My brothers made me scoundrel and fucked a lot

Hello friends, today I am present for you with a very cool story, on nonveg, my name is Niharika, I am 21 years old, I am a very cool girl… today I am going to tell you the story of my ruin. How did the girl become a scoundrel.. When I was twelve years old, then my mother had passed away. Who is about four years older than me and Sunil is five years older than me… my father used to go to work… my mother used to oppress me a lot… used to make me do all the housework and beat me too.. She told this to my father. By saying that I spend a lot of money on my studies and what will the girl do after studying her caste, after that she stopped my studies. Tell me friends, I am not much educated, it is a matter of time when I became young I was fair.. at the age of 16, I had become very smooth… my nipples were small but absolutely tight… my waist was very thin and stomach was absolutely flat… my burr and ass holes were completely tight and absolutely I was small…the bur is pink and didn’t have a single hair on it…keep your hands very smooth, it might slip…I felt my sleeping brothers staring at me with dirty eyes..they were staring at my nipples and ass. Seeing, but I did not let them know that I know that they see me… That day my mother’s brother died due to which my father, my mother and Rakesh had to go to school for a week but Sunil was not involved in any important work. Couldn’t go because of work, which I came to know later that he had made an excuse… he had no important work. Sunil came to my room and gave me a cold drink… I was very happy for the first time my brother has given me something… I found the test of that cold drink to be different but I drank it… after 10 minutes my condition worsened. I felt… I was not even going to move… I was lying on the bed… I was having trouble speaking… I told Sunil with great difficulty that my condition is getting worse, then he said that it would be because I had a cold drink I had put the medicine so that you will not be able to move your finger for 9,10 hours nor will you be able to speak very loudly… I asked him why did you do this brother? So he said that for a long time I was wanting to fuck your smooth body. came to me and started taking off my shirt… I told him that brother don’t do this for God’s sake…… so he said that today I will keep you as a scrubber… then he took off my pajamas too… now only bra and panty I was… Sunil started pressing my nipples from the top of the bra… He said that every looda should be blown away by your smooth body… After a while he took off my bra and panty too… Then Sunil spread both my legs and He took off his clothes and became completely naked… Now I was not even being spoken to… When I saw his Lauda, ​​I was completely surprised that someone can have such a big Lauda… His Lauda is 9” long and 2…5” thick Was… he opened my mouth and started putting such a big lauda in it and after some time he started giving jerks by putting the whole lauda… in my mouth fell down and put his lauda in my mouth till the time I swallowed his semen… after that he took out his lauda and put it on the hole of my burrow and grabbed my thin waist with both his hands… now I was all set to kiss… that sister-in-law with full force put her lauda in my burrow. Entered my burrow and broke my seal… tears came out of my eyes due to pain… after that he did not have any mercy on me and after hitting hard, he fell in my burrow and fell on me..something After a while he got back and put his lauda in my mouth and after sometime he took out his lauda from my mouth and put it back in my burrow with full force… I trembled with pain again… Choda many times that night and so badly that I fainted in the night… the next day when I opened my eyes, I was lying completely naked on the bed… It was 5 o’clock in the evening… But now the effect of that medicine is over Was… when I woke up I could not even walk with pain… I and Sunil’s semen were spilled on the bed and there was blood coming out of my burrow… I got up very hard and came in front of the mirror… I saw that my The burr had swelled up and turned red all of a sudden… I saw in the house only naked but Sunil was not in the house and the door was also closed.. after that I took a shower with hot water… when I came out I saw Sunil came back have gone and watching TV…everyone in our house I have extra keys to the door…I was only wrapped in a towel at that time…Sunil called me to him…I couldn’t make eye contact with him…he told me his Asked to sit on the couch nearby and he put something on the TV, seeing which I was in doubt… the movie was Meri Hi Chudai Ki… Then Sunil told me that if I tried to tell anyone, I would show this movie to my father and Will say that you are kissing me of your own free will… I was scared to hear this… and he said that you will remain naked till the family members come back… if I see even a single cloth on your body, I will make your burr’s bosom …then he pulled the towel from my body He made me naked. Dropped it and said let’s eat it…… I had to eat… it was 8 o’clock in the night, he asked me to go to bed, I understood and went quietly… after a while he came and applied oil on his lauda And asked me to be like a bitch… I was obeying her every word out of fear… Then she rested her loaf on my burr from behind and slowly started putting it in… Now I started having more pain and I aaaaaah oooooo: EEEEEEEE … just broke his loaf and went inside that he hit a loud blow and his loaf went completely inside.. I screamed very loudly. After a while he started hitting hard… after some time I started enjoying my fuck and I fell down… Seeing this he started saying that bastard you are also enjoying……! Now I started supporting him by backing my ass.. you are reading this story on non-veg, all this was going on now that suddenly Rakesh came… Seeing this, I and Sunil got scared because Rakesh had to take 1 month. Had to come after… Sunil took out his lauda from my burrow… Rakesh said angrily that brother, what are you doing? When Sunil did not say anything, Rakesh told him that brother, I had to fuck this randi! Hearing this, I was shocked and I could not believe my ear… Sunil laughed after listening to Rakesh and said that I have not hit the ass of this scoundrel till now…… so Rakesh said that let’s cut his ass… Rakesh told that I had come to mom and dad on the pretext of exam… so that I could fuck it, but brother, you have already fucked it to me… I was lying on the bed listening to both of them… then Rakesh hastened his Removed the clothes… I was surprised to see that his Lauda was bigger than Sunil… Rakesh put his Lauda in front of my mouth and said let’s suck it… I told Rakesh that Rakesh Bhaiya don’t do this, then he forced me slapped me and said that brother’s Lauda was taking it with great pleasure in my burrow…… I had to open my mouth. Turned me upside down and put a round pillow under my stomach… Sunil brought oil in that and after applying oil on my ass stomach told Rakesh to tear this bitch’s ass!!! Rakesh jolted me loudly and in a short time put his whole lauda in my ass and stopped for a while… I died, take it out sisterhood…!!!! Both of them started laughing at my condition and said that this place is not a place to take out the Lauda, ​​and my Lauda will come out only when your ass is completely torn !!! Putting rubbish on his ass… do not have mercy at all… He took out his lauda from my ass and Rakesh straightened me and put his lauda in front of my mouth and said that let’s suck it… I refused, then Sunil pulled and kicked my burr from behind, due to which I got angry and in pain. Started tormented… Rakesh pasted his lauda on my lips, so now I silently opened my mouth and started sucking his lauda.. you are reading this story on nonveg, after that both of them once again my burr hit me and we slept… after that, both of them gave a lot of fucks to me until the father and mother came. Tore the ass and finally I saw my ass from the mirror.. The hole of my ass was badly swollen and emerged very wide and it was hurting a lot while getting up… even after the arrival of father and mother, when they Even if I got a chance, she would fuck me and I could not do anything because till now she had made many videos of me… hope you guys liked my story..

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