my father in law fuck me in front of my husband

Namard Pati Sex Story, Sasur Ne Bahu Ko Choda Sex Kahani: If someone’s wife starts kissing in front of her husband, then you yourself think what would have happened and that too the father in front of his son to his own wife. Yes friends, my father-in-law fucks me in front of my husband and my husband just sits and shakes his cock. Today I am presenting my story in front of you people. Many times it happens when I feel scared to share my mind with someone else, but here Nonveg Story com you can make your story accessible to the people, it will lighten your mind as well. This is my second story on this website. My name is Salma, I am 22 years old. My husband’s age is 24 years. My father-in-law’s age is 48 years. It’s only been two months since we got married. But till date I have not got the husband’s cock. Husband I do not know how to fuck because he is mentally weak. Whenever he comes to me, his cock does not stand up. When he stands away from me, his cock remains thick and long. My father-in-law is a big bastard. He hardly would not have fucked anyone in his house. He even had a relationship with his own daughter and when she became pregnant, he immediately married her. And gave the child’s name to her husband when this child belonged to him. Now you must have understood my whole story. My father-in-law didn’t marry for his son, he did it for himself. On the fourth day of marriage my father-in-law came to my room sat with me and put his finger on my lips and said you are very beautiful. So I said you can’t tell me like this, as soon as I said this, my father-in-law kissed me on the cheek and said, look, if you want to be happy, you will have to live with me, whom you are calling husband, he is impotent. I said you can’t do anything like this to me, I will talk at my house today and tell everything. He mixed my house number and said he should talk to his mother. I don’t have my own mother, I have step mother. As soon as I said hello, my mother said, do as your father-in-law says, in return he has given me ₹ 200,000. And if you come here, I will throw you out of the house and then leave you as a prostitute. My life was now in the hands of my father-in-law. I couldn’t do anything now. I became silent. My father-in-law started groping my body. Now I was not able to do anything even if I wanted to. Slowly they started taking off my clothes. First he looked at my naked body a lot. Then started drinking while mashing my nipples. When he used to bite my nipple with his teeth, there would be pain as well as rustling. Slowly I started liking all this. Now I also started handing over my body slowly to my father-in-law. Now he started looking at my pussy. Slowly, while caressing, he started putting his finger in my pussy. Now I started getting sensual because my husband didn’t even touch me. Now I started liking my father-in-law’s touch. I spread my legs. And brought them to the middle of her thigh. Now he started licking my discount. I started sighing. Slowly I became very hot, my pussy became wet, my tits were tanned. My nipples had become very tight. Now I was ready to fuck. Father-in-law took off all his clothes and lay down on me. I filled them in my arms. Sometimes he would press my tits and sometimes he would put his hand towards my ass and finger in my ass. I had crossed the limits of sexuality. I was in deep love. Then my husband came. He saw what his father was doing to me. Now both of us were silent for a moment. Then my husband brought a chair and sat on the chair near the wall and took his cock in his hand. Now his cock had become thick and long. As I have told earlier, when he stays away from me, his cock remains erect and as soon as he comes closer, his cock shrinks i.e. it becomes like a peanut. Now my father-in-law is excited, that means from the elder Got the green signal too and I got it too, my husband was sitting in front of me so that I could fuck. What was it now friends, I said to father-in-law, come down, he came down and I sat on him. First I sucked his cock hard. Kissed again, then licked the ass. And I myself started crawling on her. Then my father-in-law took his cock in his hand and put it on my pussy mouth and pushed it from below. Aaahhh what can I tell friends, I had fun while inserting his cock inside my body. Ohhhh ohhhh he started pushing me from below while rubbing my tits. Now I started rotating my ass taking his cock inside me. I became sensual, I started thrusting hard. My father in law rubbing my nipple with his finger squeezing my nipples. My father-in-law started pushing hard. My father-in-law was giving me the streets of Madarchod Randi and was pounding hard. My husband was watching silently and shaking his cock. Now I came downstairs and my father-in-law came upstairs. Now sat between my legs. He put his thick cock on my pussy and began to rub it hard. I also said that I was less, I also started getting fucked. He fucked me for about an hour, then both of them calmed down. After that day, I became for my father-in-law. Now fuck only fuck. Real Sas Bahu Ki Sex Kahani, Hindi Me Chudai Ki Kahani,

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