My father fucked sister-in-law tightly in the absence of brother

Sasur bahu sex : Hello friends, I am Rajaram Tripathi telling you my story on non veg story dot com. 4 months ago my father got my elder brother Arjun married with great fanfare. I got a very beautiful sister-in-law. Her name was Anjali. Friends, sister-in-law was amazing. He had a tall broad stature of 5 feet 10”. When I saw him for the first time, I just kept staring. What a beauty, what beauty and youth was of sister-in-law. There were white fair and full hands, there were 2 full balls of marble on the chest, which were giving the impression of their existence from the top of the blouse itself. Anjali Bhabhi’s face was round and when she was a celebrity, she used to have dimples in her bloated cheeks. Friends, on seeing sister-in-law for the first time, my cock was erect and I wanted to fuck her hard. Anjali bhabhi was very nice. She loved me a lot and used to make Maggi for me in the morning for breakfast. Don’t know why friends, I used to doubt this again and again that my father, who was 45 years old, used to taunt my sister-in-law Anjali again and again. When sister-in-law used to go to the courtyard for bath, father used to watch her secretly from the window of his room. My mother was no longer as young as before. That’s why now father did not hit her pussy. But father’s cock was still erect like young boys. And he had a great desire to kill some beautiful pussy. Friends, our house was very small, there was no bathroom, so everyone had to take bath in the courtyard near the tap. That’s why no member of the house should see the sister-in-law with naked young cool breasts, that’s why sister-in-law used to wake up at 5 in the morning and take bath. But my father also used to wake up at 5 in the morning and used to watch naked Anjali sister-in-law secretly from the window of his room and used to masturbate. One day it was amazing when sister-in-law was sitting naked on the bed and bucket was pouring water on her fair-skinned body with a mug, suddenly father reached there. He caught hold of Anjali Bhabhi and started kissing her cheeks. Sister-in-law was completely naked and there was no cloth on her body. She was looking so beautiful and beautiful that if any man had seen her once, he would not have accepted her without a kiss. My aged father caught sister-in-law in the courtyard and started putting cocks in her pussy. Sister-in-law started shouting “Save!!….Save! Then my brother heard his voice and saved his sister-in-law. Otherwise friends, there would have been a big scandal that day. A daughter-in-law would have been licked by her father-in-law. My very sexy sister-in-law would have been fucked by my father. But at the last moment brother saved sister-in-law and kicked 10 times on father’s ass. “Bhosdi’s!!….look at your age….legs are hanging in the grave but your ass hasn’t calmed down??…if your cock is getting more erect then why don’t you go and fuck my mother???” Brother asked. His face had turned red with anger and was glowing. “Son……your mother is old now, how can I kill her pussy?? If I could get a young pussy….” Papa said “….It means you will take my wife’s pussy of Bhosdi. Anjali is my woman, she is my wife, there is no prostitute who can get fucked by her husband as well as her father-in-law. Father! Have some shame.. does any father-in-law hit his daughter-in-law’s pussy??.. are you a father or a sin???’ In this way my elder brother scolded father a lot. For 2 months, father did not do any such act with Anjali Bhabhi. But now everyone in the house started to feel that father’s intention is bad on the young, young Anjali. When the cat gets a chance, it will drink milk. Whenever my father gets a chance, he will fuck his sister-in-law. Friends, my father fisted a lot on seeing his sister-in-law, I also secretly fisted a lot. Elder brother had taken a loan of 10 lakh rupees from the bank, when the time came to repay it, brother could not repay it at all. Because of this the police caught him. My mother begged father to release the son by paying money, but father did not help. Anjali sister-in-law called her father and asked him to give money, then he spread his hands. After that Anjali Bhabhi was forced. When she went to give food to my old father in the evening, she started crying. “Papa ji…please get him out of jail….please get him bail and pay the money….please papa, I will do whatever you say!!” Anjali Bhabhi spoke and started crying loudly. Papa knew that he would not get a better chance than this to hit Anjali’s pussy. “Daughter-in-law….will give pussy????” Papa slowly asked “What…..????” Sister-in-law could not understand anything “Look daughter-in-law!…..I am a businessman. Take one hand and give one hand. I will kill your full pussy for 7 nights, fuck you naked and on the 8th day, collect money and get your husband released from jail. Lyrics approved????? My father spoke. Sister-in-law could not think anything. How would you get fucked by your father-in-law like this? But friends, the next day sister-in-law agreed. And when she went to give the plate of food, she stopped near her father. Papa locked the latch of the door from inside. After that, what happened friends, about which my father used to dream only. He slowly removed Anjali Bhabhi’s saree. Sister-in-law was going round and round and father was pulling her saree as if a cloth was being ripped apart. After some time, the sister-in-law’s saree got separated from her body. My chudase and bur’s thirsty father caught hold of sister-in-law and took her to his bed. Anjali Bhabhi’s condition had become like that of a deer which was trapped in the clutches of a dangerous lion. Today my sister-in-law had to be fucked hard by my pussy-thirsty father throughout the night, otherwise he would not give money. That’s why Anjali sister-in-law could not run away from there even if she wanted to. Papa lay down on the bed and hugged sister-in-law and started kissing her everywhere. “Ohhhhh….Bahu!! You are so beautiful what can I tell. Since the day I have seen you, I have fisted secretly in the room a thousand times. But today by the mercy of God you will get to eat your red cleft pussy” said father. Then he started kissing sister-in-law’s cheeks and lips. After some time, father also