Swear on my mother!! I will tear the stomach of the one who will make you his property. Roopa!! You are only mine If someone comes between us, then understand that he is dead. I spoke angrily. Hearing this, Roopa got scared and became silent. “Dear!! I am missing your pussy very much. Tell me when will you give!! I asked while pressing Roopa’s 32” milk on her shirt. She started going “..ahhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. Friends Roopa’s milk nipples were visible from her yellow shirt. I caught her nipple from above and started pressing it. She started saying “Bhai ai ai… ohh ahh”. I kept rubbing her nipples for some time by holding them from above. She could not even speak. “Tell me when will Roopa degi chut, my cock is restless!!” I said and unbuttoned my jeans. Took the cock out of the shorts and lifted Ruparani’s shirt and started rubbing the cock over the salwar in the pussy. Rupa could not say anything and started sobbing. For some time he kept warming her by rubbing the cock from above in her pussy. After some time she got ready to fuck. “Will you tell pussy???” I asked again “but where???” She said, “Let’s go to the mustard field.” At home, I asked my mother to show Roopa the mustard field and she took her to her elder’s field after walking. The sun has come out and friends, you all know how good the sun feels in the winter season. Yellow mustard flowers were blooming all around, so that when it looked like some savory painting. It was a beautiful sight. There was some empty land in front, in that I sat on the grass with Ruparani and again held her in my arms and both started making love.“Rahul, did I miss you. What kind of other girl have you not convinced?? Rupa said, “I didn’t remember you at all, but I remembered your Chuddi very much.” When he started rubbing, Roopa started saying “….ai…ai….ai……ai….issssssss…….uhhhhh…..ohhhhhh….” Again I bent down and started sucking her lips. Friends, Roopa’s lips were very sexy. Absolutely natural, did not undergo surgery like Priyanka Chopra. Laying her on his lap, I sucked her lips a lot and kept smelling her breath. I had a lot of fun. “I love you Rahul!!” When Ruparani started saying, I also told her I love you. After that quickly rubbed her pussy over the salwar. She started getting hot. I started searching for his slogan and then pulled the slogan. She took off her salwar panty and laid it on her chunri. “A male name!! Take care of my Muniya Rani. Fuck it easy!” Ruparani said. When he opened his legs, his ass was visible in front of him. Clean and smooth hairless pussy was visible. Totally red. I bent down and started taking the juice of her cunt with my tongue. Friends!! It was a different pleasure to do all this in the mustard field. Was playing with the sexy body of my aunt’s daughter in the pleasant lukewarm sun. I was not feeling well. He was moving his tongue all over her pussy like a painter moves his brush. He was drinking and licking the buds of Ruparani’s pussy with great enthusiasm. She was going “…..hee hee……a a a a .ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh….. u u u…” I drank and licked his ass for 15 minutes. I enjoyed a lot. Ruparani started sobbing and her sighing also intensified. I bent down again to lick her pussy nipples and this time teasing her pussy nipples with the tip of my tongue. Ruparani kept on saying “Ai…..Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh… c c….ha ha ha…”. Now my heart is full. Her legs and thighs were very sexy and of fair complexion. Was looking very sexy. I started caressing Ruparani’s thigh again and again with my hand and started kissing her lips. Every part of her body was looking sensual and sexy to me. Perhaps this is what happens in love. Her knees were also looking very cute. I bitten Ruparani’s full thighs many times with my teeth. I took off my blue jeans in the field and kept them on mustard trees so that they would not get dirty. I took off my Joki’s underwear and kept it aside. He put the cap of his cock on Ruparani’s pussy and started inserting it inside. Cock went into her pussy tearing apart pussy cave. Her pussy was closed and stuck together. Somehow I inserted my 7 inch penis in Ruparani’s pussy. His work friends started working. Started fucking his aunt’s daughter. Ah, how relieved it was to get down in the hole of her cunt. It was a great relief. I started pushing. He went on giving. Raising his waist, he was hitting Ruparani. She was taking hot hot hisses. I lay down and started fucking her and started kissing her lips again. Today I was loving my aunt’s girl in the mustard field. Was chanting him. Fucked her for some time and suddenly it became very hot. Excited, I quickly fell into her pussy. “Oh man!!” “What happened Rahul?” came out of my mouth. Ruparani started asking, “Couldn’t fuck you properly and fell down.” Will stand up in a while now. Come love me!” Ruparani said, after that she sat down and took off her shirt. Opening her bra, Ruparani lay down again. “Come Rahul, suck my milk.” She said, I also took off my shirt and became naked and lay down on her. Now started playing with her milk. Friends, the milk of my aunt’s daughter is very white and big. If you people see, you will start insisting on drinking. I started caressing Ruparani’s mangoes with my hand and started pressing lightly. She started saying “Aau…..Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc c..ha ha ha..” After that I grabbed the left teat and started sucking it in my mouth. Ruparani started pressing my head in her chest. She was cursing and sighing. I was busy sucking his mangoes. He was drinking his juicy mangoes by moving his mouth. He was immersed in great joy. Then holding the other teat with his hand, started pressing it. Ruparani started whining. “Sister!! You have grown up a lot. Don’t pressurize anyone!!” I said jokingly “Rahul!! You are the only one who has touched my orange till date. No one else,” said Ruparani. After that I started sucking again. Kept sucking her boobs for a long time. Now there was a desire to suck my cock. “Ruprani!! Just suck my cock!!” I said that I also had a mind for Roopa. She sat down and took my cock in her hand and started beating it. My 7 inch dick started getting erect. Roopa started moving her hand. And after some time my tower again stood up. Ruparani bent down and started taking the thick top of my cock in her mouth. Then took it inside and started sucking it. So I started going “….um um um…um..hmmmmm…ai…ai….” Now aunt’s daughter also started getting interested. She used to give fist with hand and was also sucking. I was having double fun. Ruparani kept sucking my cock like Kulfi for a long time. I grabbed his head and pressed it like a cock and reached his cock till his throat. Then holding her mouth started fucking him. I enjoyed a lot in this and felt that I had seen heaven today. “Come Roopa, ride my cock!!” I spoke, Ruparani came and sat on top of me. She only put my cock’s supara in her pussy and sat down while inserting the cock. Like an ax with my cock, ripping her bosom entered inside. He felt slight pain. After that Ruparani bowed forward. Now sex started. Aunt’s girl started jerking. I started pressing his mangoes. Friends were such beautiful soft milk. Now Ruparani was giving shocks. I was lying happily. When her pussy started rubbing on my cock, it started to be fun. It was a strange feeling. Friends, if you fuck a maid while lying down, you get a different pleasure. And fuck sitting on the cock, then there is a different feeling. I was getting a good tightness. Ruparani “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo-oo…oo….” Started doing She started pecking like a camel. I was repeatedly teasing her stem milk by touching it. I put my hand on her thin waist and started pushing her up. After that, Ruparani who danced and kissed her, that the leaves started bursting from her pussy. The sound of chat chat pat pat started coming. Friends, I had already fallen once. That’s why now he was batting more and better. Now there was very little work in my balls, so there was a lot of fun and there was no ejaculation. Rupa was jumping on my cock and having sex. She started saying “Aau…..Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh… and quickly started jumping on my cock. In this way both of us got good fun. Then aunt’s girl got tired after some time and lay down on my chest. I started sucking her lips again. His breathing was very fast. My cock was getting hot feeling by entering her bosom. I kept Ruparani lying on my chest and rested for a while. “Rupa Darling!!” Now you sit straight. I push” I said my aunt’s sexy sexy and cuddly girl again sat on my cock. I put a little bit of spit in her bosom with my finger and started moving and teasing the grain of the pussy. Ruparani started saying ai… ai… ai…. I held her waist and now I started pushing upwards. The pigeon started moving and jumping on both its heads, but I could not catch its pigeon. Because he was holding her waist both ways. In this way I started banging and started pounding her hard. I batted for a long time in this round. Then went and fell in his bosom. Friends, my aunt and Ruparani stayed at my house for 10 days. Meanwhile, got the opportunity to fuck Ruparani several times. I also fucked her ass by applying oil. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. 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