My brother gave me the happiness of a son, my dream came true

Friends, today I am telling you a story of mine, this story is not a story, it is my life, many times when a person has to do what our society has not recognized, but what to do when luck changes and No one knows what a person has to do, today’s story is based on this, I got the inspiration to write my story from non-veg, but today what I was buried in my soul I am telling you, my name is Kriti, I come from a middle family, so I live in Bareilly but live in Ghaziabad, I am 23 years old, I have been married for 3 years, but I didn’t have any child, for two years I kept getting treatment, my husband is not very smart, he has crores of wealth, but he is retarded, my husband’s cock does not stand, when I get excited, he gets lost Yes, till today I have never been satisfied with him, I had come to know from the honeymoon itself that my husband is nameless, my parents had married after seeing the wealth, but God should not let this happen to anyone. . I started getting very upset, because whoever was married at the time of my marriage had children playing in his lap, I had to save my respect more than the child, because my mother-in-law and father-in-law said that my husband lacked Not in me but in me, and those people were trying to get my husband married again, I knew that the fault is not in me but in my husband, but the family members did not agree, neither agreed to their treatment, my mother-in-law Clearly said that if you give birth to children within a year, then you will be the daughter-in-law of my house, otherwise I will marry my son with Shyam Babu’s daughter, I was speechless, but I also decided that I will be a mother. After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I cannot become a mother without having sex, and I have to be smart so that no one knows, I started playing tricks, first I told my mother-in-law Started doing a lot of service, and then I did not look at my husband with emotion, I started loving him and started wooing him, I used to go naked in front of him every night and I would have sex myself, even if his cock was cold, I would say I am having a lot of fun today, today I am very kissed by you, but I used to know that my husband’s cock did not go more than an inch in my burr. It is a matter of one day, my husband’s pressure moves from Agra, then my mother-in-law and husband all three have to go to Agra for four days, you know their mental condition is not good because of this, so I sent mother-in-law to Said that I will be alone, then for three to four days till you guys come, I call my younger brother Rohit, those people too, not cutting my point, they talked to Rohit on mobile and called In the morning, all three left for Agra and my brother also came by 12 noon. During the day, I told my brother that I have this problem with me, and I cried a lot, keeping my head on my brother’s shoulder, talking chit and sharing my happiness and sorrow, the brother said sister, I am with you, I am always ready whenever I need you, having dinner for you, made a bed for my brother in another room, he was lying down watching TV, around ten o’clock in the night I went to his room, hair open Was wearing red lipstick, wearing very nice deodorant, wearing a red gown, went to brother’s room, and closed the door, brother was silently looking at me, after that I opened the ribbon of the gown and took the gown Removed it from behind, I had already opened my bra and panty, my velvet body, big curvy nipples, burr had just come without saving hair, on seeing it said sister………. Will you………. What are you doing. I said Rohit, you have promised me that I will support you, if you care about your sister, then make me a mother, I want to give a child, but you know that husband cannot give me this happiness, so today I thought that I will be the mother of my real brother’s child, if you want, your sister is safe and happy, then fill my arms. And I reached to my brother and put my soft lips on my brother’s lips, within two to three minutes Rohit melted like a mother and started giving me that happiness which I was waiting for three years, she Started kissing from top to bottom, and then started drinking my nipples, started licking my pussy with tongue, I realized for the first time what a man is and what a shudder is, my hair was filled with lust, I kissed I was wanting and wanted to pacify my sex appetite, I also started cooperating, hot water started coming out of my burr, I sucked Rohit a lot first and then I said brother is not tolerating now Give me After that, Rohit’s cock started banging me loudly, I was sounding hi hi hi with every jerk, for the first time, what should I tell friends after that Rohit brought sex pills from the market, now it is even more provocative Gaya, said sister, I will go to your field after planting crops in these four days, and the same thing happened, in about four days, I was fucked eight times and beat me eight times, and it was a matter of happiness that I became a mother, and Thank God that, when all three came back, they said that daughter I had gone to a tantrik with your husband, she has given a guava, after eating today you both sleep together, said that the child will be born. Did the same that day, and next month I did not get period and I became a mother, I gave birth to a son only last month, that child is my brother’s son, but the house is feeling that he belongs to Tantrik Baba. a boon.

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