My burfad conference happened on the highway

Friends, I am Sulekha telling you the biggest incident of my life. Although this is not a pleasant incident, but this is definitely the truth. That day I left my house in Aligarh for Agra in my swift car. I was coming home from National Highway 509. I used to study in Aligarh Muslim University. My annual exams were over. I packed my salmon. I locked my hostel room. Taking my Swift car, I was very happy and started on the National Highway. It was sunny today. The weather was very pleasant. I turned on my car stereo. I was driving happily listening to new songs. I had got my car serviced a few days back. My car was running like a ship. My bus was a beautiful drive. My journey was of two and a half hours. But the speed at which I was driving in 80-90 seemed like I would reach Agra within an hour and a half. I was driving very fast. The traffic on Highway No. 509 was also very less today. After 1 hour I had reached Hathras. I had covered a distance of 50 kms. I stopped the car near a dhaba in Hathras. went and had a cup of tea. Then sat in the car and left. After about 20 minutes, I was going happily when I saw a car. That bar had collided with a tree on the highway. Smoke was coming out of the bonnet of the car. I stopped my car. I came out It was running in my mind that the driver of the car might have met with an accident. He might not have died. I looked at the seat of the car and no one was there. The car had a very bad accident. Was crushed from the front. It was completely shattered. is there anyone?? No one is injured!! I called out. Hands up!! Stand there with both hands on the windshield of the car. He spoke. I started trembling with fear. I raised both my hands in fear. I turned back. I saw that he was a 60-70 year old half-mad man. He seemed to be out of sight. His hair was black, but his beard was white. Maybe he was drunk. He had a big double-barreled gun in his hand. Hey girl!! I said there!! That crazy Buddha shouted at me. I got very nervous. I raised both my hands and went to his car. I surrendered by placing both my hands on the glass. Look!! Don’t shoot!! please don’t kill me!! Take whatever you want! I started pleading with him. I started trembling. That old gun of ours came to me to taunt me, yes, I will definitely take what I want! Crazy old man spoke. He suddenly hit me on the head with the barrel of his gun. I fainted. I got dizzy. I fell on the ground. The old man could not speak clearly. The pungent smell of alcohol was coming from his mouth. The old man was walking with a limp. He put his hand in my jeans and took my mobile, purse and car keys. Friends, my luck was so bad that no car, vehicle etc. was visible on the highway. I was thinking again and again if any vehicle passes by, help me. I was already half dead from the war of that bastard. One side of my head went numb. The old man started looking for more precious Teej near my car. But he didn’t get anything. Then he came to me limping. Caught one of my legs and started carrying me like a bush by blowing it. I was half-dead. That scoundrel dragged me from the highway to a far away ground. He unbuttoned my bet one by one. My beautiful round breasts started appearing. Now slowly I was coming to my senses. My consciousness was returning now. I could see dimly. He smiled slightly when he saw my milky breasts. I started thinking O Ram! What problem am I in? I started remembering Bholeshankar in my mind. The bastard old man made me lie down on a level ground. He took me far away from the highway. Now I had regained consciousness. Leave me!! Please let me go!! I started folding my hands. I was in bad condition by crying. My whole face was drenched with my tears. Ai!! Shut up sister!! Buddha growled. He put 2-4 spoons on my cheek. I started crying even louder. That bastard pulled my bra hard. The bra broke from behind. I got naked from above. The old man bent over me and started drinking my mumma. I was going to cry. The old man put one hand on my mouth. I started sobbing. He started drinking my cool big round breasts. I was freaking out. I was choking. I wanted to remove that bastard by running both legs but the old man was very heavy. I could not do anything. The old man happily chewed and drank my black nipples. I was just crying. My voice could not go out. Then that bastard took out his belt and tightened both my hands. Now I am completely helpless. The old man again started drinking both my cool breasts. Again and again I was cursing myself that why did I think of helping her. The old man removed his pants. He was not wearing underwear. He slapped me 2-3 more. He made me sit on his knees, gave me his cock with many puffs. Suck it!! He spoke and thrust his cock into me. His cock was smelling very bad. The smell of alcohol was coming from his mouth. I started sucking my heart out. Perhaps that bastard had neither bathed nor combed for months. I started sucking his cock. Slowly the cock of that bastard started getting bigger. Then it got bigger. Then after some time friends, that bastard’s penis became like a bull. He forcefully started pushing inside my mouth. I