My dream girl working in MNC

Hi guys, this is kathir from Chennai. I’m working in an U.S. based software firm. I have been reading ISS stories from past 6 years but never got a chance to post one from my side and finally the day has come to tell you all about my story with a woman who is not satisfied with her normal life. As this is my first story hope to get feedback if anything is wrong. Coming to me I’m 35 yrs 5’11 height with well build body and the women Saranya  married 26 of 5’5 height and well structured body with white tone skin…wearing spec.
Story started when Saranya and I were working in same company, we used to stare at each other and exchange smiles all the time but hardly spoke for twice or thrice in 2 yrs. Then she shifted to some MNC company and on her last day I spoke with to say congratulations. After a week I got a call from an unknown number and it was her called me for some help regarding paper work for PF as she doesn’t know the office attender number, from then we used to text normally and we never had any bad thought throughout these days.

Days were passing by and it’s been a year that we started talking to each other. Dec 5th 2019 is her birthday and I wished her at 12AM and she was really happy that I remember her birthday. I thought like I would ask her for lunch and can plan for a gift too. I called her at 10 AM and asked whether its possible to join for lunch with me but she said like she had plans to go for lunch with her husband, I was like okay NP and when she could be free to meet me once so that I could at least give her the gift. She said like was at office and leave at 1 PM. Her office was near to my room so I said like will reach there in 10 min. (As my shift was 1pm to 10 pm I’ll be at room till 12). I reached to her company building and called her, she came down and you don’t believe guys she was awesome in saree with perfect asserts, 34 C size and big round ass as she was too fair and the saree was yellow she looks too good. This is the first time I felt like this towards her.
We spoke for 5 min and I have given the gift of fast track watch. We shook hands saying bye and she went back to office, while she was going back I was continuously staring at her back till she went inside and then I came off to room. In few minutes I got a message saying ‘Thank you so much for gift, really loved it ‘with kiss smiley and I replied like ‘Hey, no thanks between us with a wink’. At night of the same day around 11 I sent her a message saying good night and she replied with a good night and tired smiley. Then I asked her like how is her day. She said awesome birthday ever she had.
We never spoke anything about personal life till that day and for the first time I have asked her whether she got any surprise from her husband and she sent a message like ‘no, just a lunch ‘ with a dull face smiley and I asked her like what happened anything wrong ? She replied with no not like that as it was an arranged marriage they never been so close to each other from the day they married and it’s always tough for girls after marriage n all. Then I thought it would be good to divert the conversation as she was emotionally feeling bad. Immediately I sent her a message asking like when I could get the princess appointment to take her for lunch and she replied like ‘I don’t think princess will come with you ‘ with a wink then I was like what should I do to get princess appointment and she replied like ‘with a gift with a wink smile. I was like sure princess.
So I asked her whether she could come on weekend or weekday. As she had client meeting on next day(Saturday) she said like we could go tomorrow. I was literally waiting for the next day afternoon, I don’t know, total my feelings towards her were inverted and now I was like thinking in perspective of sex on every conversation with her. What happened next day was completely unimaginable. I texted her around 10AM asking like where she is and I didn’t get any reply from her. After an hour I got a message saying
Saranya: Hey, sorry was in meeting and done now, where we can go?
Me: your wish
Saranya: I had a dream of trying Breezer once.
Me: Oh that’s cool; let’s go to some sports bar.
Saranya: to where? (As she doesn’t know what does that mean)
Me: Hotel Taj Gateway
Saranya: Okay
Me: Will come at 12:30 and pick you.
Saranya: if possible make it 12:00 as I have to leave early.
Me: okay.
I’ve reached her place at 11: 50 and called her. She came down and we’ve started to gateway. We reached there by 12:20 and we went into bar section which used to be dark all the time and we went to a corner place and sit; ordered two Breezers and French fries. She was as excited as she is gonna try Breezer for first time. We started talking with each other like from when she had this thought of trying once. She said like from before marriage and never got chance to try then I said like hey I’m here know whatever you want to try just tell me I will make it.
Saranya: Thank you so much and why you doing this all?
Me: just simply, you asked for it and we r doing.
(In my mind I was like she must have got my intention).
Saranya: will I get fainted if I try this?
Me: Hey don’t be childish, nothing will happen if have one.
Order has come and I opened two cranberry breezers and gave one to her. We gave a toast and she started her first sip and told me like this tastes just like normal juices. I was like, I told the same right. Then ordered one more and drank. All this time we were just talking some funny things and laughing at each other, after completion of two she said like she was feeling something inside her head and came and sat beside me by leaning her head on my shoulder and keeps on telling me like thank you so much the treat best day ever.
Time was 3 PM and she was not in control so I order two glasses of butter milk and listening to her.
Saranya: I’m not happy with my life. No enjoyment, no freedom. I wanted to enjoy more n more n more.
Me: what happened to your life? You look good and you are married. You must be enjoying your married life right?
Saranya: I married that’s it. No enjoyment n all?
Me: why? You don’t like your husband?
Saranya: No, he doesn’t like me.
Me: Really!!! What’s wrong with him? You look stunning and every guy dreams of a girl like you as a life partner.
Saranya: Don’t try to flirt with me. I know that I don’t look good because I’m bit thin. My husband doesn’t like being thin so we hardly have personal time once or twice in a month.
Me: Hey don’t say like that, anyone who says like you are thin were blind. You had perfect structure.
Saranya: Really? With a smile what do you like in me?
Me: Hey please I don’t wanna say that.
Saranya: why not? Say know
Me: Hmm your breast and ass.
Saranya: you naughty boy. You look decent but you are not.
Me: yes I’m not innocent.
Saranya: she came near to my ear and said like what do you wanna do with those?
Me: (as the whole room is dark and we are at corner no one observes) I don’t know how to say.
Saranya Then. Show!
Me: what? Serious!
Saranya: don’t waste time idiot.
Then I went near to her lips and had a perfect lip lock for 3 minutes and all this time I was pressing her 34C boobs from top of her T-shirt. She came with T-shirt and jeans. She was feeling the pleasure when I’m pinching her nipples and making sounds like hmm, ummm aaaahhhaa but as our lips were locked sounds didn’t come out. Then I tried inserting my hand from below of T-shirt and touched her navel and her skin was so smooth like cotton. I played with her navel for some time and then went up to her sexy asserts as my hands were bigger those perfectly fitted in and I never thought I could hold that big boobs. She was feeling awesome and licking and biting my lips like a sex mad then I got full erect in my pants. She saw that and got hold of it I felt like a shock with that. I opened her bra caps and got her flush melons into my hand and started pinching her nipples. She felt pain and shouted slowly then we checked whether anyone are observing or not as no one in there that time we got full freedom and I was continuously pressing her boobs and kissing her like a mad dog.
After 10 min we heard some sound like someone coming that way so we broke our kiss and I adjusted her T-shirt and still she was lying on my shoulder. The waiter came with butter milk and I made her to drink those and after an hour she felt like normal and asked like to drop her at home. Her husband was out of station and her uncle and aunt were at home. So I dropped her near to her home which is a lonely road, while leaving she hugged me and gave a kiss on my lips and said like thanks for the day. I replied like good days are ahead and she gave a cute smile and pinched me on my cheek and left.

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