removed the tweezers of sister-in-law’s hair. All the hair of my young very beautiful sister-in-law came loose and scattered in the air. Bap Re…..Bhabhi was looking amazing in open hair and petticoat blouse. Totally looking like a cuddly stuff. As if the month of rain has come and today it will rain completely on my father. And will drench him in the rain of love. Thirsty father of my pussy was giving kisses on the cheek of sister-in-law. What happened after that was unprecedented. Holding Anjali sister-in-law’s thin neck like a jug, father bent towards him and placed his lips on sister-in-law’s smoldering lips. Friends, I had never seen what happened after that. Like Papa Emraan Hashmi, my young Mal started drinking the lips of sister-in-law. After some time, the fire of lust was born in the body of the sister-in-law. She also started cooperating from her side. Then both of them moved their mouths and started drinking each other’s lips after locking lips. Anjali sister-in-law’s black hair was giving the impression of dark black clouds due to the wind of the fan running in the room and had come on father’s face. But my pussy-thirsty father wanted to stay in these black holes of sister-in-law. Papa didn’t remove sister-in-law’s black clouds from his face even once and kept sucking her lips. After some time it became the 8th wonder of the world. My sister-in-law Anjali also started kissing father’s lips. After that father-in-law and daughter-in-law started putting their tongue in each other’s mouth and started French kissing. Now father’s hands started dancing on Anjali sister-in-law’s back and he started putting his hands here and there. Slowly father untied sister-in-law’s blouse and took it off. Baap Re!!…..38” breasts were in front of my father. Then father put his hand in sister-in-law’s smooth fleshy back and removed her tight bra. As soon as the bra was removed, my father was blinded by the beauty and sweet youth of the sister-in-law. 2 very beautiful pigeons were in front of father. Papa could not stop himself and put his hand on sister-in-law’s youth. Till date only my brother had fucked Anjali Bhabhi. But today for the first time she was about to eat another man’s cock. Today sister-in-law was going to kiss my father. Today sister-in-law was going to fuck her father-in-law. Papa was pressing sister-in-law’s pigeons loudly and was enjoying the paradise. Even my mother didn’t have such big milk. The breasts of 38” are very big and huge. Papa understood the fun and he put his mouth between the huge breasts of sister-in-law and started shaking his head. Perhaps Anjali Bhabhi liked this act of hers very much and she also started putting her huge nipples in father’s mouth and started stroking his face vigorously. Papa was taking full sexual pleasure. Anjali sister-in-law was carrying on father’s stomach and now she also started helping father in fucking. His dark black locks of sister-in-law’s fair hair looked like a snake on the back, as if many snakes are coming out of sister-in-law’s head today and want to bite father. After that father filled Anjali Bhabhi’s milk in his mouth and started sucking. Uffffffff….what a sight it was, friends. You people just think that if a 45 year old man drinks the white milk of a 26 year old young girl, how much more pleasure he will get. For 40 minutes this procession of father-in-law and daughter-in-law continued. My father sucked Anjali Bhabhi’s mast mast breasts in turn. Then put his hand on her waist and opened the slogan of sister-in-law’s petticoat. And fired. My sister-in-law became naked. However, he was wearing orange tights. Papa kept lying sister-in-law on his chest for a long time and kept caressing her by placing his hand on sister-in-law’s chaddi and kept measuring her smooth ass. After that something different happened. Anjali sister-in-law removed some of her briefs. “Papa!!. I was unnecessarily afraid of you. But now all my fear is gone. I have now understood that Javan girls should not only eat their men’s but also their father-in-law’s cock. Papa! I have understood this very well. Today….you fuck me a lot!!…you fuck me like a household item!!” Anjali bhabhi spoke. After that my father put his hand in sister-in-law’s chaddi and started caressing her with love. Uffff….Anjali Bhabhi’s butts were not balls of butter. What a wonderful item it was. After some time, father could not tolerate the heat of the fire of sister-in-law’s youth any more, he removed the briefs of sister-in-law. Now Anjali was completely naked. Papa turned them over. Now sister-in-law came on the bed and father on her. Papa slipped down and started drinking sister-in-law’s pussy. His anger was absolutely childish. Even my mother’s anger was not so smooth when my father used to fuck my mother whole night. Papa was happily drinking Anjali Bhabhi’s Bhosda like a cuddly dog. Then he put his 8” long cock in sister-in-law’s bosom and started fucking her. After that, the father-in-law and daughter-in-law took pleasure in fucking them to their heart’s content. Father turned his back loudly and started fucking sister-in-law. Chudti bhabhi put her hand in father’s back and stuck both legs in his thighs. Now father started fucking Anjali Bhabhi loudly. The beauty of naked Chudati Bhabhi got absorbed in father’s mind and eyes. Sister-in-law’s black long hair would come on her face again and again, then father would not remove hair from her face and would keep on playing sister-in-law. Friends, you will not believe that father rubbed and fucked sister-in-law for one whole hour and then dropped the material in her beautiful sexy ass. After that both of them lay on the bed naked for 2 hours. “Daughter-in-law!….Tell me how I beat you!” Father asked Anjali Bhabhi “Father-in-law!!… have broken my bed and fucked me. God bless you live 100 years and keep giving me dick every night” said sister-in-law. Then the father made the sister-in-law sit on his cock and fucked her all night. On the 8th day, father deposited 10 lakhs in the bank and got the elder brother released. Since then, sister-in-law herself secretly keeps getting fucked by her. You are reading this story on non veg Father-in-law sex, father-in-law sex, father-in-law sex, father-in-law sex

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