started to feel Started rubbing me with his cock. I was forced Crying and crying, I was sucking his cock reluctantly. There was a great smell coming from his cock. Both my hands were tied by that bastard with his leather belt. I was watching the cars on the highway. The old man had taken me so far that no one could hear my call now. Friends, that motherfucker made me lick his stinky but big fat cock for a long time. Many of its strands broke off and stuck on my mouth and face. This day was probably the worst and scariest day of my life. Then he removed my jeans. Took off my blue panties too. He spread both my legs. I was very scared. I knew that now he would rape me. I knew that now he will fuck me. I started shouting save save me. He put my shirt in my mouth. Now my scream was not going out. The old man came and started licking my shepherd’s hole. When I started walking here and there, he picked up a thorny girl lying nearby and hit my smooth naked fair thighs with a thud. My leg started bleeding from that thorny girl of Babylon. I knew that if I protest more, he can even shoot me with his gun. I fell silent. I didn’t object anymore. The old man started licking my delicate ass with his betel-spicy teeth and tongue. From his tongue the pungent taste of paan masala came in my mouth. Then it came in my mouth because of my anger. The old man fell on my plump juicy butt. Nice pussy! nice pussy!! He lifted his head and laughed, started licking my ass again. My hands were bound by his leather belt, my mouth was gagged by my shirt. Then the old man put his cock in my pussy and Pakpak started fucking me. Before this, my boyfriend from Aligarh University had hit me many times, but his dick was also not that big. The old man was going to fuck me without caring about me. Blood was oozing from my bare white thigh. I was cursing this day again and again that why I did not take any bus to go to Agra. After a long time the old man tore my pussy. Then suddenly he felt the same thirst. He left me and went like his car. I thought this is my chance to run away. The old man went to fetch a bottle of water. I got up and started running away. Then suddenly where blood was coming out of my leg, there was a lot of pain. I fell into a pit. Still, I kept on dragging my feet. She was trying to escape from the old man after saving her life. I ran far away. That’s why that bastard old man came. He started searching for me like a hunter. He was confusing me by running hither and thither. I was crawling on the ground with my legs wobbling again. Meanwhile, that bastard came. He grabbed me by my hair and gave 2-3 kicks to my stomach. I was mad. What did you think you would run away?? My prey can’t run away from me! he shouted. He pulled me on the gas again. The sun was out. He again started fucking me in the sunlight. I was helpless again. I was being driven off the highway in the old sunlight. He had put the water bottle on the grass nearby. He used to tear my hole, used to drink water by opening the lid of the bottle. He used to close the lid and used to roll me. Then he made me a bitch on the dry grass. That bastard would have tied my feet too, but then he could not fuck me. Maybe that’s why he didn’t tie my feet. He didn’t know from where he took out a rubber cock and pushed it in my pussy. I was a naked bitch on both my hands. The old man started fucking my pussy quickly with the rubber cock. I sobbed Then he put that rubber cock in my ass and started fucking my ass. My mother got fucked. Then that motherfucker old man don’t know from where he brought a thin leather belt. He was fucking my ass with one hand, while with the other hand he started hitting the leather thong tightly on both my round buttocks. There would have been a red red line falling there. My ass got busted. I started abusing her mother and sister in my mind. Then that bastard came after me. He put his cock like a bull in my ass and started fucking my ass with pleasure. In between, he would hit both of my very round soft butts with his leather hunter. Friends became very painful. Where the hunter used to fall, it used to turn red. The old man was mercilessly going to fuck my ass. Blood was also coming out of my ass. He was continuously fucking my ass. Then he put that rubber cock in my pussy and started running quickly. Then on the other side he started fucking my ass too. Now I started having pain in both the holes, he kept on pounding me non-stop. Friends, that bastard old man made me drink for 4-5 hours on the side of the same bush. Then that bastard ran away with my car, mobile, my purse, my car. I staggered till Highway no 509 crying naked. I saw a car stop. That husband wife was going to Agra. When his wife saw me naked, she was shocked. He took off his jacket to me. Made me sit in my car. Gave me water Blood was coming out of my body everywhere. That woman took out the first aid kit and started applying medicine on my wound with cotton. I told the story of my entire accident to the husband and wife. Seriously guys, that Agra highway turned out to be the scariest car ride of my life.

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